Idea to improve "Grazing"


as mentioned several times “grazing” is just not worth it, even after adding the trickle for cows

with 200 zamburaks, 20 cows and both hero units the gatherrate is still abysmal…

so maybe it would be worth it, if the cows trickle export instead of coin?
especially since the “Foreign Trading company” only provides 0,6 exp/s and both japan and china
have greater access to export.

on the other hand i dont have much experience playing india and +88export/minute could be a problem with “royal green jackets” in some situations (

what do u guys think?

camel = 0.05 food/sec
elephant/heros = 0.10 wood/sec
holy cow = 0.08 coin/sec


Or simply increase the trickle rates?

Camel: 0.15 food and 0.05 export.
Elephant: 0.25 wood and 0.1 export.
Livestock cattle: 0.15 coin and 0.05 export.
Livestock sheep: 0.09 coin and 0.03 export.


sure, thats also an option :slight_smile:

i think it would be neat, if only the cows/livestock trickle export.
it makes them somewhat similar to the influence trickle of african livestock
and the maximum trickle of export would be more controllable for the devs


Y no olvidemos de cambiar la vaca Holanda por la vaca blanca de los etíopes.


I don’t know how much sense it would make for it to generate exports. What raw materials could they export from these animals?

Personally, I would increase the resource generation rates proportional to age.
Another option would be:
Reduces the cost of food and coins for elephants and camels by 5%. Sacred cows generate a trickle of wood instead of coins.