Ideas for a Caucasus architecture set for the developers

I hope that if there is ever a Caucasus-themed expansion, that the devs will consider introducing a new architecture set, because none of the current ones would fit the style at all. I’m currently sketching a Caucasus architecture set, but due to my lack of credentials and experience (as well as, tbh, maturity), it is unlikely that I would end up becoming a member of the dev team. If I ever finish those drawings, I might post them here, but in the meantime, I thought I would share some pictures to serve as inspiration for the devs and maybe convince them that existing architecture sets would not work well.

First, the Feudal Age architecture would be based on the style of Georgian mountain villages like Ushguli, Mestia, and Dartlo. The buildings would have rough stone work, as well as orangish-colored wood (the latter coming from Dartlo).




The Watch Tower design would be based on towers like the kind found in Keselo:

The Castle Age architecture would be comprised of redder and smoother stonework for the most part, with ornate arches as decoration. It’s based on Armenian and Georgian church and cathedral architecture.


Just a couple examples of Armenian architecture.

The Caucasian Monastery would be based directly on Jvari Monastery in Georgia:

(Notice the walls are a bit tanner and the roof is more vibrant. I’ll get into that later.)

The Guard Tower would be based on Svan towers from the aforementioned mountain villages:

The Castle would be based on the walls and entrance of Ananuri Fortress in Georgia:
(unless you want to have unique Castles for everyone, in which case this would be Georgia’s unique Castle)

The Imperial Age architecture would be based on Georgian monasteries. The walls are tanner and the roofs are more vibrant, just like the Monastery in-game.

Just a couple examples of what I’m talking about. The walls would be much more ornate and smooth, though, like Gelati Monastery, which should look familiar.

As a final note, the Caucasian Keep would be based on Vainakh towers/Ingush towers:

I know this is a very image-heavy post, but I wanted to get my point across. I hope this post is noticed and my point is made, that Caucasus architecture is too unique to represent with any existing sets.

Edit: I have decided to come up with a different basis for the Imperial Age. My current idea is quite similar to the Mediterranean style, and there needs to be something to set it apart. So my new thought was to base it on Georgian cathedral/church architecture. It would be tan and have a lot of arch decorations on the walls, with gray slate roofs. Aside from the aforementioned Gelati Monastery, here are some ideas:

(This one would be the Georgian Wonder.)

Just some ideas.


Nice sum up and analysis of what a Caucasus set should look like. I always enjoy these kinds of posts.
Once your sketches are complete, please lets us see.


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I have since decided to go with something else, if you check the edit.


Yes, that’s the inspiration for the Central European Monastery. I already know this.

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Really, you want another civilisation to have this architecture set?!

He’s not claiming anything, he’s just trolling you.

Well, it’s working. I’ll try to calm down, though.

Im not sure why you guys are considering him trolling,he is just pointing out the buildings which are closest in game.


I dunno, I kinda felt like he was trying to make the argument that existing architecture sets would adequately represent the Caucasus, which they would not.

I didn’t say anything, I just posted pictures that looked similar.
I am always in support of addition of new architecture set.

How is this trolling? To troll is to sing the parts of as a round, i.e. to say the say the same thing again and again to annoy somebody. I think that is being done by whom you consider the victim here.

Well, I totally misinterpreted your intent. Sorry about that.

I guess my limited social interaction has made me paranoid.

You’re good. I’m good. I hope we’re good now.

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Originally retextured to be used as an Aegean Castle. This might fit?

Aegean Monastery

I mean, maybe, but I would prefer new graphics that aren’t simply recolors. I know that’s difficult, but I want it to feel as legitimate as possible.

You made low effort (zero word) posts that seemed to be intended to provoke a negative reaction from @Apocalypso4826. It looked a lot like trolling to me.

Don’t worry, he and I hashed it out in a private message. He wasn’t trolling; I think he was trying to provide a practical way to represent the architecture with the assets we have currently.

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Ah, ok. Sorry, @Juggernaut8704, I obviously misinterpreted your intent.

As did I. Which is why I decided to message him about it and apologize.

Man, there are days I really wish I wasn’t autistic…

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