What do you think should be the focus of the next dlc for AoE2?

Kazars always seemed very interesting to me. I think they’re the only Turkish steppe civ that married Judaism. Looks like they could have a very unique design.

To me, they’d be a cavalry archer and siege specialist, which is a combination that I’m not sure explicitly exists in the game.

Mongols I guess? But it’s not very common

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I’m pretty sure Caucasia period just has the one appearance on a portion of a map in a single mission in the Tamerlane Campaign, so I’d go for it. Also they’re Middle East, not Europe

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Seen some advertisement for vacations to Georgia here and they’ve also advertised it this way as being part of Eastern Europe:

To be honest, they’re the only European civ I’d like to see but way down the line and under the condition they come with a new set.

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Nah, the entire Caucasus region needs to be represented as well. The Armenians and Alans were also rather important, and there is tons of campaign potential where the lot of them interact with each other. Throw in the Kazars too.

Agreed. None of the current sets fit. I just made this post outlining the style for the architecture set.

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This could be said about other civis too.

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I would love a dlc about crusades, with the oriental Latin states :slight_smile:
I made a post about it some months ago

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We absolutely need a campaign for the romans in A0E2, based maybe on Flavius Aetius, or Majoran, or even Stilicho…


A dlc just came out and you already want another one? xd… now speaking seriously, I say that the next dlc will be in the Caucasus, the Balkans or Southern Africa…

Yes, I agree… I would also add Flavius Aetius in the case of the Romans and Tomislav, Stefan Dusan and Skanderbeg in the Balkan dlc…

And he was Jogaila’s father-in-law and Jadwiga’s father…

Yes, in my case it would be Tomislav (Cr0ats), Stefan Dusan (Serbs), Skanderbeg (Albanians) and obviously Dracula (Vlachs)…

I already saw and they are only Slavs…

Difficult, considering that we already have five crusades in the game:

First Crusade (1095-1099): Bohemond in the East (Hauteville campaign)

Third Crusade (1189-1192): The Lion and the Demon (Saladin’s campaign) and Barbarossa’s March and The Sleeping Emperor (Barbarossa’s campaign)…

Fourth Crusade (1198-1204) in Enrico Dandolo’s custom campaign

Ninth Crusade (1271-1272): A Man of God (Longshanks campaign)

Then apart you have the Lithuanian Crusade (1342-1410) in the campaigns of The Dawn of the Dukes…

And Aegidius too, so you have a campaign of 38 years (425-463)…

Well, the devs teased us a DoI like dlc after all :wink:

Scourge of the Levant features Armenia as Byzantine and Georgia as Persian.

Richard the Lionheart’s historical battle, Cyprus, is also part of the Third Crusade.


Yes, that is, they are going to divide another umbrella civ (the Slavs once again have all the ballots) or it will be an exotic dlc (maybe it’s Southern African), but I’ll go with the former…

  • In this scenario, the Armenians and Georgians are represented by the Byzantines and Persians, which use the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern architecture sets, respectively, yet medieval Armenian and Georgian architecture strongly resembles the Eastern European architecture style (i.e. the architecture style used Slavs, Lithuanians, Bulgarians, and Magyars) as evident with the Cathedral of Ani and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, respectively.
    • A more fitting civilization for the Armenians and Georgians is possibly the Huns, since both civilizations originated from Eurasia and both Armenians and Georgians utilized heavy cavalry during the medieval times (which the Huns also have in their tech tree). Additionally, the Central European Monastery is somewhat similar to the Georgian abbey.

Of course you’re right, I had already forgotten… maybe they will correct them in that future dlc…

Yes, but I was referring to the campaign level, but Cyprus also counts…

I’m not entirely sure about that, lots of people are asking for civs that would arguably break the Chinese umbrella for instance.
And I would actually be quite interested in having the community’s opinion on this matter :wink:

Hopefully yes. After all, every single civ that was added since Lords of the West already appeared in an earlier scenario.

But dividing the Slavs is less controversial (despite the events we know of), besides nobody cares that Putin bans the game in Russia (it wouldn’t be new either)… :sweat_smile: :point_right:

Yes, I think that sooner or later they will touch that area…

As people have said many times, the CCP’s tendency to ban everything on sight is overestimated, and so may be the dev’s fear of angering it.

I agree, this is one of the most requested additions to the game after all.

With a Balkan DLC, the Slavs would be essentially broken down into Rus (current Slavs), Poles, Bulgarians (?) and potential new civs like Serbians, Albanians and Croats.

The only outlier being a missing gap in the current civilization map, between Magyars, Poles, Slavs and Bulgars, that is the Vlachs which are NOT a Slavic people, but have Latin roots.

Alexander Nevsky would be a much cooler and more iconic choice in my opinion. Plus, he’s already in the game technically.

As you can see, I actually considered him for a historical battle. He was my second option, but I finally decided Vladimir the Great would be a slightly better option for a full campaign. But I would still like to see him as well in the Battle on the Ice

How about if they add the original ROR campaigns to AOE2?

Oh wait, they already announced that.

STAR WARS™ Galactic Battlegrounds Saga remaster would be epic. Also, a shout-out to the amazing modding team of Expanding Fronts Development Team who might be interested in this type of project.