Ideas for a cavalry bonus for Poles

A cavalry bonus or at least a hussar specific bonus is a must for Poles unless the devs want to make a historically inaccurate civ. Let’s share the ideas you guys have for light cav line bonus that you want to see for Poles. I personally would like to see this one -

Scout cavalry line +1/+2/+3 attack in Feudal/Castle/Imperial age.

From the screenshots we can see a little bit different design for Hussar although I doubt that’s an unique upgrade for generic Hussar. Bohemians unique upgrades for BBC has been revealed as their second UU and I don’t see any reason not to mention about Poles second UU if that’s an upgraded hussar.


The devs probably already made the design of this civ. Discussion things like these seems useless to me. Lets first see how the devs created these civs before discussion what needs to change. As far as i know we dont have any / much details about the tech trees.


Which includes one light cav line bonus (hopefully).

Not to me as devs may read this forum and change that bonus into something different. They announced 50% gold return after a fallen knights for Burgandians which changed into 50% cheaper stable techs. For Sicilians, Farm upgrades gives farmers +1 carry capacity changed to farm upgrades gives double the extra food. I’m not saying this forum made those changes but this time no bonus or UT has been announced at all. So there is a bigger chance they will include bonus from community opinion.

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Polish winged hussars are more heavy cavalry than AOE2 light cav. So light cav bonus doesn’t make sense imo.

But as they have an infantry UU the hussar is probably implemented as imperial camel like upgrade and that would be really strange.


The LotW civs did change quite a lot between the reveal and release, so it’s not impossible they change their mind. However with the Last Khans bringing in a big amounts of hussar bonuses, I don’t feel like there is any more room for any new hussar bonus.

We havent seen their current design, isnt it? Or did i miss their design for the new civs?

There have been many threads about the Poles, so clearly the devs already know what people want. Finetuning can be done after publishing the current design.


Yeah exactly. I said the same thing.

The only completely new bonus I can think about rn is - Scout line regenerate HP. Someone can find my originally proposed one similar to Malians, just extra attack each age instead of waiting till Imp to research an UT, very similar to Aztecs vs Burmese infantry attack.

If I had to guess, the Poles grant their team mates an unique better upgrade to the Hussar line with its own skin like the Vietnamese Imperial Skirmisher.


Honestly I won’t be that big fan of this one as I really want a bonus that come into play at least in Castle age and again

So Teutons can’t have them because they miss the previous upgrades? Like Turks with imp skirm? Oh no :hushed:

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Not all “Imperial units” are team bonus. Indian Imperial Camel is reserved only for Indians. And looking at the new Hussars, he seems reserved only for Poles. But who knows. :tipping_hand_man:


And Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, Franks, Britons, Portuguese, Chinese, Malay, Malians, Sicilians, Vietnamese, Vikings and Japanese.

The problem with an imp hussar upgrade is that it would be insanely expensive. Normal hussar upgrade is 500f 600g, just imagine what an imp hussar upgrade would cost. You end up with cataphract levels of investment for a light cav unit, no one would pay for that.


As hussar upgrade is already expensive it could be cheaper. But yeah it would have to lift hussars on a knight like level and that’s a bit over the top for a trash unit I’d say. Let’s see, they will find some way to balance it (hopefully).

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Ig another idea could be to make it an unique replacement to the cavalier or paladin upgrade since those dudes weren’t exactly light cav if I’m not mistaken. Dunno if people would find the unit interesting tho, especially since with all the new cav units DE brought there is less and less room for special heavy cav units.


I don’t think so. At best it will have 8 attack and 90 HP which is only around 55% of a knight in melee combat and roughly 70% of a knight against ranged units. And cost will be an issue as well.

I don’t see any less than 800f 1000g. Spending 1000g for a Trash unit upgrade will be very hard to justify.

BTW, if Poles get that, it will be Hera’s new favorite civ without any DauT.

If the civ is bad I think he will just play them because of the meme, and because his stream will want him to.

These polish winged hussar on picture look at the moment pretty much like their 17th century version and they were heavy cavalry equipped with very long lances, swords and pistols.


For that price it must be better then elite Magyar huszar or it’s not worth it.

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Even if they are as good as Magyar Huszar (which they won’t imo), it won’t justify the cost.