Ideas for new historical maps?

One of the new concepts brought to us by the Knights of the Mediterranean DLC is the concept of historical maps- basically semi randomized campaign maps with objectives beyond defeat your foe. I would like to see some ideas from other players for maps of this type.

So here is a template:

Name of map
Location in the world
Map layout
Natives (if any)
Optional: Recommended settings civilizations
Optional: Recommended settings ages
Teams (normal, 2, Attacker/defender, many attackers/1 Defender, 1 attacker/many defenders)
Objectives/unique features
Optional: Description


The Siege of Tenochtitlan
Location: Mexico, Mexico City/Tenochtitlan, may also have an Inca version
Map layout: Defenders start in a city surrounded by a lake with a few bridges to the outside area with attackers. Each player starts with a native settlement and outside area has a few additional settlements. No trade routes.
Natives: Navajo, Apache, Zapatoc, Maya
Outlaws: Comanchero, Pistolero
Optional: Recommended settings civilizations: Aztec, Spanish, Mexico, Inca, Portuguese
Optional: Recommended settings ages: Exploration to Fortress
Teams: Attacker/defender

Objectives/unique features

  • Defenders start around a Temple which if destroyed will result in their defeat as well as several other structures that provide resources over time, and provide resources to the enemy team when destroyed, particularly gold.
  • This temple acts as a mini psudo Community plaza from which any civ can dance Settlers/villagers/Warrior Priests/Priestesses/Lamas on (5 max) and stacks with the dancing units of the community plaza native civilizations can build.
  • The following ceremonies are available at the temple, regardless of civilization or cards sent:
    • Harvest Ceremony
    • Gift Ceremony
    • Hero Ceremony (War Chief Ceremony for all civs)
    • Water Ceremony
    • Town Ceremony
    • War Ceremony
    • Call the People Ceremony (spawns warrior units to defend town but suffer damage over time) (Note: Due to the limit on the number of units that can dance at the temple, the base rate at which warriors are spawned at the temple is significantly faster than at the community plaza.)
    • Victory Ceremony- Only available at the Temple. When preformed, causes the victory timer for defenders to count down for each Dancer preforming it. If the ceremony changes, the victory timer pauses, but does not reset.
  • Attackers start with a Command Post and a Supply Depot
  • Supply depot, in addition to providing resources, also acts as a tavern where outlaws and mercenaries can be hired.
  • At the command post, a small number of mercenaries and outlaws spawn every few minutes alongside 5 native units of every allied native settlement.

From Wikipedia, because I expended so much effort on other things: The Fall of Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec Empire, was a decisive event in the Spanish conquest of the empire. It occurred in 1521 following extensive manipulation of local factions and exploitation of pre-existing political divisions by Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés. He was aided by indigenous allies, and his interpreter and companion La Malinche.


I think a map of the Sino-Russian border conflicts can be added in a future update, the specific template will be sent later Sino-Russian border conflicts - Wikipedia


Maybe Russo-Japanese War?

And Franco-Prussian War


At present, the Japanese and Russian troops in the game are completely incompatible with the military during the Russo-Japanese War. I don’t think they are very suitable.

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This one outside AOE3’s timeline, the timeline is 1492-1890s.

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Some suggestions:
Cretan War:

Dutch-Portuguese War: Dutch–Portuguese War - Wikipedia
Both can be nice for some naval action.

War of the Spanish Succession:

Could also do American Revolution and British/French wars in India, ofc battles outside of Europe.

Also besides historical maps, historical battles Lepanto and Noryang Point (IF Koreans are a possible future civ) from AoE2 fit AoE3

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Let me revive this post!

Sengoku Jidai

Design ideas

Sengoku period - Wikipedia
Base map: Honshu
Recommended civs: Japanese
Objective: hold Kyoto for 10min, or eliminate other players.
Each player is on its own team. Depending on the location, they will start with a “clan” castle that provides three unique technologies)
Kyoto is a neutral, heavily-defended town in the center of the map. It has its own castle that provides additional unique technologies. Players can capture it by kill the guardians.
Cannot reach imperial age.
Zen and Jesuit holy sites are guarded by Ikko-ikki/Christian rebels (which are their native units), respectively.
Daimyos are renamed to generals to fit the theme better.

Ashigaru general: yumi and ashigaru +15% hp
One-night castle: ship a castle rickshaw; castles -20% construction time
Imported matchlock: gunpowder units and artillery -15% cost

Metsuke: all units and buildings +6 LOS
Hattori ninja corps: spawn 2 ninjas and 2 shinobis at each castle
Mikawa samurai: melee units +10% speed

武田 (no idea why the romaji gets censored)
Akazonae: cavalry +15% hp
Shingen’s 24 generals: ship a daimyo; daimyos train cavalry faster
Tiger of Kai: unit upgrades -50% cost

Wokou raiders: spawn 5 wokou ronin at each castle and dock
Murakami clan support: ship 2 wokou junks; ships +1 speed
Three arrows: defensive buildings +25% hp

Establish shogunate: ship a shogun (renamed based on the starting clan)
Imperial age technologies

More TBD

Boshin War

Design ideas

Boshin War - Wikipedia
Base map: Honshu
Recommended civs: Japanese
Objective: eliminate the other team.
This is similar to the Sengoku Jidai, but the players are divided into two teams. The Imperial faction spawns in the west and the Shogunate faction spawns in the east.
Each player starts with a consulate, with team-specific allies (cannot change). They also start with a castle with team-specific technologies.
There are sea trade routes on the western and eastern end of the map.

Team 1 (Imperial)
Consulate: British, US, German
Kiheitai: convert yumi into kihei, skirmisher with 5.0 speed and counters light infantry
Taisei Houkan: +2000 xp
Armstrong Guns: ship 2 heavy cannons
Industrialism: ship 1 factory wagon

Team 2 (Shogunate)
Consulate: French, US, Isolationism
Shinsengumi: castles can train shinsengumi, reskinned masterless samurai with a “banzai” charged ability (+20% speed and deals AOE damage at the first contact)
Shogitai: melee units +10% speed
Kanko Maru: ship an ironclad
Traditionalism: shrines +15% work rate

The US consulate gives similar bonuses like the Dutch, but the expeditionary armies send regulars and carbine cavalries instead of musketeers and reiters.

Ming-Qing War

Design ideas

Transition from Ming to Qing - Wikipedia
Base map: Central Plains
Recommended civs: Chinese
Objective: eliminate the other team.
Players are divided into two teams: the defender (Ming) in the south and and the attacker (Qing) in the north
There is no trade route. A huge wall controlled by the defender crosses through the center of the map. Like the Great Turkish War, the walls cannot be attacked, but the gates could be destroyed.
Neutral towns with a trade post sides scatter on the map (steppe-style in the north and Chinese-style in the south). Northern towns can train Chinese cavalry individually and southern ones infantry. Southern towns are fortified, but plundering peasant rebels (irregulars and sentinels) spawn occasionally near them.
Each player has team-specific unique technologies at the town center.

Defender (Ming)
Iron troops enabled at monasteries and barracks
Hongyipao: enable falconets and culverins
Southern Ming loyalists: ship 15 iron troops
Northern border cavalry: upgrade keshik to handgun cavalry (1 pop dragoon that fire multiple shots, similar to carbine cavalry); ship 10 handgun cavalry

Attacker (Qing)
Manchus enabled at monasteries and stables
Cannot build castles before capturing any southern town.
Thirteen armours: ship 13 Manchu
Mongol banners: ship 20 Tatar archers
Han banners: ship 8 hand mortars

Imjin War

Design ideas

Japanese invasions of Korea (1592–1598) - Wikipedia
Base map: Korea
Recommended civs: Chinese and Japanese (and Koreans if there will be a Korean civ)
Objective: eliminate the other team.
Attackers spawn in the south and defenders in the north.
I’m thinking about how to make this not another “defend the city” scenario, or at least make it more unique, but I have not got a good idea.
More TBD