Make better use of the historical maps mode

I think this is a great mode with a lot of replayability.

However, there is a problem: this mode is hidden beneath a pile of random maps and locked behind a DLC, which means a lot of players might not even know it exists.

Some solutions:
(1) Make it a separate mode, not part of random map skirmish
(2) Add some more historical maps to the base game and the other DLCs. So new players would have a taste of this mode and be more likely to buy the DLCs for more.


Option 1, 100,000 times.

It’s one of my annoyances - they are such cool maps but they just get hidden, and fundamentaly, are different to the standard maps.

I suggest we make it a mode - 'Historical Scenarios’. That’s far more inuitive right? A set of maps which have bespoke settings, tailored to recreate historical events.

Whilst we’re at it, let’s have a proper Regicide Mode, instead of a singular, out-of-place Regicide ‘scenario’ map (am irritating format handed down from Age of Mythology).

A dropdown button to select Standard Map, Historical Scenario, Regicide Map, etc would be so much more user friendly, plus we may find more folks trying the other ‘modes’ who get put off when they’re in the same pile.


You could probably lump them all together as “Scenarios”. Regicide, Historical Maps, and maybe throw in some more like a King of the Hill map.