Ideas from custom camapign, maybe new game mode

Mostly custom campaigns have good tasks and gameplay (Seljuk rise of empire, Three kingdoms, other mongols / tatars / cumans custom campaigns). Why not combine those mehanic and make historic game mode. Kind of idea like CK2-3(Horse Lords,Old Gods). Some civilization’s would be looters (like Mongols, Tatars, Cumans, Ghots, Hun, and ; Celts and Slavs- they would choose) other civs would be kind of more advanced or have to gather resources outside of their city so it makes them vunrable to them. Diplomacy would be kind of strict, based on religion, or game style( nomad looters, major kingdoms/empires and they would all have some kind of task or more tasks to do to win the game). Originaly game would go from feudal to castle age, maybe with difrent mode to Imperial. But mostly it idea would be historical mulltyplayer mode or even singleplayer mode if AI could be scripted well. Game would be kind of co-op campign where every player could choose any role(of coures every thing should be kind of in balance if you get me).
What are your thoughts and ideas? I don’t like battle royal fashion and classic multiplayer is repetitive to me.Custom Multiplayer have too much backstabbing community in some similar modes that i try. Im more singleplayer guy and i’m hoping that this game continues to give new things and more fun.

This sounds potentially interesting, but I’m not really sure what you’re proposing.

For those of us who haven’t played those, could you explain the mechanics?

When AoK was in development there was a plan that Mongols, Celts and Vikings would be “raider cultures”, with different gameplay. They didn’t need houses or military buildings, could steal villagers and pillage resources from enemy buildings, but couldn’t build many buildings of their own. This sounds a bit like that, I think? But they scrapped the idea, so I guess maybe it didn’t work well.

Okay, civilization has some goal based on actual history. For example Seljuk-rise of Empire has hero and u build up army as a nomad, pilleging and making marrige choices(alliance with other nomads). When hero run’s out of time civ has diffrent golas at that camapign later u build up a city. Well other “advaced civilizations” would have city, but they could build like only 2-3 castles. I think most of thing would need discusino so every thing would be balanced. In GOT custom scenario for multyplayer there are kind of limited unit production so it’s intresting( con for me there is that game start and everyone is trading gathering resources in insane quantites and then it starts game of backstabing) so in this “mode” there would be like some alliances for example for Chrstian forces or Muslim or Pagan.
Question is what timeline to use lik 700-1000 AD or 1000-1300 AD or 1300-1500 AD.

Yea, it’s similar, i didnt know that. In some of those custom camapings there are things like that. In Barbarosa brothers scenario killed units become villigers who could be sold in slaves or gather resources. In some others you can research custom tech in your wonder building since it’s only building. Then there is thing where you have building wagon and you press delete and you can build building with villiger or sometimes it’s like that towncenter wagon.

So this sounds to me (at least partially) like a diplomacy game on Empire Wars with a treaty, except that each player starts with a hero and different civs can start with different buildings.

In a random map script you can specify the starting objects (i.e. units and buildings) for Empire Wars. I think you can do it differently for different civs, although I’ve never done that personally. So maybe that would be a way to create something like this?

Yes, kind of like Empire Wars, with some unit restriction. Hero unit is kind of fun beacuse in Seljuk custom campagin diffrent ruler had difrent task. Imagine creating Religus wars like Christian forces vs Muslims, vs Tengri or Pagan(Slavic and Nordic). Someone did War of the Croatian Succession(1091.-1105.) kind like this but more from civlization POV.
Im kind of short of time to do that, i was thinkig about making it but i need to learn all about creating map, triggers and all.