If Teutonic Knight had same pierce armour as a Huskarl?

How much stronger would Teutonic Knights (and theTeutons the civ itself) be if they had the same pierce armor as a Huskarl? Note, they still far slower moving when compared to a huskarl. Now they are truly a slow-moving death machine. if this was the DE buff, nothing else, would this make Teuton’s too strong?

They say the Teutonic Knight sucks due to slow speed, and lack of pierce armor. But how much stronger would they be if that wasn’t the case?


I absolutely think they would be too strong. yeah they are slow and technically can be kited to death but if you just drop a castle outside your opponents base and start flooding them out they have to defend them, and there is no good answer to that except siege.


They already resist conversion.

When you have only one answer to a unit, it’s generally too good. When that answer is siege it’s definitely too good.


You would need just some siege towers to take the whole world 11
Seriously, no, they would be OP


Its usually not a sign of good game design when a unit just becomes a better version of another unit as part of an update.

To clarify: You can usually counter Huskarls with Champions or units of similar stature, e.g. Berserks if you’re Vikings, Samurai if you’re Japs, etc… Thats the most common go-to. Now that would be quite impossible against this new TK, while archers would be also useless.

10 pierce armour would be strong but TK need +1 pierce armor at least. In this way, you have to use Hand Cannoneer or siege units to properly counter Teutonic Kinght. Also Hand cannoneer would gain a usage area. Now, Arbalest is better infantry counter than Hand cannoneer.

  1. It won’t make the TK more viable (still so slow, still 35 arb shots, they will still die)
  2. You just make the TK raids outright broken because Town centers can’t do the proper damage to fend off them.
  3. It is against the unit design to be merely strong in melee, the High PA infantry is already the Huskarl

TK raiding is already broken like other infantry raiding such as Woad Raider, Berserk or even champion. You don’t always have 34 arbalest or 25 cav archer. I think it will help TK to survive against arrow fires.

Read my third point, they aren’t supposed to be strong vs archers cmon.

And you just said why it shouldn’t be any stronger, the area where TKs are insanely strong.

TK is useless unit now. TK is both slow and mediocre pierce armor and hella expensive unit (by far, most expensive infantry unit). +1 pierce armor will solve his problem.


Useless unit lol, they are much better unit than elephant archer and ballista elephant.
I do agree you just can reduce the food cost a bit.

no, it won’t

Mediocre pierce armor? It’s an infantry with 2 baseline. Right now arbs take them out in 25 shots. Thats quite an investment compared to most infantry. Yout change makes them 34 shots. Over a 33% increase for a unit that is supposed to be weak to archers the


Elephant archer is far better unit than TK Elephant is too tanky that almost immune to arrow fire. It can be very good meat shield against melee units (expect halberdier sure) as well with its 350 hp. Teuton champion is far better than TK. TK has no usage area. Okay, +1 pierce armor doesn’t solve TK’s problem but I think it definitely helps. Decreasing cost to 75f 35 gold or +1 pierce armor is must.

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Elephants get wrecked by halbs

Ele archers are just trash, incredibly high cost for such unit that has so many counters (by far the highest amount of weaknesses for a single unit, (weak to skirms, halbs, camels, samurai, eagles, monks, genoese crossbowman, genitour, camel archer)), cmon less range than arbalests when the elite war wagon, which has mobility and even higher attack, is cheaper and gets 8 range for elite, also what that amount of upgrades that requieres lol.

TK is weak against every ranged pierce damage unit which is a lot more than EA counters. Janissary beat TK even without micro. It is so funny because every infantry unit (champion, berserk, Jaguar warrior etc.) beat Janissary if Janissary player doesn’t micro. EA counters you mentioned are only soft counters skirms, camels, samurai, eagles, genitours). Even camel archer doesn’t counter Elephant archer due to Elephant’s 350 hp. I am sorry you are talking nonsense. Eagles also maybe good option but it doesn’t wreck Elephtant archer. Only halberdier really wreck Elephant archer.


Gasp. An anti melee unit that is supposed to be bad against ranged units is bad against ranged units? It’s a reverse huskarl.
Huskarls suck vs melee units but wreck archers

These people won’t be happy until the TK moves fast as Light cavalry and gets the Huskarl armor.

If we go that way maybe as well give to Huskarl +4 melee armor since they are terrible as well vs other infantry.


Huskarl can avoid many melee battle due to its speed and Huskarl is also a lot cheaper than TK. Anyone who think Huskarl’s weakness is equal to TK’s weakness, that man has zero information and understanding about the game. I am stopping to argue about.