If the game was more realistic

Can you list some examples of if game was more realistic?

War Elephants would one-shot any non elephant unit in the game and move a lot faster than they do in the game. Being run over by a 6-tonne or more animal basically kills anything. Not only that your infantry units will tend to panic at the sight of it and automatically run away. If you fire enough arrows into an elephant or damage it badly in general the elephant would go berserk and attack his own men as well as yours.

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Crossbows would just 1 shot someone at that close range and would take almost a min to reload.
Trebs are also unrealistic, they were never that mobile and ofc they can’t level fortresses to ground zero like that


In the time frame of AoE II most workers were man. Why do we have so many female gold miners?! Feminism wasnt really a thing in that time period.

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AOE was always about simple game play and not realism,which is the main reason it lasted for 20 years.If you want realistic city building play stronghold,want actual combat simulation should play total war.I do feel AOE 4 will also fall into the pit of trying to be over realistic.

on the topic itself monks should not be able to heal or convert anyone,maybe have an aura effect to boost morale.Flanking units from the side or rear should have damage bonuses.Heavy cavalry should have charging bonuses,pike walls should do more damage to cavalry,shield walls should have defensive bonus from arrow fire,cavalry archers should fire when moving.Units should be able to walk on walls and fire.
I can do this all day…


Hmm?? Que??
Aren’t you forgetting that It all depended on the armour of the target?
Crossbow bolts can’t pierce plate armor

And they were not exactly 100% accurate even at close range

But now it is and we have to live with it…

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-Halberds would not replace Pikes.
-Hand Cannoneers would be Siege weapons as they were used to kill soldiers on walls.
-Walls and Castles would take a significantly greater time to build.
-Caravels would fire Shotte and not a giant Ballista Bolt, while Feitorias would be armed with various Guns.
-Only Franks, Teutons and Spanish would have Paladins, and those would be limited to 12.
-Longswordsmen would not exist, and Two-Handed Swordsmen would be renamed to Longswordsman.
-Two-Handed Swordsmen, Champions and Knights would be trained at the Castle, while Trebuchets and Rams would be built on the field by Engineers, and Petards would be trained at the Siege Workshop.
-Naval combat would be a lot closer and boarding oriented, and Ships would be much different, with Galleasses, Xebecs, Junks, Holks, Roundships, Dromons, Bunes, Panokseons, Xingals, Canoes, Tekkousen, Carracks; and many other ships replacing the Galleon and Cannon Galleon.
-There would be at least 2 more Infantry types, and the Militia line would be seperate from the Longswordsman line, with Longswordsmen being considered Foot Knights, and peasant-born Infantry being serperate unit types.
-Most of the fighting would be done by Mercenary units, since most Kingdoms and Empires at the time had no standing armies, and Mercenaries were the real War-winners in the Middle Ages, throughout most of the world.
-Several civs would be completely unbeatable in certain condition (Maps or Ages).
-Chinese would have Halberds and Crossbows since the Dark Ages, while most European civs would have Knights from Feudal, and most Asian and Middle Eastern civs would have Cavalry Archers in the Dark Ages.
-Genitours would be a Portuguese and Spanish Regional Unit.
-Huns and Mongols would not be able to build anything, and instead would have a moving Palace.
-Japanese Arrows would have much less Range, but also much more Damage, since they used very heavy arrows in war.
-Mayans UU would be a Hornet’s Nest Thrower.
-Aztecs would be the only civ with Eagle Warriors, and they would be called Eagle Knights, same as Jaguar Warriors would be called Jaguar Knights.
-Aztecs and Mayans would have no Blacksmith, Incas would have no Markets.
-Religious conversion would not make people switch nationalities or kingdom allegiance; Gold bribes would.

A few interesting notes.


Crossbows one-shot most armour in the period, from time to time. We actually have evidence of fully plated Knights getting a single biolt through the cuirass (the most armoured area besides the helm), and dying of a single shot.

So Longswordsman would exist

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Not the unit you call Longswordsman right now.
It would probably also be renamed to Foot Knight.

I’ll tell you what would happen if the game was more realistic:

Indians would actually use Elephants in serious fights :rofl:


Paladins would be 1 or two in an army

Knights would be less.

Units would fall off the horse when shot with an arrow or be impaled to the ground when hit with a spear sometimes.

Sheep couldn’t be controllable.

Technically, each second or two in the game is a year. So…

Elephant Archers you mean? :joy:

Huns wouldn’t have a university or a church
Persians would have really good cav archers (hence the Parthian Tactic name is base of Parthians)

You’re saying you don’t make all the women berry pickers and leave the mining to the men?

No I mean

Nuclear Reactor Elephants
HP : 600/750
Atk : 1000/1500 (explodes on contact)
Blast Radius : 5/6
A/PA : 5+2/6+2 , 6+3/7+4
Attack Bonus : +5000 vs Spearman, (justified revenge)
Armor Classes : â– â– â– â–  u

Generates Infinite trickle of gold(Nuclear energy) while alive ( 10 gold per second)

Of course women worked too. Why, as a medieval lord, would you waste half your workforce? Actually if you wanted to make the game more realistic not only women but children would work too.

If the game was more realistic, you couldn’t just pay once for all your soldiery to have instantly better armour. In factn chances are you could only spare the money for your nobility or something. So crossbow sure would be an issue.

The reason we have female villies isn’t feminism, but the fact that playing 100% male civs in AoE1 felt super weird, and thus they were an improvement for AoK.

Didn’t they trade inside their empire?

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You don’t say that when Aoe2 is the topic of conversation…

In very limited environments. Women were not supposed to leave the Town, or work as Lumberjacks, Builders or Miners.
Most women at the time died in childbirth, so the less strenuous their daily activity, the more children they would likely produce during their lifetime, the more peasants you would have under your fiefdom, as a lord.

The Middle Ages were the height of gender labour seperation, the only other age that comes close would the Stone ages (Paleolithic and Neolithic).

No, they had state mandate redistribution of resources throughout the populace. Proto-Communism.

Check it out.

In the Inca economy there was no large scale trade within its borders. Barter was done among individuals. The Incas had a centrally planned economy , perhaps the most successful ever seen. … Collective labor was the base for economic productivity and for the creation of social wealth in the Inca society.


Further information: Incan agriculture, Vertical archipelago, Mit’a, and Qullqa

Illustration of Inca farmers using a chakitaqlla (Andean foot plough)

The Inca Empire employed central planning. The Inca Empire traded with outside regions, although they did not operate a substantial internal market economy. While axe-monies were used along the northern coast, presumably by the provincial mindaláe trading class,[53] most households in the empire lived in a traditional economy in which households were required to pay taxes, usually in the form of the mit’a corvée labor, and military obligations,[54] though barter (or trueque ) was present in some areas.[55] In return, the state provided security, food in times of hardship through the supply of emergency resources, agricultural projects (e.g. aqueducts and terraces) to increase productivity and occasional feasts. While mit’a was used by the state to obtain labor, individual villages had a pre-inca system of communal work, known as mink’a. This system survives to the modern day, known as mink’a or faena . The economy rested on the material foundations of the vertical archipelago, a system of ecological complementarity in accessing resources[56] and the cultural foundation of ayni , or reciprocal exchange.[57][58]


Nobody would fit inside the ram, siege won’t move by themselves, siege towers won’t crash Earth, conquistadors followed by hand cannoneer and similar would kill almost any unit with 1 shot, Portuguese ships would actually be the best one, Missionary would be able carry relics, monks won’t all be half bald (similar case for all units), units won’t kill themselves upon being converted, genitour would ride horses, mameluke would ride horses, farms won’t be growing in arabia without water, lumberjacks and such buildings won’t automatically bring resources from them to the main building, one villagers won’t build alone any of the buulding he is building, except houses, if ships are able to contain 20 elephants, they surely can contain much more humans infantry or even horse infantry, units would take more time to garrison in ships, units won’t be able to teleport or pass through walls, buildings won’t create people from nothing, paladin would actually be a castle unit, king won’t be able to run faster than horses, You can’t scout automatically with 2 camels or 2 horses, buildings won’t instantly upgrade upon reaching new age, new age doesn’t suddendly tech with the cost of 10 vills, units would age and die, unused buildings would decay over time, teutonic knights would take off their cape in battles, dogs with capes won’t exists, ballista elephants won’t operate by themselves, ships would be a heavy food unit, increasing pop would decrease food production, wood could be replanted, fish wouldn’t just be the counting of a few beeries, boar won’t need 10 people to be killed, all civs won’t be able to tech the same technologies (i mean not all university tech would be shared, for example), mayans won’t suddenly be able to gather more resources from nothing, eagle warrior would be one of the weakest unit, same for kamayuks, camels won’t counter knight, most of the units won’t be able to do anything to a stone wall, archers won’t be able to fire over that, spies won’t give you 100% vision of the enemy, towers would be way more effective more…

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Every unit with a pike or a long spear will have range attack , villagers would be very weak and skinny, not the muscular guys we see, Lithuanians won’t be able to ignore armor, War elephants won’t attack themselves and could even be used by the enemy force, scaring them, against you, Ballistics won’t make every archer perfectly accurate nor will thumb ring, arrows won’t fire themselves upon launch as soon as chemistry is researched, knights and infantrry couldn’t burn buildings by swinging swords, archers won’t actually do any damage to stone buildings and well made buildings, TC won’t start shooting just because villagers are garrisoned, Farms would be built outside the town instead of inside the town, Castle would be almost an unstoppable building, crops aren’t grown that fast, there is no presence of any illnesses, everyone is perfectly healthy all the time, the unit with 1 hp is as good as the unit with full hp, monks won’t magically heal by waving their hands, everybody could garrison on the houses and not just khmer, even enemy should be able to garrison in your houses, water won’t start flowing from nowhere just because you built a mill (japanese) and it won’t have 24hrs wind efficiency, there isn’t just 1 type of stone, villagers won’t work 24 hrs a day, just because you buy food on the market, you don’t suddenly increase its price everywhere else, the size of the dock would be bigger,

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Units won’t continue to shout one thing over and over, heroes won’t recover life after some time, just because you are sitting on the top of the elephant, you don’t magically acquire 400 hp, meso civs would be one of the weakest, jaguar warriors won’t have any armor, rhino’s won’t just be killed by some dude with arrows, pathing problem would be fixed, 30 archers won’t be able to stand in a square tile space, throwaxeman won’t have infinite axes, same for the heroes that use axes and mamelukes or archers, just because jannissaries wears hats, they won’t suddendly become royals, longboat ship would be one of the weakest ship in late game, pirates would exists on the water maps, units would flee from the battlefield, units could be corrupted and not everyone will be 100% loyal, horses will trample many units, pikeman and others could throw their weapon, villagers won’t just stay there when the base is raided and you won’t know if it is just a few units inside your base, mongols rams won’t be faster than horses, they won’t be able to produce any western civ ships design,


What hippos are you talking about??