If you could include new mechanics, features or functions in AOE-3, what would you implement?

Part of westernalization is also the industry and economy, so factories.

Your initial statement starts of by stating …better versions with gunpowder weaponry…. There’s already a plethora of Native units with gunpowder, there’s not much to add or change in that regards.
The Natives can already build outposts - Warhuts are the same thing as the Russian Blockhouse, and barracks are already there. That’s already two buildings they don’t need to add.
Forts? Not particularly necessary. They wouldn’t change their guerilla style of warfare, the whole reason that was the main form of fighting was because of a numbers disadvantage and because it was the way warfare had worked for time untold before then anyway - Why change what already works extremely well?

Ultimately, the only thing you could really add to the Lakota and Hauds would be more artillery. Otherwise, they already had everything else in the first place. And to be clear, they already had artillery. The Hauds use a light cannon, but the Lakota really couldn’t - what was the feasibility of dragging cannons around the plains?

The maybe refers to natives who do not have firearms or cavalry like the Aztecs and Incas.

Were all the Lakota armed with howitzers, field artillery, gatling guns, winchesters, revolvers, breechloaders in general etcetera?

Not just one or few, but all warriors?

Gunpowder weapons includes artillery.

Plethora? There are a total of 7, I think, major native civilization gunpowder units. This includes one warchief, making it as units basically 6.

Iroqouis have 3 (4 with warchief)
Lakota 2
Inca’s 1
Aztecs 0

Thats not plethora. Plethora would atleast be a half.

Maybe I wasnt clear enough, but the barracks were meant as building for the new style gunpowder units, similar to units of the line, such as line infantry. Warhuts would still have the original units, with maybe some gone. Warhut ≠ barracks. Outposts means the artillery versions, its extra defense, warhuts again ≠ outposts. Same function does not mean same thing. The whole idea of westernization is to leave the guerilla fighting. And sure the guerilla tactis worked small scale, but in big battles it wouldnt, also I am not speaking purely about Lakota, I refer to natives, and In my opinion if a few natives get westernization all should, just like Dutch got revolution for Indonesia and the US.

And again, westernization is not just military, so also factories and perhaps other upgrades for estates and farms.

You still havent explained how I was racist, if you are going to use that, you better be able to explain why.

i dont think adding “westernisation” into the game would add any benefits to it, factions should remain unique even into the imperial age.

that being said i also wanna say: no Lakota where not the best horsemen on the planet, their culture was heavily tied to it but that doesn’t mean they would perform well on a European battlefield.


Revolutions also dont really have benefits, yet its still here. They are mostly either niche or very late game. They change how your original civ played, so I dont see how westernization would be bad for the civs as the first 4 ages they will still be original and for factories you could go westernization, or perhaps in age V. It would certianly make some natives better in treaty, like Aztecs.

Players of Natives and asians civs like that originality, if they become europeans, why to play them??

¿Es normal que los perros peruanos puedan recoger tesoros? son como un explorador, matan a los guardianes y a la vez recogen el tesoro.

If that is the case then it’s actually a good incentive to send dog cards in Age I that nobody uses. Like if all pet/disciple shipment cards did this I know I would consider using them in some maps.

Very late game, especially in treaty, natives really lack economy and artillery. Both can be “fixed”/helped by such mechanic.

Also it wouldnt be the same as Europeans as you still have access to your old units and buildings.

Alternatively, you could give them actual economies and buffs to make their economies work. There’s no historical reason preventing the Hauds and Aztecs from matching the European and Asian economies in the late-game. If anything, they should out-scale both considering the impacts Natives had on the climate from agricultural practices alone.
Give AKs an actual buff and let them do their job, then give the Hauds access to more than just light cannons. They could easily have the howitzer.
The Lakota are the only ones with a substantial problem, and it has more to do with game mechanics than history. Historically, the plains Natives’ managing of the American bison herds is what kept their numbers so terrifyingly high. There’s no way to recreate this in-game, and that is the primary driver behind the economy of the plains Natives’ in general.

I would give bonus vs not HI to AK or Coyotes (utopianly both hehe), skirmishers are the main problem for aztecs. Maybe a better RoF for AK (animation) could work too. Economycally I would boost aztec wise women, at least coin-wise or the vills-temple card, europeans get eco theory in age one freely​:expressionless::expressionless:

Hauds can get mortars, but in imperial age without wood cost as every native civ from embassies.
The main problem are their wood costing units, specially kanyas, and coin production. After fur trade their eco falls quickly.

Yeah, like I said, they need some big relifts from the ground-up. Especially in terms of woodworking - there was a noticeable effect on the global climate when Native Americans stopped their agricultural work in the 1500’s and 1600’s, and it’s likely that Natives had something to do with the little ice age over in Europe in the 1300’s because of their forestry practices.

IMO they just need the ability to produce something similar to Mango Groves over time from Community Plazas. Maybe a Birch Grove that gives half the wood of a Mango Grove but can be produced in a minute or so, but something like that.
I’m giving the Lakota in my mod the ability to create Mango Groves. I’d make it something else, but I’ve no idea how to make an entirely new building with unique assets within it.

what? you seriously believe they would out produce industrial age Europe?

iw ould include i can see tech of natives before building the trade post, and just clicking on the native post, i mean all the info on a view, not just the name of teh htech but the cost and what the tech does and the stats of the units, all before building on a native post.
Otherwise like its right now, i have to memorise every native before playing the game

the tech and units that we will see when building the native post, could be seen before building it on the same space but cant be use. and solved


Yes. Very useful for new players or to see natives with whom you are not well familiar.

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is need to add more graphics showing how manyvillgaers ahve kiled a player, and how many soucred on militar unit spent or killed

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