If you could include new mechanics, features or functions in AOE-3, what would you implement?

And Pavia (1525):France vs Spain/Holy Roman Empire and Italy cities,Kalhenberg (1683):Ottoman Empire vs Poland-Lithuania and the Holy Roman Empire and well already mentioned Waterloo (1815):Napoleonic France vs the Seventh Coalition (GB,Prussia and Holland)…the other battles would be Lützen (1632):Sweden vs Holy Roman Empire and Maule (1485):Incas vs Mapuches…or also redo existing battles in aoe 2 such as Lepanto (1571):Ottoman Empire vs the Holy League (Spain and Italian cities),Kyoto (1582) (it would be a fight between Japanese sides) and Noryang (1598):Korea vs Japan…


It could be that it generates more income with the native populations than with the commercial positions of the route. As in the other games, the greater the distance, the greater the income. It could be that it generates less than the pre-established trade routes, and that it only generates coins. Also keep in mind that they would be vulnerable to enemy attack.

I think it is good and that if the enemies destroy the commercial cart,they will take a part of the resources…or also the commercial cart would be another way to get more resources (food, wood and coins) but slower than the trade routes,I do not tell you with the iron horse…

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i would add this. Please devs add time of creation and add better IU as you promised for DE

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I have a lot to say on this Export viability matter. I did an analysis of export’s value and possible suggestions to make it more versatile. As it stands, only Japan can choose to sacrifice part of their eco to be able to use export viably (only in Age IV with a card tho).

Here is a the full tread Seeing how Influence works, should Export have viable means that makes it a reliable resource income if you invest on it?

And some suggestions:


More than an improvement, a new mechanics. That’s why I put it here.

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For European and Native American fishermen, give a fishing villager just like Asians and Africans.



hotkeys to find spies on legacy.
option to move camera or not for creation quee when cliking on icon


i would include a hotkey to find culverin or cannons, one by one, so i can switch from one canon to other or one culverin to other to make every canon hit a diferent place and every culverin hit a diferent artillery.
today, we only have the hotkey to find all artillery which selects all culverin cannon and any artillery we have, but its useless most of the time

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I would love this!!

I like this.

I would be much more excited if they added this to AoE2, every named region in DE3 is connected to a certain real world location, for instance, I can’t see them adding desert options for Amazonia or Alaska or Carolina. Where in DE2 Continental,Costal, rivers,Arena, and many more would work perfectly to select your biome.

Yes please!


These are my EXTREME Mechanic addionions I would like to see. (I know not everyone will agree but for me it will be interesting)

More theatres of war.

I would like to see three completely new theatres of war, maps set in Europe, so Historical European battles can be held as well as Maps set in the Middle East and Southern Africa. As a citizen of South Africa, I want the Zulu civ to be added, which will allow you to fight as the British and Dutch , expanding ever northward from Cape Town all the way into Kenya, fighting and befriending the native peoples and encountering formidable foes such as the Zulu whom have strong, fast melee spear infantry called the Impi.

With added animals such as Lions, zebra and Elephants + hogs that attack villagers that shoot at them and don’t merely run away. Also add predatory animals that are not connected to treasures. For instance lions that roam the plains and attack lone ,unsuspecting settlers.

And in turn I too wish to fight in the deserts/mountains of the Middle East. Fighting as Napoleon in Egypt or as the Ottomans fighting against the Tuareg, Arabs and Afghans.

In game menu option:

To exit a battle, you should have two options:

1.SAVE & Exit (For when you want to return to the battle at a later stage.)

2.Resign / Surrender (For when you have been defeated and you wish to give up the battle.)

In selecting Save and Quit, it forces you to create a save that you have to continue later.

When you Resign/Surrender, the battle is gone indefinitely, can’t be loaded and your Home city LOSES experience points, the more battles/XP you lose, the more card options you lose until you either start winning battles again or when your options become so limited form your Home City, you are forced or REVOLT.


(Single player only.)
I want a Revolution to have a more severe effect on your home city, if you launch a Revolution and you win, you sometimes have to fight a battle against the mother city whom will try to squash your rebellion. If you Revolt and you lose the battle, for the next three games you should be given a bad deck of cards as default since the Mother city won’t support your colony as punishment for your actions.

But should you win, during the revolt and repel the home cities army, you can have extra perks, such as choose a better explorer, gain access to powerful hidden cards and you can alter the appearance of your Home city dramatically.

If you Revolt to frequently and you lose a battle against a counter revolt, you should receive a declaration of banishment from your home city and then lose access to play as that home city, forcing you to start from scratch with a new Home city. (Shipment cards should be unlocked as your city progresses!! As it used to be in the base AoE3.)

Home City effects.

Add more customizations to the Home cities, such as Soldiers marching through the streets, Highlanders/Musketeers for the British, Skirmishers for the French, Strelets for the Russians and so forth.

The more battles your colonies win, the more XP your city has, the more XP, the more security (Police and Soldiers) and well being your city has. That gives you better shipping cards.

The more battles you lose , the less XP your Home City has, the more run down your city becomes, buildings should close, wooden shutters should appear on disrepaired buildings that has lost the most shipping cards, less citizens walking about and robbers, mobs, beggars and filth should spawn at random intervals.

Until you win battles to improve XP and reinstall better living conditions, or you are forced to revolt. If your revolution is successful, you gain a new city with a clean slate and special shipping cards. However if you lose a revolt, you, lose the city and you receive a notice letter from the Home City a declaration of banishment from your home city and then lose access to play as that home city, forcing you to start from scratch with a new Home city.


The Blockade system can be expanded upon, the enemy European , Asian and Ottoman AI should attempt to blockade you more frequently but once you are blocaded, you can assemble a strong navy to break the blockade, but to research that should be extremely expensive.


i would add icons to see if the unit is mercenary, shock infantery, and not to hover mouse over the unit.
i would add a map with active volcans that randomly create lava rivers each 10 mins
I would add a map that ramdonly create swirl sea each 10 mins
I would add an option to silence the voice of villagers and troops when selected or ordered to do something


¿Que tal un sistema de clases y habilidades para los exploradores?
Las clases podrían ser Doctor, General y Explorador, Todos con una habilidad común pero 1 o 2 habilidades únicas

Ademas de atuendos personalizados como por ejemplo Doctor de la Plaga.

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Imperial cards. Age 5 is the only age that is not covered by this function. They would be very useful for the treated mode.

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i would add icons to see if the unit is mercenary, shock infantery, and not to hover mouse over the unit.

I completely agree, something like this is already present in starcraft II and it makes unit readability much easier, which is a main complaint against the game from rts veterans and new players alike.

These indicators/markings/texts/icons could go anywhere as long they are easy to see and distinct enough.

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Excellent!. We already have this command for land and naval units.
Captura de pantalla (331)

Other easy to implement would be the formation of the artillery where it cooperates with the formation of the square, and the possibility of maintaining position.


Haiti and Barbary states revolution civs have a lot of bonuses to collecting treasures. I love the idea of a late-game treasure economy but obviously, by industrial, there aren’t many treasures left and they won’t provide many resources. I think it would be awesome if they could get treasure wagons. it’s a covered wagon that works like a prospector wagon except it needs to be a certain distance from your town center and it unpacks into the crashed wagon treasure with random loot and guardians. They would get these wagons from shipments or they might be trained automatically at a slow rate.

I would also love if the loading screen at the beginning of a match let you know which mercs will be available that round. I think mercs would be a lot more fun if you could weigh the pros and cons of investing in a tavern knowing the mercs available instead of just throwing away 200 wood on a gamble. I think it’d also be fairer for the other player to know what mercs they might be running into so they don’t get surprised by something they had no chance to predict the enemy having. Relating to this, I’d also love if natives could train mercenaries from the warhut or native embassy after sending a specific home city card.

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