If you mainly play Age of Empires 3, why would you choose it over other similar games?

I loved Napoleon as a child and had romantic fantasies about the Age of Navigation as a child. what about you?


Asymmetric game play.


I play all. My current favourite is aoe3 but all aoe games are great. Everyone plays whatever he likes. No need to debate for which is the best or one game has to be better than another.


I have always been the odd kid who prefers early gunpowder over medieval and WWII.


So my premise is: “If you mainly play Age of Empires 3”, I’m mainly asking these people.


I haven’t played tbe other two for a long time. So yeah i do mainly play aoe3.

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The other AoE games are just too slow and tedious to be fun. You have to spend half your time microing your economy, and the other half building production buildings that only make one guy at a time.

It’s also an interesting time period that doesn’t get showcased a lot elsewhere.


I enjoy it more than other aoe games, also I’m currently living abroad so the laptop is all I have here but normally I enjoy playing playstation more.

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The card system provides a limitless amount of replayability. The unit roster has everything from swords and pikes to muskets and longbows to cannons to everything in between. AoE3 has everything. The maps feel like they’re alive with vast amounts of flora and fauna which gives me a really immersive experience. The civs are interesting and really fun to play.

The innovation and uniqueness still hold up to this day and FE has taken all these strengths and turned them up a notch.


Is there a similar RTS game?

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Over AoE2 cause counter system is clearer since bonus are on screen; not lategame trash battles since you cant use unique units properly; and every civ is basically the same


Playing Age of Empire 3 you have a basic structure but side you play is somewhat customisable, there’s also a deeper layer of strategy involving which deck you choose, which cards you put in your deck and the order you send them.

Even RTS don’t quite have that depth and customization.
Well there was another one that like AOE3 classic involved leveling progression, and pre-planning.

Netstorm islands at war is certainly what you would call an old game, different from other RTS games since all combat units were either immobile structures that did nothing but absorb damage, immobile cannons and air bases that creates short lived air attackers.


For its playability, for me it is the best, although I am a boy of swords and hammers more than gunpowder, I prefer the ancient or medieval time period, both real and fantasy.

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The zany civ design definitely. The assimetrical design, amount of civ options and just quirky mechanics just keep me coming back to it.

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Well from the top of of my head I don’t recall any other game like that, so it’s not like there’s competition.
On a macro scale within the RTS genre, AoE was and still is a landmark series without any real (surviving) competition.
On a micro scale, whether from a position of a hardcore RTS fan or hardcore AoE fan- all games within the series are quite different and unique in many smaller and bigger ways, so also in this case it’s not ‘this game or the other’, it’s more like ‘take it or leaver it’ and I gladly accepted what it was 17 years ago and still come back to it.
Hell, AoE3 CE/DE pretty much has been permanently installed on my drive for many years now.

I’m usually playing multiple strategy games at the same time, but 3DE is and most likely will remain a go-to source of quick RTS fix. Especially with a regular stream of new maps, cards etc. it’s a fantastic podcast game to jump in for a couple of games every week.


I always enjoyed the Pike and Shot Era of warfare. This game captures the unique flavor of the time period extremely well. Probably the only other game that ever came close to reproducing the period’s gameplay was Empire-Total War, but it wasn’t a perfect fit since that game only skims through the Pike and Shot era early in the campaign and then settles on the Line of Fire combat style. (Empire Earth also covered the period, but their take somehow never felt quite right to me).

The card system, the unique units and the civ bonuses give the game a nearly limitless replayability. I’ve been playing this game since 2006 and I am still far from feeling bored of it.

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Age of Empires 3 have shoguns and daimyos that’s why.

There’s also the fact that you pretty much get every type of weapon from forks to gatling guns. This games offers the most variety of all historic RTS games I have ever seen.

The amount of assymetry between the civs is amazing. And it gotten much more diverse with DE.
With Aoe2 and Aoe4 there is only so much you can explore, since all civs are pretty much the same with small changes. AOE4 really had the opportunity to blend the best of all previous games, but they went the safe way.

  1. I like the depth of strategy and theorycrafting you can do. DE has vastly improved upon this. The amount of strategies and cheesy things I can do is virtually unlimited I love it.

  2. I’m good at it. I am trash in AOE1 and 2.

  3. I like the fast paced gameplay. Aoe 1 and 2 are really slow in comparison.

  4. Asymmetric civs. It’s more interesting this way, but admittedly less balanced, and I think aoe2 is the superior game from a design perspective even though I prefer 3. I know this is weird.

  5. Gunpowder allows for hit and run micro that other age titles can’t do.

  6. No lag. AoM is the greatest in the Age series, but the lag is horrendous and so I’m looking forward to AOMR.

AoE3 has a lot of issues but god damn it’s in my top 3 games of all time.

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