Im not buying this indian dlc

Not buying this out of principle. The Tibetans who had far more of an influence and impact and interaction with other civs are not added but the bengalis who were very insolated and hardly had any impact with other civs are added? This is ridiculous

Plus even if they add tibetians in another one the amount of civs are getting crazy. Whats next 20 civs from china?

All these gimmicky RPG type abilities are diluting the core beauty and simplicity of this game

Its like some nerds saying “hey lets upgrade chess and give abilities to the queen…it can now dodge attacks”

Wtf is this league of legends? Guaranteed a whole host of bugs will pop up with trying to implement all of these too


Assuming no bugs, the civs look awesome. If you don’t want it, your loss. I think the DLC is great, the civs are cool, and really looking forward to buying it.


The Purism Zealotry pops out 11


Theres a reason why boxing is great and chess boxing isnt. And why italian carbonara is great and the amerian bastardized version isnt

A great man once said before removing a fence find out why it was put there in the first place

But of course alot of this will be lost on the modern “i got my shiny new iphone 27” generation


11 not a loss for me at all. If i want to play with units dodging attacks and summoning elementals ill just play warcraft 3


OK … (20 characters)


Tibetans should be the next civ to be added, but India was severely underrepresented as well (their population has always been huge) and the current Indian umbrella makes no sense, so I am glad with what the devs did and I will buy the DLC!

We’ll see how the unit ‘dodging ranged attacks’ works in practise. If it’s just that some arrows will miss it automatically, then it’s not much different from a unit that simply has high pierce armor, right?


They were never going to add the Tibetans. The game would instantly be banned from the Chinese market, and Microsoft would likely get in further trouble with the Chinese government and they could begin banning other MS products. The government of the People’s Republic of China maintains a strict attitude that Tibet is not, and never has been, a sovereign country: to make a unique civilization is to imply that it was a sovereign country, and one of impressive cultural and political value during its time. Another popular strategy game, Hearts of Iron, set during World War II, was banned in China because it featured a sovereign and playable Tibet, independent from the rest of China.

So while I personally wish that Tibet could be created, the political realities of our time and the financial considerations of AoE’s parent company prevent them from ever seriously thinking about creating such a civilization.


Why not MS liaise with the Chinese government and work out an arrangement to settle that Tibetans is on the medieval period not current times. It can be done with a disclaimer.


I’ve been strongly supporting and advocating for tibetans since aoc was released.

However, after China tried to ban the global version of steam a couple of months ago, it’s pretty clear -without a doubt- CCP is going to ban aoe2 if they release Tibetans. I mean, China trying to perma ban steam global is something most people thought was impossible because of $$$ but it happened. And this kind of outcome is true for any chinese related civ that was conquered by the dynasties. So it’s best to avoid them, unless MS wants to lose a huge chunk of the market. Because I don’t think China will allow it in the chinese version of steam, much less their microsoft store.

I even suggested that it could be ok if they add something like “and medieval Tibet was conquered by the yuan dynasty” at the end of their campaign to avoid censorship from the CCP, but that’s not going to work now.


If China plays hardball, then ignore that market entirely. Given Steam is at risk of being banned. Or the DLC itself could not be sold in China.

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Ok boomer
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What is the point of dying on a pointless hill if you don’t post on an internet forum that you are dying on a pointless hill?


Microsoft just give us Tibetans already and show some guts / solidarity.

Anyway I already pre-ordered this DLC because the civs are looking hella strong and also well thought-out like the last ones.


Patience young padawan.

The next expansion could be Tibetans, Jurchen with Thai or Ghorids.

Just advocate for it constantly. There will be widespread support for Tibetans at the very least.


I’m praying for this. If they care about this community it’s at least already been considered. Polls in the past have shown that alongside Indian civs these are the most requested.

Worst case they could release Tibetans under a different name but make clear what it is.

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I remember people suggesting them under a different name multiple times. I think it was “tanguts”, but I’m probably misremembering.


I dont think screwing over the chonese playerbase is worth some solidarity

Those guys have no reason to be punished for this


Yeah Tanguts who were distantly related.

Tbh the Tibet topic is just a big mess

This explains a lot about your historical knowledge… that being said I’m kinda glad your not buying the DLC