I'm out. gla with half done game devs

In the Devs redit post they said now there back and wil make a detailed doc and start fixing things right away. So they havent even started on anything yet. So what like 3 months min to see a balance patch? or a bug patch?

A long detailed doc then we discuss?? lol so not even started on anything yet to fix? not even started??

also thanks for posting about what being worked on and letting everyone know in your own forums whats up …NOT. Imagine making a game fan forums for your players and then only posting on reddit and leaving everyone in the dark while on vacation LOL

Must be nice to work in a bubble and take off for a month letting everything goto poop. great job !!! I cant wait to buy your next game… LOL

If it sounds harsh its cause I live in the real world were deadlines and expectations have to be met. Not a half finished project full of bugs and balance issues.

total disgrace in my book. Never again. . Back to sc2 or something else


Where did you get that number, because it was exactly one month since last balance patch and it’s more than likely that next will come in a few weeks.

The fact that we “live in the real world where deadlines have to be met” is exactly how we end up with unfinished games like AoE4. Things would have been so much better if they extended release date until spring or so.

I mean, I’m not satisfied either with the pace and communication of Relic. But some of you guys sound like 14 years old screaming for their toys.


Holiday duration is non of my business but since launch they haven’t done practically anything and then claim they have done over 100 balance changes in the most bland patch I’ve ever seen. They don’t hotfix their broken patches with spicy new bugs either. Balancing this game is not easy but at this place we need 3 years to balance this game.


The majority part of that patch was a response to the feedback from open beta, it was at least 60 days old when it first came out. the only “current” part was the springlad nerf.

Yeah, it’s gonna be like any other Relic game, it will take a few years to reach the point of a finished product.


Where is that post from the devs?


There was a dev post on reddit like a day or two ago mentioning how they had people coming back from holidays and ramping up work. I imagine we will see something soon.

If I were them idk if I would use this forum, it’s overfilled with people who have nothing better to do than rage at devs.


The best way to foster a community is to talk to players.


Their roadmap says the next big update is in spring so at a minimum March. Hopefully they do what they did with the springalds and release a update addressing the horrendous balance and bugs before then but if we have to wait for March that’s ridiculous. Heaps of people already leaving the game and I suspect if there’s no patch till March then they’ll be even less of a player base. I really like this game so but it’s so bad at the moment so hopefully they release a patch soon.

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Bro u act like 1 month is acceptable for literally game breaking bugs and exploits


They did have a ton of bugs fixed. Not sure if it was 100 but my guess is over 100. It sure was a lot, regardless. Maybe you neglected to read the balance patch notes?

They also fixed the biggest problem the game had experienced until that point: springalds.
The also fixed some bugs that made it possible for players to get infinite resources.

Stop acting like them being delayed due to two weeks of common holidays / employees typically acting lazy in anticipation for said holidays they will never release another patch.


I don´t know your english expertise but I mentioned 100 balance changes not bug fixes. Unless Relic decided for themselves that that’s what it means…

It’s funny because that big “balance patch” didn’t even fix springalds, that was after a few weeks.

Yes they fixed some bugs, they also said they fixed the HRE prelate, spearman bracing and seeing the map after the game finished… oops forget what I said. Not to mention others that were introduced. But yes they fixed the most game breaking ones but I mean if they didn’t that would just bepure incompetence.

I also didn’t say they won’t release another patch, I don’t even know where that came from. What I said was there is a need for a certain amount of balance experimentation due to the complexity of the game in order to reach a balanced state, which requires multiple patches and some roll backs in some tweaks, but I already have a taste of what they consider to be a big balance patch so that’s why I said it will take a long time.

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The balance patch was made using data from prerelease beta due to the fact that it takes ~3 weeks for any patches they make to get to live. They patched in the springald change like a week later.

There is a test build uploaded to steam 2 days ago so we should expect a patch in the next couple weeks

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As far as my English, I’m certain it is superior to yours. Why does that matter to you?

Bug fixes cause balance changes.

They fixed many things, you’re right. So your cause for concern is unfounded.


Bug fixes and balance change’s are 100% different. Accept when you are wrong sometimes. Your presence in these forums isn’t pleasant at all.


They are not 100% different, ask any pro if you need an authority to dictate to you what to believe, if you ever get the chance. Otherwise, you can use simple logic to deduce it: a bug that affects a civ when removed causes that civ’s play to be balanced differently.


I am 100% sure they are different. Not 100% of the time they are exclusive from each other. Fixing docks deleting shore fish is definitely not a balance change.


They are not the same as it’s pointless to argue about it, it was false advertisement so that people would be so thankfull for their wonderfull effort and it seems it worked for some but not many from what I see in the forums.

Most people also mention Relic needs to wait 3 weeks after making the patch to release it, I don’t know how they’ve got that info but if it is true it’s a bad excuse and that kind of system is not compatible with current management practices. Doesn’t matter whose fault is it but it’s so outdated.


The 3 week thing isn’t on Relic’s side, it’s due to the Microsoft certification process, Aussie Drongo made a youtube video on it and there was a big post on reddit when the winter patch dropped.


Do you have a link to this dev post?

Over 100+ Balance Updates is the text they used in the image. Balance updates update the balance of the game. There were 9 such changes in the springald patch, 165 in the patch before it. In total, 174 during Winter 2021.