Imperial Cavalry Archer upgrade for Mongols, Tatars, Huns, or Turks?

Suppose have a third Cavalry Archer upgrade which is called Imperial Cavalry Archer, upgraded from HCA, and it would only be available for civs with good Cav Archers like Mongols, Huns, Tatars and Turks.

Would you want to have such an upgrade?


The CAs of those civs are already strong and giving them another upgrade on top of that is totally unnecessary.

Imp camel made sense because camels are poor generalists and it was a flavorful way of giving 1 civ strong camels in lategame.

Imp skirm made sense because you have to be Vietnamese to use it in 1v1 and it’s not that impactful in most TGs.

Imp Cav Archer doesn’t fill any needed role or power vacuum any more than Imperial Paladin or Imperial Arbalester would.


Not for these civis but for brand new civi.would also like to see a 3rd scorpion upgrade too.


There is no imp archer in this game, AOE2 has no place for imp archers. On the other hand i think elite upgrade for ca is not worth, Elite upgrade should give cas a little bit attack speed or a little bit frame delay reduction.

Did anyone think the bombard needed an upgrade?

Completely unnecessary. The HCA is in pretty good state in the moment.

Besides that, I generally I don’t appreciate quasi-unique-units (Imp Camel, Imp Skirm, Houfnice, Winged Hussar and the likes), I’d get rid of all of them if I only could.

the original idea back in AOK days was to have handcannons replacing archer line. little did they know competition in players pushes micro and its been purely there to counter infantry soon as game was released.

Unit does not have two Imperial Age upgrade except Siege (for ending the game from defensive play style) and two unit

  1. Militia line which have Champion upgrade after Two-Handed Swordsman
  2. knight line which have Paladin upgrade after Cavalier

Imperial Camel Rider is actually act like a paladin upgrade of Cavalier to compensate the lack of knight line
Imperial Skirmisher is different because Elite Skirmisher is a Castle age unit

Giving that fact the power level of HCA is in a good spot and how good a slight better version of HCA, Mangudai, can be, I think it is impossible for developer to give another Imperial upgrade

Maybe a upgrade like Winged Hussar upgrade is okay but it actually tie their civ bonus or UT into a single unit upgrade.

imo giving the fact that power level of Arbalester is so weak in late game, it can be a Imperial Arbalester but its upgrade cost should be very high for preventing people rush for it like current Arbalester. And also consider that all Arbalester focus civ in late game also have other strong option (Mayans has 100hp Eagle, Vietnamese has tanky elephant / Imperial Skirmisher / Rattan Archer, Ethiopians has OP Engines, Britons is too good in early game) I don’t think they also need this upgrade.

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Nonsense,third upgrade fits perfectly to a mamluke civi.

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Time for a mamluke upgrade that can change back the camels to the horse


And use a bow and not throw swords.

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Houfnice already a broken unit in game for these days, that is why pros often use bohemians in closed maps and upgrade their bombard cannons but bombard upgrade does not change game mechanics but ica will be like giving some civs mangudai or camel archer, can produce from archery range.

That why I said this.

I think ICA and Mangudai can be like the relationship between Winged Hussar and Magyar Huszar which excel in different aspect. This is not a good analogy since the current state of Magyar Huszar is not too good

Okay. I just learned a new AOE term today.

Scimitar to be more precise.

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The problem I find is HCA already worth it and is not a cheap upgrade.
Paladin and Champion upgrades worth because Chavalier and THS are cheap upgrades.
How much this ICA upgrade should cost, follwing the Paladin, Champion or Imp Camel logic?
And what would give us to worth that huge cost for a unit that already needs so many techs to be full upgraded?

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Don’t know about the Imp Cav Archer

But “Siege Scorpion” would be a nice unique upgrade for a new civ


well, i dont think hca is a good unit. 900 food and 500 gold for +1 attack +10 hp and +1 melee armor but hcs has 46 frame delay while ca has 35.

IMO frame delay isn’t as important in imp, where the HCA is the backbone of the army (with hussars in front), whereas in castle age mobility and hit+run is more needed.

HCA is a great unit, although you can argue the upgrade is a little pricey.

Also, frame delay doesn’t tell the whole story - IIRC HCA has more frames than CA, so it doesn’t actually take longer to respond to an attack command.