Importing old TD scenarios from AOE2 (with download links)

Hi all,

I’d love to get some of the older classic TD scenarios over to DE because sadly most are missing and new players have no idea what they are missing.

But I’ve hit a wall and am time-poor so I don’t know if I will get back to this.

I tried one of my favorites - TDI Trees v7. I couldn’t publish it (kept getting a “x” next to name) but I could play it. Unfortunately it was buggy. The game was designed to be 7v1 AI and the AI is meant to spawn trees down the ice path after 10 minutes. The 7 players need to defend with towers. Sounds weird but it was addictive fun, everyone who played it back in the day came back for more.

For anyone who wants to try this or any other scenario, I have uploaded the lot (from AOE2 Conquerors) on my cloud:

If you get stuck, I found this thread very helpful (although I failed at the final leg, still couldn’t publish):

Specifically Mazilion’s last post (5th from the bottom)

Good luck and have fun all. If anyone remembers TDI-Trees, let me know! It’s beyond my ability to make it work in DE unfortunately. The answer is in the triggers I believe but who knows.