Improved Tech Tree UI Mod by RichardNixon216

I noticed a mistake for the Tatars, they do get camels.
I tried contacting the author directly but couldn’t find a way. Hope he reads this


Hey, a friend let me know about this post. I’ll fix this. :slight_smile: It might be a few days until the new version gets updated - I’m not actually sure how the mod system works with updates either (I assume it’s automatic but maybe you’ll have to resubscribe).

Thanks for letting me know!


Yesterday, while playing the Tatars, I had the tech tree UI of the Britons, as you can see below:

I like the look of this UI mod otherwise :wink:

In my case I was seing the actual tree of the Tatars, with Steepe Lancers and Keshik. Browsing the files I saw that the camel icon was mising from the tatar file.

When you go into options midgame, the UI resets to Britons. Unfortunately there’s nothing that can be done until the devs fix it.


@TriRem thank you for the explanation


As TriRem said, this happens when you go the options menu during a game. Not sure why, but it can’t be helped.

Also, as a side note, thanks for posting a screenshot - this is actually the first time I’ve seen the mod menu version of this mod working in-game, so it’s nice to have confirmation that it does work! I was worried only the manual installation version was working.


That is wacky. Is the reset to do with the fact that Britons were first alphabetically in the original release of the game?

I just had to use the built-in mod manager inside the game main menu :wink:
I also have grid and small trees mods and they work well together.

Hello, RichardNixon216.
Thanks for the new version of the mod, it downloaded automatically.
If I may be a little nitpicky, I noticed that the player name covers the first civ bonus. If you could lower the text a little, that’d be great.
Alternatively, if anyone know a way to remove tha player name from the HUD, that would also work.

Hi, How to use? not appear in my game! Tks!