In case no one has said it recently

SWEDEN IS OP, please for the love of God nerf this flippin civ.


I haven’t really seen Sweden in ages


Sweden, Japan, USA and Dutch are top civs atm.

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Its not.

It loses very convincingly to Skirm Goon Composition


SVEA lifeguard still a badly designed OP card


Sweden is not OP. They get the worst musketeer out European civs in the game, except maybe Russian musketeers

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Thats funny i cant say when the last time was that i saw a swedish musketeer. Ive never seen anyone use one.

I will say im constantly amazed how i can gun down swede vils like mad and almost triple their population but still get outresourced on a regular basis.


lol. Swedish caros are by far the best musketeer in the game (Lategame/ After svea lifeguard).


Caroleans are intentionally designed to be good at everything.
They have higher melee attack, longer range, ranged resistance and a special ability, and cost no more than regular musketeers. They are only “bad” in the very early game without the cards.
See how much janissaries paid for their uniqueness (higher hp and higher melee damage): higher cost, less ranged damage, less multiplier against cavalry. Even the very hated ashigaru has higher cost.

Devs just please make no more hybrid units in the regular roster. A musketeer with speed boosting and high melee damage is already unique enough.


The Caroleans are good indeed but they aren’t as easy to mass as they used to be, since the torp boom was nerfed.

In age 2 Sweden has the worst musks, in age 3 the musks are like the usa musks but with a ranged multiplyer, coroleans get wrecked by British and even French musks in age 2, and Sweden is typically forced to stay age 2 for a long time, meaning it’s easy to hit age 3 before them what civ do you play? I could probably tell you the best way to counter Sweden

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The fact they destroy cav and have high speed is what makes them OP AF.

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Then don’t make cav… all you need to counter Sweden is skirm culv musk or skirm culv goon if you rather want that, coroleans don’t do extra damage to ranged cav so it’s a viable composition against Sweden

I play british often and dont see my musketeers destroying the caros especially with the leather cannon sitting with them… I think your pretty much making that up.

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If your the British your age 2 carded musketeers are slightly better than coroleans, plus corolean have the same cost but are more gold intensive, gold is gathered slower than food so in practice brit musks are cheaper slightly aswell

You cant play cards to upgrade while at the same time have enough resources to build them in any meaningful amount in age 2. At least not enough to counter caro leather cannon spam. Your winging it.

I don’t think your understanding my point, coroleans need a card in age 2 aswell so it ends slightly favorable for brit, no where near the OPness that you guys are talking about Sweden being

So what is the better unit? An unupgraded musket or caro? I think i can guess the answer especially since you are on the clock to stiffle the swede economy before he can outresource you in age 3 w 10 vils

Better unit no upgrades not factoring cost is corolean by a slight margine, better unit upgraded is brit musk both equal numbers and in cost, also the argument that brit needs to send one more card is a bit dumb because Sweden needs to send one more card for economic too

Brit manor cards typically sent Virginia company, 700 wood, 600 wood

Sweden torp cards sent blueberries, ironworks, 700 wood, 600 wood, to in practice the card argument equals out because while brit needs to send one more unit upgrade card, Sweden needs to send one more economic card