In-game chat error once a player has left : C01T18R03X-01436861740058

Once a player has left a game, then I cannot send any message in the chat box, I got a message error with the following code : C01T18R03X-0143686174005.

And I suspect that these are unexpected leavings, like game crash. Because it always happens in the middle of a game.

I think it is related to a closed (but unsolved) topic : Error sending message in chat

By the way, the chat box is still laggy, while the problem has been reported few months ago… (Messaging interface is too laggy in multiplayer!)

i believe i get this same error, quite often. i wish i could just disable the chat, since it rarely works as intended.

Thank you for reporting @FairestDawn5263. The error code is very much appreciated. I’ll get this over to the proper team for investigation.