In-game Chat's Doorbell Sound - Don't like

I really dislike the new doorbell sound that occurs every time you chat with someone. I never had a problem whatsoever with the old AoE2(2013 and before) sound for chats; may we have it back? Or something a lot less intrusive sounding?

For me, the new sound is too high-pitched and long. It isn’t tight or concise at all; it doesn’t get out of the way fast enough. It tries to auditorily upstage the game, as well as taunts, by getting in the way. Generally speaking, it just brings too much attention to itself when it should be a subtle, quick, low-pitched nudge to let you know a chat appeared.

I would not enjoy someone ringing my home’s doorbell non-stop for an hour; and, similarly, surprisingly, it turns out I don’t enjoy it in a video game either :wink:

Note: Please know that doorbells, door-knocks, nails on chalkboard, knife squeaking on plate, dog barks, babies crying, parrots squawking, and other recognizable and, to some, bothersome sounds should not be used either :smiley:

UPDATE: Also, when we customize the audio taunts with ones of our choosing, the doorbell tones get in the way of those… they are distracting and take away from the fun of using taunts.


Now that I’ve played the game a number of months, I can still definitively say I still totally dislike like the doorbell sound that plays with every chat message and taunt.

Not only is it annoying to hear every time, and annoying it is part of the lag involved every time you send a chat or taunt, but it also totally interferes with other melodic sounds that play, like taunts 40 and 41. Why do we need to hear a doorbell sound before every taunt, let along every message?

The chat messaging system is a bit annoying to use because of the doorbell rings and its laggy sluggishness; even when not signed into Xbox getting the oppressive chat filtration.

Until devs fix this, which I hope they do… is anyone aware of mods that gives a better sound, or the classic AoE2 sound?

Devs could even provide a few options for us to choose from (classic AoE2, new doorbell (for those who for whatever reason want it), completely off, and a few others… hopefully not including nails on chalkboard.)

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Probably moddable already? Thus you can change it already to something else, isnt it?

Hopefully, but mods aren’t always permanent. In-game, dev-made options or corrections are always better, preferable, and safer. (You ever read the disclaimer when downloading mods?)

Plus, with the new sound design in DE, you need to be a borderline Audio Engineer to mod (change/edit) sounds, with all the hoops that you need to go through now