In-game Event Log Not Appearing

Hi there,

Having a bit of an issue with the in-game “event log”. When a unit is created. a building is finished, or a tech is finished researching, white text appears that says “Militia Created”, as shown in the picture below:


For some reason, the text has stopped appearing for me, and I’m not sure why. I have pored over every single setting in the game, in every tab and dropdown box. I have verified file integrity, uninstalled and reinstalled several times, and I have reset all my settings to default. Nothing.

I have deleted my AdditionalOptions.aop files, reset every hotkey file I had, ran the Scenario Editor with the toggle Advanced Buttons running, I turned my Extended Tooltips on and off, mashed F1 a billion times, etc.

This has quickly become my white whale. I can’t even touch the game until this gets fixed. Any help or advice anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated at this time.

Maybe this helps

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I appreciate the link. Sadly, I followed every troubleshooting procedure I could find in there and the problem has yet to be fixed.

desperation bump; I’m in dire straits here

Well, as the post I had made shows, theres really no other solution except deleting the AdditionalOptions.aop files to reset settings. Are you sure you deleted your additionaloptions.aop files from both the c/users/username/games/aoe2de/… and from steam/userdata/… while having the game running?

Your help is appreciated.

I followed these instructions to no avail. Deleted with game open and still I can’t see it.