In-Game Freezes for up to 5 minutes at a time!

Game Version:

Playing June 5, 2024, steam windows 11 version
In-game name Poppingoff

Issue: Every since the May 16 2024 hotfix performance patch, I’ve had in-game freezing issues

I’ve recorded many examples of the freezing and compiled them into a video showcasing 8 of the examples

The youtube video showing the freezing can be found here:

The videos don’t show the freeze length, but its noticeable when the freeze starts, then pay attention to the surrounding birds/fish to notice the game catch up in speed. Also can notice with the clock timer at the top

Ive tested this map 1000’s of times. This freezing error didn’t happen until after the May 16th update

At first, I thought the issue only pertained to ships, but it seems it can happen at any time, with any units, at any time of the game.

The map in the video is a custom scenario with triggers, but no triggers are happening at all of these different times with any sort of comparison, so it must be an outside factor

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The team is aware of this issue, thanks for the report.


I was hoping the 6-6-24 patch would have fixed this issue, but I experienced yet again another freeze in my last multiplayer match today 6-9-24

The 6-6-24 patch notes:
Stability and Performance

  • Fixed an issue that could result in freezes or crashes during gameplay.

Today’s ~1-minute long freeze which resulted in one player dying:

I tried to pause the game as soon as the freeze starting, hoping the game would pause when the freeze started, but the pause only comes after the freeze lag has ended, and the game caught up to live time.

I hope this issue gets fixed soon

Are you experiencing this issue often after the latest patch or is it happening in a specific map?

It doesnt seem as often as it was prior to the 6-6-24 patch, but still did happen once on 6-9-24

Also a pop up error crash occurred yesterday, which hasn’t happened until after the 6-6-24 patch ever

What error message did you receive when there was the crash?

It was the generic aoe 2 crash report error pop up box asking to describe what happened when the crash occured