In hypothetical playoff showcase for AOE4 (1v1/ 2v2 / BO3s), who would you like to see?

POLL: In hypothetical playoff showcase for AOE4 (1v1/ 2v2 / BO3s), who would you like?
  • The Viper
  • Hera
  • Daut
  • Mr Yo
  • Lierrey
  • MbL
  • T90
  • Mitoe
  • Kaiserklein
  • Haitch
  • Soldier
  • H20
  • Aizamk
  • Aussie Drongo
  • Chim Se Di Nang
  • BiBi
  • Hồng Anh

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I would like to see this guy play AoE 4, he is currently a pro AoE 1 player😄


I missed AOE1 members since I do not play/watch anymore, but I was happy to learn that the community is alive. Looks like mostly in Vietnam.

I included AOE1 options but looks like it reset your choices, sorry!

Yeah, mostly from North Vietnam and China. He is already in our Facebook group for AoE4, that mean he has certain degree of interest. It will be great if he can hook up our people on AoE 4.

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Personally I’d love 1v1 matches between AoE2 pros and SC2 pros! :slight_smile:

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Where do you find aoe1 pro games? I tried looking on youtube and twitch but couldnt find anything. I’m curious to see what it’s like.

why is an insider only poll?

No particular reason, looked like the most relevant in the dropdown.
Will have to this keep in mind when looking at results though

They mostly stream on Facebook as it’s the most popular and convenion social network in my country

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Who are all these people? I assume this is AoE2 players assuming AoE2 players are best at AoE4. So far, that has not been true.


AoE4 gameplay has nothing to do with AoE2. I dont expect aoe2 pro to be better than other rts players

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I think it’s just they are more familiar with aoe 2 pros?

Tbf the only aoe 3 guy I know is aussie drongo.


Yeah Soldier and Mitoe are AoE3 too I think.

What about GUA ? ( GiveUAnxiety )


I’d like to see a tournament or series of matches with pros from aoe2, aoe3, and Starcraft 2, maybe Warcraft 3.

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There are 6 AOE2 pros,1 streamer, 4 AOE3 pros, and 1 streamer, and the rest are AOE 1 pros.

H20 was virtually unbeatable in AOE3 back in the day, and Aizamk was an exciting non-meta AOE3 player that could go toe to toe with the top 4. Soldier and Mitoe have been around a while. I reverted back to AOE2 a few years ago and have not been following the other scenes as much.

Not assuming AOE2 players will be better, just trying to reflect that the existing community and AOE2 pro scene is larger. No offense intended, although a healthy franchise rivalry would also be fun haha

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Imagine Grubby vs Moon playing on Arabia


may be but they most competitive cause raise of competitions.
Sc2 - also have insane selections, but aoe2 player are more familiar with franchise. (at least with mechanic of 4 resources etc. )
Aoe3? - dont believe that are if good shape ( aoe2/sc2 have fulltime players at least).

but still shall select some players from several games to create hype.