In team games player should not be forced to random civ

Currently the random button is super annoying. When 5 out of 8 players, or 4 out of 6 players want random civ, everyone random civ. The 2 or 3 players who don’t want to random are also forced to random. That leads to some frustration games for those 2 or 3 players.

Also random cov on team game can be really unbalanced. Like we get briton pocket and goth flank…opponent is ethiopian flank and frank pocket. Sometimes we get huns or cumans on team island, where I picked Portuguese but some annoying teammate forced me to random.

My suggestion: random civ only for those who selected random. For example 5 out of 8 players choose random, the 5 players random but remaining 3 still can pick. Or just remove random button for team game. Getting the wrong civ is just starting the game with major disadvantage while we did nothing wrong.

It is just better to random in 1v1. In team games some civs are designed for flank some are for pocket, random is not a good option to begin with.


If 5 of 8 or 4 of 6 players want to play random then that’s the majority who wants to play random. It could be as frustrating for them to be forced to pick a civ as it is for you to not pick a civ.

It would be even more unbalanced if one team has picked civs and the other team has random civs.

I also disagree with your statement that random civs is fairer in 1v1s. Just the other day I had a Poles vs Tatars game on Arena. Do you think that’s fun for the Tatars player? 11

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It would be fair if those who prefer random do random and thise who don’t pick civs. Why do the 3 players have to follow the 5 player? That’s not fair either.

Yeah that’s what im saying. Remove the random button, or let the button only apply to whoever enable it. So whoever prefer random can go random.

So just pick random or full random. Simple.

Firstly, at least one player from each has to pick random for the civs to be randomized. So, what you have described is literally impossible.

But also, if you go random, that’s your choice. You accept the risks that come with that. If you force me to play random for your entertainment, that’s totally different.

I usually insta resign if the civs are forced to be random. Lose elo, get banned, whatever. I didn’t sign up for full random, and I am not playing what I didn’t sign up for.

Which is why we need modified random button.

E.g. Random civ (excluding certain civs) or Random Cavalry Civ, Random Archer civ etc.

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You are forced to play random because at least one of your teammates selected random button. You should talk to them first, and most of them will unselect the force random option in my experience.
In the worst case, you can still play on your own in the way that can get you some fun.

the civs are not designed for flank/pocket. they are designed with different strengths/weaknesses to focus on different parts of the map

the whole game was designed without any ability to control where you spawn. that disaster setting was only added by some awful DE patch

until the map pool actually has balanced maps that aren’t just about spamming 1 unit for the whole game and the setting to force where you spawn is removed from ladder, random civ is the only way to play a real game and not just cheese strats

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I think everyone always has to play with random civs. Picking your civ is the most boring thing could ever happen.
Anyone who disagrees is wrong :smiley:

I think that everyone should be forced to pick civs. If you want to play random, you can always use a random civ picker outside the game and select the random civ you get.

Anyone who disagrees is wrong :expressionless:

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Ban Arabia and you’ll be fine. Other maps don’t force a knight-crossbow play. Nomad, Arena and a bunch of other maps are fine when all players are random. One team getting all the meta civs for those maps is very less likely to happen.

Anyone who picks and ban maps is wrong also

Bc if 5 out of 8 wants to play random which in a 4v4 would include on of your team that wants to play random then it would be a fair vote bc 5 out 8 is a majority and if the majority wants it then i dont seem why it wouldt be fair


It is usually the random teammate, we cannot persuade them. If it is premade team then of course we can talk. I don’t have friends to play aoe together so i always solo team.

But its still the majority would be the same if your 4 premade and one of the enemys would choose random i think thats something you need to get along with

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This would all be solved if they simply gave you the option to make civ pools. So all the civs you like to play in flank position (f.e. civs that go Archers often) will be in the pool for you, and the game will select a random civ out of the pool.

It already exists functionally with random map pools when you create a lobby. :confused:

Just remove civilization pick in that case or don’t start until minimum number of civ picks are picked by players. :slight_smile:

Random should be the default one,only pick if majority wants pick.

Pick games are much less fun to me then random civ games.


I always give a heads up before the game starts. It doesn’t work sometimes because I play with randoms and many of them don’t even understand english.

Okay, so you can set your civ to random. If others don’t want to play according to your style, they shouldn’t have to.

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I like all random games. Not just me. All these archers flank, cav pockets Arabia games become ptetty boring. It is a stale meta. Random civ for everyone breaks this meta and result in more different strategies.

So why should i play conform the style of others, but am i not allowed to force my style to others?