In team games player should not be forced to random civ

It’s more specific than that. If you want to pick random civ, that’s your choice. If I want to pick a civ and you force me to go random, you are depriving me of my choice.

I agree that meta is getting stale. I hate the knight-crossbow meta in team games, especially open maps. But random civ does not solve that issue. You still HAVE to go knights-crossbow, at least in castle age. By imperial age, I like to go camels over knights, if possible.

Knights crossbow meta exists because that combination beats everything else. What other unit combination counters a knight-crossbow combo? There is none. Well, there is one, which are elephants (battle eles and ele archers). But those are expensive to get going, especially in early castle age.

But, coming back to the main point, that does not mean you have a right to ignore my choices. If you do, I refuse to play. Simple as that


It became boring because of it’s effectiveness , people use it too much. Whenever there is a best strategy and it will be boring sooner or later.
Do we have an alternative ? I don’t think so, pocket need fast units in order to reach battlefield in time due to the distance. Flanks usually need ranged units ( tower ) to do damage or they can be stopped by walls easily. As a result, the Flanks can only be archer or tower civs and the pocket need to be the civs with fast units.

it will break meta, but it will cause many more RNG and civ wins.


funny that’s the “random civ” believe from twitch toxicly affecting the normal players now.

now the premade team tend to use the random civ option because it beats solo team even easier plus they can have more fun : )
even a 8 solo players pool, forcing people to do the random civ is disgusting, talking about there are 50 civs?
and at my level around solo elo 1600 I really found that it’s frustrated to use the civs you are not good at.
I have never seen a game forcing people doing random.

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Just saying that when there is a majority its fair is wrong.
It would be like voting to steal money from certain groups in society, sure there would be majorities but it is certainly not fair. If 3 wolves and 1 sheep vote whether to eat the sheep its not fair. Thats why there is no pure democracy on the world, there is always a rule of law.

Means: Dont force people to play civs they did not pick or like, especially when there are exclusive dlc civs you pay money for…
As soon as I realize I was forced in to random I wait 1 or 2 mins to get no penalty and resign.
I want to execute certain strats want to use certain bonuses want to create certain UU etc I wont spend time with this game when I cant choose how to spend it, period.
And the other thing is… This does not affect anybody else except me so yeah random all is always an insta resign for me


I hope we cannot get wild life and domestic life both at a time to vote and more over if sheep is lost into wild it dies :frowning:

And until now Democracy is still for only human beings, and when it is a war between wild animals and human beings there is still no democratic law ( as we know a scenario of rise of apes). Although its not pure democracy we are privileged with, our democratic countries still keep the balance by god’s grace.

It is all fair until you are in war. And in the case of wolves and sheep you are safe until you live a wild life as in ancient days( domestic life is never safe).

Ok but there is no need to be a karen here because the democracy lays in a mayority vote and yes you are still allowed to dislike the result but the majority is for it so thats how it goes

Your intention says to disagree with random civ with this statement

Here it says that you want the random civ option too.

I am not getting your point. What are you into really? You have got two contradictory statements in your own post.

What i ment with the first statement is that you still can hate it for "you"rself but it wont change a thing

And yes i actually enjoy random and when people in the majority wanna play random then its Totally cool

Like i said the democracy is that the majority is for it

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That is what I said too

So you would agree if 80% of the participants are for this options then its fair and democratic?

Bc if you start with situation that have nothing to do with this or are unlikely or out of the pocket then that would just invalid your argument more as you should keep in the here and now

What was my argument that you are discussing about, could you please quote it in your post?

And why are you still in doubt? Its 100% fair and democratic when 80% of the participants choose random then it should be random.

Ok we might talked around eatchother i agree just like you that if 80% chose this option then it should be random

Was just confused why you think i would still doubt it

I mean op seemed to bring in wierd and contradicting argumentpoints that doesnt even fit to the current situation

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OP usage in arguments brings conflict to original post and over powered few times :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: . Sorry for being off topic.

AOE2 isn’t a democratic game at all.
What if the guy who was forced to random decided to resign ? Can democracy stop him from doing so when everybody else refused to resign ? This is also democracy though, but nobody can warp the mess that was cause by force random. IMO, force random got a greater chance to ruin games instead of providing more fun.

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@FreeWinPlz1739 not sure if you understand the system of a democratic voting as in 80% in mayority is fair

@ Atafas It is not fair unless there is a way to stop the guy from quitting

Well you think its unfair but srsly its a fair casted vote and everyone who leaves is just salty in accepting it

When we are talking about democracy, we need to consider the consequence as well. For example, the democracy won’t make any sense in the game if there is a great chance to make somebody resign. Here is the question, why do we need democracy when the game is ruined ?
IMO, democracy can only take place when order and rules can be maintained. Thus, we also need a vote system for GG/ resign , otherwise we don’t need an incompetent democracy.

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Agree. Random civilization should be a checkbox. We are free to check it or not

Then would you say AOE2 has nothing to do with any people’s opinion on how they would want to play? That means all the posts and forums asking the upgrades, modding and civilization effects is just a waste? I meant its not a pure democratic or law abiding democratic game but we can make it a 100% democratic game by god’s grace. :slight_smile: