Inca is in a terrible spot now for Treaty! Please make changes ASAP devs, video included

I streamed Inca gameplay today and want to show you how Inca is played out at the higher levels of treaty and how unplayble it is. For reference, Dutch is bottom of the barrel in terms of civ strength, old Inca would have rolled them, but they simply cannot push anymore and my wrists physically hurt from the amount of work I had to do. Eventually I just had to quit because the civ cannot push with a 22 range anti artillery unit in combination with 8 population mortars.

The 8 pop mortars are ok, but the hurracas need more range, its almost impossible to reach artillery and they get obliterated by horse artillery. And why exactly does the unit need to do bonuses vs infantry? Its an anti artillery/seige unit no? Youll see very early into the fight what the problems are.

Here is a good example is how hurracas are overnerfed as an anti art unit and how inca cannot function as a civ in treaty.

EDIT: Here are some thoughts from high skill players about Inca at the end of the game (sorry for my language!)

Full stream of Inca:


You know, every treaty balance post on here always brings in some kind of backlash from supremacy players lol. But I think it’s great that you actually posted a video though and a timeslot demonstrating why.

I hope this gets noticed.


Just wished they would open up more about changes, im sure theres a middle ground to balance supremacy and treaty, but that wont happen unless you talk to experienced players, not just talking about myself but there are plenty others and would immediately see the problems on paper without even needing to test in game.


DEVs should add trainable light cannon for Inca.


There is a “big Button” upgrade that gives a paltry 4 for Inca, It should be buffed to also allow the training of light Cannons at said building.


If this was the solution, they will need to nerf the civ in other aspects. But I like the idea.

I think the card that makes infinite native shipments arrive faster and cheaper would need to be nerfed for that to happen, because if they just straight up gave Inca light canons without any other changes, it might even be stronger than before the last patch. There wouldnt really be a point in playing Haudenosaunee also because Inca would just be better, especially as Hau is micro instensive from both a military and managing eco (cowing) perspective.

Totally disagree, natives need number superiority, with 8pop mortars thats impossible

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For Aztec, yes absolutely the wrong move. Lakota now have cards to make them cheaper so its no big deal for them even though the civ is currently unplayable in treaty…save that one for another day. It is a head scratcher as to why 8 pop mortars are now a thing for Inca though, there are much better ways to nerf the pushing power of the civ, but it also isnt the worst. Incas still has a huge mass if you are using the correct deck and microing properly. Also investing in culverins for the other side is a tough pill to swallow as their only use is to kill mortars, which is actually quite difficult to do when against Incas huge army.

Inca should be ok with 8 pop mortars if huracas had better range. It was way too strong before, its pushing needed some sort of nerf, but a double nerf is too much i.e hitting both the sieging and anti artillery capabilities is a huge oversight by the devs for treaty as all that people need to do now is sit behind walls/towers with artillery as shown by the footage in the videos linked.

For reference, mortars for Inca were banned entirely in the last big treaty tournement before the patch.

At this point I don’t even use Kallanka units anymore because all three of them suck compared to the war hut units. You want a skirmisher well the war hut has a better one, you need anti cav that can take a hit? The plumed spearman’s the unit for you. You want anti artillery / raiding the chimu does it better (until theres a wall……) Like when is the last time you’ve seen a Maceman used for anything serious, you cant even meme on people with them, they’re that pathetic.

Inca really need a Kallanka unit rework and then give us the advanced mortars card so we can use mortars late game again and not spend 40 pop on 5 mortars to break through the layers and layers of walls people throw up.

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The devs can never seem to find the right balance with the Inca. Their rework seems to have been more or less undone with them constantly hitting them with the nerf bat at every opportunity.

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Dev doesn’t seem to care much about treaty balance in general , until 1v1 hyped and small matches are fine.


I dont know, I play mostly teamgames on treaty and I just had struggle vs inca one time (as aztec) cause they get natives. People tend to see them stronger than aztec for their better economy but I feel that their units are too weak, coyotes and JPK can counter every inca army.

I dont understand why people do this. Always doing the same composition vs every civ ingame. I mean, why I would train a unit to just counter a single unit of the enemy while any canon can do the job.
The enemy should focus on killing infantry, and then mortars. Any canon protected by some HI can kill them.

Devs shouldnt give the card to reduce pop cost of mortars to aztec as there isnt slots available on deck, they literally cant have every unit shipment that work as arsenal boosts. Same for lakota, too much cards after the rework.

8 pop mortars are not near OK! 8 pop for a unit that is more expensive and weaker than a typical mortar. But yes Huaraca are awful.

This isn’t even a treaty specific issue, I said before if they nerf the stronghold garrisoning then they need a buff in return for 1v1, not only did they nerf the stronghold but also halved huaraca damage vs cavalry(understandable) and artillery. It’s the only cost effective anti-artillery unit but it gets countered by and out ranged by the very units it should beat. Inca is now the worst civ in the game as a result of this, absolutely no need to halve huaraca damage vs artillery what they should have done is halved it vs infantry and cavalry and given it more range to just counter artillery and buildings as it was designed to do.


the Incas definitely need the light cannon that is enabled in old age

Just came back to the game after not playing for a while. Rip Inca, mass cannons were already an issue before the nerf but now the Civ is unplayable.

Maybe change the Chachapoya Support (IV) card to additional revert the Hauraca back the way it was to help the late game against cannons.

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Yeah they’ve halved the damage vs infantry and cavalry, previous patch they actually halved it vs artillery then reverted that change and gave them the new target lock feature. It’s not enough though, the unit is the only cost effective anti-artillery they have because it’s not viable to just suicide chimu, currently the huaraca gets countered and out ranged by falconets etc all they need to do is give it either 30% siege resist or make it have 2 more range than a falc and the issues are largely solved I don’t understand the reason why they don’t. They barely tickle infantry and cavalry now, they could even make them do less damage vs them if they increased the range. I just want an anti-artillery unit that can do it’s job like the arrow knight can for example.

Yeah, and the new medicine wheel doesnt help, as they have the worst plaza.

I didnt talk about them in the post, but discussion is welcome
Fixing Unfair balance of Native American Civs

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Yeah it’s just unfair to inca now having the only healers for the plaza that occupy population space. The conversion thing isn’t good enough to warrant that as they’ll almost always just be dancing on the plaza.

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