Inca kallanka is in a bad spot

It is well known inca doesn’t do well vs cannons, because huaracas is trash. However in team game inca is viable when teammate make cannons and anti-cannons. So this post is talking about team game.

However kallanka units are very underwhelming compared to warhut units. Bolas after the nerf, especially 0.5x vs infantry, are pretty useless in the battle. Compared to plumed spearman they have less hp, more expensive, dps is way lower, half the siege damage, moves significantly slower. All these just for their gimmick ranged snare, not worth it.

Huaraca is useless in team game. Teammate can make culverins, for sieging captured mortar does a way better job.

Maceman after rework is a decent unit, comparable to 2 plumed spearman, also double the cost. But they moves again significantly slower than spearman which is the most important thing for melee infantry. No reason to use them over spearman.

So all 3 units are u####### And warhut is necessary anyway because chimu is the only cav, you have to use it. Bowman is the only anti infantry unit, no replacement, huaraca doesn’t do nearly as well. I don’t have any reason to make kallanka as Inca.

Also Kallanka as a building is pretty trash. They can’t attack, unlike aztec nobles hut. They have a build limit of 4, not really enough for late game in team. Again warhut and aztec nobles hut has higher build limit and can be increased to 14 with card. Kallanka has an age 4 card that increases build limit from 4 to 5…such a joke. The hiding population thing is also a gimmick you have to constantly manually micro to actually use that feature.

Compared to aztecs who uses both war hut and nobles hut units as their backbone army, inca mostly play purely war hut, kallanka is completely useless. Need some redesign. Inca basically just uses 3 units. They have the most limited unit roster in the game (that are actually usable).


Speaking only on Bola warriors, In my experience I never use Bolas anymore they have such a niche roll that they’re not worth the resources.

In my opinion Inca has enough good anti-cav via Plummed spears, Macemen, hell even the Chimu Runner can deal reasonably well with cav.

I would love to see the Bola warrior become more of an area of effect Musketeer like the Akan Ankobia, the Soldado, or even the giant gren,

its already pretty close stat wise to a normal musketeer all you would really need to do is change its range resist to Melee and remove the .5 vs inf . I feel like the range resist coupled with the instant garrisoning was the main problem with this unit and the reason it was so harshly nerfed, and now that one of those features have been removed I would love if the devs would take a second look at this unit.

Just having a Musketeer type unit would help fill the gaps in the Incan roster.


They were basically that for like a week after the first rework and it had to be nerfed to hell cause it ended up with inca having an unkillable FF deathball and that was with a x0.67 multi. This was even before the garrison shenanigans and iirc the garrison shenanigans became the norm after all the other nerfs

You maybe able to remove the negative multi if you remove the snare and reduce the aoe effect to 1 cause otherswise inca will have the ability to trap any musket civs since the bolas outranges other muskets and can snare from range

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What civ is # #### musket civ? Even the British have solid a skirmisher now.

Most of the issue pre-nerf lay with it basically being a musketeer but with range resistance, back then you could get it up to 30% but having it flipped to Melee, along with that fact that at max it can go up to 25% now would address that issue

Regarding your comment on range these units both have the same exact range of 12 and it cannot be changed via cards

Its already tagged as a heavy inf so it is already countered and out ranged by cannons and skirms really the RR is the final issue

bolas cost 75 food 45 coin compared to a musketeers 75 25, deal less damage and have less hp, the one thing that makes up for this discrepancy is that area of effect.


Yeah bolas has a base attack of a skirmisher. So why do they still need half damage vs infantry. Idk.

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you do know they get +1 range from the auto vet upgrade and 2 from the guard upgrade right

that wasnt the issue, the issue was that once you get a mass of them, they killed basically masses of infantry instantly due to the splash damage

splash basically gives them x2 vs everything so it cancels out, before once you get a mass of them then insta killed groups of infantry and also slowed the enemy due to snare so you can do hit and run

My bad, haven’t used the unit in so long I forgot they got the extra range on age up.

Splash damage doesn’t seem to be a concern the devs at the moment with this behemoth running around


thats a merc though and have completely different design constraints

-its either random unless you are swedes, in which case you can only train them from the barracks after sending a card

even for the akan musket for hausa, you still need to send a card costing influence in order to start to train them.

The bolas will be a unit that is available by default, in a defensive civ that likes to turtle with the strongest fort in the game and also snares at range, so if you are figthing them you are not running away. The other splash muskets atleast have to chase you to kill you so you have a chance to kite them. The bolas will be faster then you by default cause they snare you so they can catchup to you can continue snaring you while other incan units pound on you

It would be like if you have the akan musket and the griot all in one unit.

thats why im saying if you want the multipliers removed its going to have to either lose the range snare and/or 1 aoe so that its more like the akan musket

Inca and pretty much the worst civilization of Age of Empires 3, the only unit worth using and the Chimu Runner the rest of the units seem to be worsened Aztec units


Jungle bows are good. The pikes are really good. Chimus are also good. But all kallanka units are really really bad


I even think the pikes are even decent but the archers are terrible

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the archers has the same base as skirms and always deals extra damage and is faster.

they are however uber fragile and kinda costly, maybe just need a cost adjustment

Inca archer is really good tho. Very high attack, but very low hp, so u need pikes as meat shield. You always want ranged units to do more dmg behind instead of having more tankiness. They beat skirms and max out at 5.18 speed which is crazy. In imp they have 190+ hp which is pretty bad but they get 50+ attack (including poison). With dance they get 60 attack. The poison also bypass all armour and negative multiplier.

I saw a streamer who was able to use huraca successfully. It takes strategy and micro and plenty of anti cav. They are super good at taking down buildings super fast when you have a scary mass, and sort of work against musks, although I doubt they are cost effective versus them. Probably a mass of muskets (which is oh so popular) would beat any and all combinations of kalanka units cost effectively. The only answer to musket mass appears to be Jungle bowmen. Even if you ally with Zapotec, you max out at like 16, sending merc cards anti- infantry cards also has a limit. Personally I don’t want to make Jungle bowmen because the unit looks ugly to me, and they shoot green fireworks which look really silly to me also. Just an irrational personal preference :). So when I play Inca and require anti-heavy infantry I go zapotec then tupi merc cards, then if he keeps spamming musks I try to break even with spearmen but probably don’t and then I just lose.

Yeah vs musk mass, you have to make bowman that’s the only thing that counters it…it you really don’t like that you go pikes, send in the card that increases ROF, they trade ok vs musk but doesn’t counter musk. Bowman is the only counter

eles tem alcance reduzido e pouca vida e precisam de cartas e muito investimento para compensar diferente do escaramuças que de pouco pra fazer muito com eles

But I would say kallanka units are overnerfed. I never questioned the strength of inca war hut units they are really good. But huaraca bolas is not good anymore both units got hard nerfed

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sim sim eles realmente precisam de um buff principalmente os huracas dependem demais de micro e morrem facilmente para artilharia, o lançador de bolas deveriam funcionar como os aguia runner com mais velocidade e com menor dano em area

the mistake they made was making bolas anticav, and have spent 3 years trying to balance around this mistake

Bolas Warriors being anti-cav is the least of the errors of the Inca design. Considering their historical use, it would be ridiculous to put them in any other role.

But they could have been done better. Personally I’d rather they have a light cavalry unit with a bolas instead of a musketeer. It would be so much easier to distinguish a mix of Bolas Riders and Huaracas than it is to tell apart the blob of various slingers they have now.