Inca team Bonus

I’ve read several posts so far that talk about the Inca Team Bonus, specifically how to change it or improve it. About 95% of the community agrees it is a terrible bonus. Can we have a pinned post for all related ideas to be centralized so the devs can see them?

I’ve compiled proposals from previous posts for modifications to the team bonus:

  • +2 LOS on stone gates / +1 LOS on stone walls
  • Team sheep visible on the map at the start of the game (like the Burmese team bonus)
  • Automatic 2 farm reseeds in queue upon building first mill
  • 80% /100% discount on Fortified Wall Tech
  • Reduction in UU tech research cost
  • 50% faster research mill upgrades
  • 66% faster construction of mills, lumber camps, mining camps
  • 33% faster working mills, lumber camps, mining camps
  • Trade units get +1 pierce armour, +1 melee armour, or more HP
  • Farmers regenerate HP while farming
  • Farms regenerate food when not in use
  • Houses built 50% faster
  • Houses +5 (like the slav bonus)
  • Villagers +1 LOS
  • Castles +20% hitpoints
  • Castles built 50% faster
  • Towers built 50% faster
  • Eagles +2 LOS (in contrast with Mongols bonus)
  • Eagles produced 50% faster
  • Eagles +2 attack vs buildings
  • Eagles +1 attack vs archers
  • Castles +1 LOS
  • Coinage available for free

I think I got all of the ones discussed in all the existing threads. Comment and propose others.


Something like “Military buildings build 50% faster” would be quite unique but this will take away the small eco bonus from building farms faster.

I would say it would be better if the current bonus was changed “Farms reseeded instantly.” kind of thing if we want to keep the small eco bonus and even improve it.




now that’s what I call a fun TB


this good or this useless?

Not sure why this is pinned…


The farmers regenerate health seems like a cool idea. In castle after you do what you need to start building a farm to generate health back and continue the vill push. Over all probability useless though. I would do the stone wall los or the eagle los.


He asked nicely. It seemed to have work well


Move 100% fast build farms to Sicilians bonus, add this as new Incas team bonus: Each newly built farm provides +50 food.

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Enough good imo. Not so good, bit total crap

Is it me or you want their TB to be the same as Chinese with just a 5 food difference?


Better than the current bonus 11
And I mean so you build a farm, +50 food to the stockpile instantly.

Ok wtf is this idea. 10 farms = 500 food that’s just dumb. And since it’s a TB you can multiply this by 4, it’s ridiculous.


Then what other could be, but useful lol?

Some kind of trade bonus ig, like +10 HP for carts or or a discount on caravan for the entire team.

Free caravan would actually be a cool team bonus


I’m not too sure about making caravan free, as it’s quite a huge boost. It might be too good, but it might be the right boost to make people consider Incas in TG.

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What about moving Andean sling (no skirmisher minimum range) to the team bonus and bring back couriers (+10% speed for eagles, kamayuks, and slingers) as the castle unique tech? Couriers could even be expanded to all military units.


If you don’t mind to have a unit with both the pierce armour of a huskarl and the speed of cav in your eco, or a huge phalanx that can munch pretty much any non siege, non TK/cataphract unit alive go at the speed of feudal age scouts, then yes ig?