Incas Extra Armor Tech

Myans get El Dorado. Aztecs get Garland Wars. Its only right…give Incas +4 armor upgrade available in imp.

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Bruh wtf why

They already have an tech that gives +1/+2 armor.


Sure. Give them machineguns as well


And have slinger and kamyuk


Incas new Treb UT:
Behold, the Power of the Sun!

Fair and Balanced!


@Bthomas4821 can you please explain why you would think it would be balanced for incas to get such a huge buff?

their unique armour already makes the eagle warrior have the same armour as the huskarl, while being faster than them… and their unique unit is almost able to fight every melee unit in the game… why would you wanna give em more armour? at the cost of what?


The idea is interesting, but I personally think that the Incas should have a bonus that helps them generate additional gold in the post-imperial age because all of their special units, especially their eagle warriors, cost gold. And unlike the Aztecs and Mayans, they do not have a civilization bonus that optimizes the collection of resources.

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Hehe, the Vikings who visited the Andes approve of that.

Ceramica prehispanica con barba

Why? That tech affects 3 units: Eagles, Slingers, Kamayuks. It’s already a perfect tech.

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Incas are already a very good civ. Any buff and they will be OP

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BlockquoteIncas are already a very good civ. Any buff and they will be OP


This is dishonest. Everyone knows Myans and Aztecs are head and shoulders better than Incas. Incas need something to put them on same level. And I am a Mayans player.

How about Incas get +200 gold in Feudal?

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First, one of the american civs is always going to be “worse” than the others. Which one it is really doesn’t matter as all three are very good. If you meant that Aztec and Mayan eagles are better than the Inca ones then it’s true, but then again, someone’s got to be behind. Anyway, the Inca tech tree is way more versatile and their tower rush is one of the best rushes in the game, they really don’t need buffs.

Oh yeah, give them free fletching for the towers while you’re at it.


How about just adding +5% move speed to eagles slingers kamayuks on top of the Fabric Shields tech?

You know… before DE, Incas were American Civ with the best winrate. And those data were much better than now, because of larger sample size. Incas even were in TOP 5 Civs. Even now, with much worse data, Incas still are better than Mayans on every level and are slightly worse than Aztecs only on highest level.

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You’re a mayan player like a lot of people, because mayas are borderline OP, like aztecs.
You know, you can use civs that are not the n°1.

I miss voobly and random civ matches…


Curiously, I had also thought about it and proposed this Inca bonus:
Taking the Inca “MIT’A” (Mita) as a reference, a Inca bonus is that for every 300 food or wood collected, 1 gold is obtained. This would be of little help at the beginning of the game, but very helpful in the post-imperial age when gold runs out.

Personally I do not like the Mayan unique technology “Obsidian Arrows”, in addition to being inconsistent, the Mayan player usually only train Plumed Archer in the Castle Age. But I suppose that this requires a separate topic.

About Incas in TOP 5 Civs: It is true that before AoE 2 DE, the Incas had second place in the victory index. However they are currently in ninth place. And it must also be emphasized that the Inca civilization was and is a civilization little played compared to the civilizations of AoE2 (vanilla) and its expansion AoC, for which I personally consider that the rate of Inca victories before AoE 2 DE was because the Inca civilization was mainly chosen by experienced players.

But why would they need help? I mean American civs only have 2 trash units (after all they don’t have cav) so it’s already taken into account for balance.

That’s the purpose of the tech. To give a choice to the Mayan player and make him not always go for plumes.

It’s because people are more used to AoC civs, it doesn’t means FE civs are weak.

Well, question is: if Incas were a bad civ, then why would experienced player play them?


Incas were top 5 because they had the best Tower Rush in the game. Now that Feudal Towers were nefed, they became much more balanced.

They are still amongst the best civs in teh game today, with a winrate of 52.29%.

The Incas usually lose after 30 minutes

The same, I emphasize that normal archers also cost gold and as a unit are inferior to Plumed Archer. Building demolition is the primary task for siege engines. I personally would have preferred that the unique Mayan technology reduces the gold cost of common archers (plus it would be more consistent with the Obsidian Arrows).

The Aztecs are much more balanced

I do not think so…

More heterogeneous civilizations are currently being played with respect to DLC

I am not an experienced player, but I personally like challenges and trying all civilizations. When I was a noob player I just preferred to play over-insurance playing with 4 or 5 civilizations recommended by more experienced players.