Inca's Huaraca should have a resistance to artillery

20 range for Huaraca is really weak while fighting with artilleries, especially the Gatlin Gun with Coffee Mill Guns.

The Arrow Knight of Aztecs have 30 range and 50% resistance to artillery, so it is fair for Huaraca having a 50% or more resistance to artillery. After all, they have only 20 range.


totally agree. played some inca yesterday in a team game and without my mates there was no chance beating enemy usa

They should made a new tag for this and add it to arrow knight and huaraca. Or simply add a siege armor to both units.
It will make it easier to understand the counter and add potential new units of similar roles.

In my opinion they should scrap the anti-artillery role of Huaracas and give Incas Light Cannons instead. The Incas adopted all kinds of European weapons so it would actually be more historically accurate and clearly Huaracas aren’t working for that right now.


The Incas could get access to their own artillery piece instead of just giving them the [Light Cannon]. Maybe they could have a cannon that is based on the ones that were used by the Conquistadors from the 1500s and which will serve a similar role to the [Light Cannon].

This artillery unit could have the name [Makeshift Cannon]. And where the first portion of the name will refer to the carriage being makeshift than the cannon itself, since the early conquistadors were unable to haul their heavier artillery pieces across the “New World” and did instead only take their lighter ship-based cannons with them, which were apparently falconets remounted on makeshift carriages.

The [Light Cannon] could perhaps in the future be exclusive for any Native American civilisation from North America that used cannons, while the [Makeshift Cannon] will only be available to the Native American civilisations of South America that used cannons. Maybe this idea will only cause unnecessary complications, but I am just sharing my thoughts.



Having siege resistance seems a good idea for Huaracas.

In this case a new artillery unit would just be an unnecessary complication. Light Cannons are already the “makeshift cannons” you describe since there are only a few rare instances of Iroquois using cannons. For both the Inca and Iroquois the circumstances were similar and the unit is already passable for both civs.

There’s also only a couple of other potential South American natives, Mapuche and Guaraní. And of those, Guaraní already has an option for a unique cannon, and Light Cannons would work just fine for Mapuche.

The best candidate for a new type of native cannon would be the Carronade featured in WoL. It could be a unit shared with civs such as Maoris, Hawaiians, and Haida since all used cannons captured from ships, and carronades are a style of naval cannon.