Incorrect Translations for Age of Empires IV the Sultans Ascend DLC

This word, KEEP, is translated into 大型箭塔 in AOE 4, which means “Great Arrow Tower” in Chinese.

In AOE 2, “Keep” is in Tower Line (Watch Tower → Guard Tower → Keep). “Keep” is upgraded from Guard Tower and Watch Tower, and becomes more stronger, but at least it still looks like a tower. So yes, that makes sense if we called it “大型箭塔” in AOE 2.

However, in AOE 4, the concept of “Castle” is replaced by “Keep”. Therefore, under this circumstance, we should translate “Keep” into “城堡” (it means castle in Chinese) rather than “大型箭塔”.

And yes, I know some people may say there are some differences between Keep and Castle in the real world. So, in my opinion, we can translate it to “碉堡”, we didn’t use that word in AOE series before. It’s stronger than a tower, of course, and it looks like a castle, but it’s more focused on defense purposes.

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The translation of Monastery in AOE 4 is 修道院, and we can see this translation in AOE 2 also. But actually, Chinese speakers prefer to use “寺廟” (it means temple) to describe Buddhist buildings. And 修道院 is always mentioned as a Christian place, aka church.

There are 5 civs that have “Monastery” as their religious buildings in AOE 4 now. They’re English, French, HRE, Rus, and Chinese. As you can see, only Chinese is not belong to Christian culture. That seems a little bit weird, right?

Just like the Abbasid, Ottomans, Delhi Sultanate, and Malians, they have “Mosque” as their religious buildings. So, I think there is no reason that we don’t put “Temple” (寺廟) into the game to show Buddhist culture. And It’s not only for Chinese, it also can be used by Japanese in the coming DLC…and maybe Korean or Vietnamese civilizations in the future.

By the way, the Chinese Landmark, “Spirit Way”, is translated to “神道” in Chinese. And I have to say that “神道” (Shintō, しんとう) sounds like very Japanese-style. It’s Japan’s native belief system.

According to AOE 4 Fandom, Spirit Way is inspired by the Qianling Mausoleum (陝西乾陵,唐高宗與武則天之墓) which was built in the Tang Dynasty. I’m not sure why you guys wanna pick up this place as a landmark, but nothing wrong. Haha. I think “皇陵” is a good option (皇陵 means Royal Mausoleum), better than “神道”.

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just one. 和尚 is more like daily talk, 僧侣 is correct written language. maybe like 大夫 and 医生/医师.

The translation is literally wrong.

The campaign’s subtitles and narration do not match, and the descriptions of the civilization and campaign contents are also inconsistent, and there are many awkward parts. (There are so many problems with subtitles that I can’t attach them all to this forum.)

It is an RTS game that is gaining attention again in Korea, but unless the localization issue is resolved, it is unlikely to receive attention again.

Seriously, I hope get feedback from Koreans.

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Localized Chinese translation is also a bunch of errors, and I don’t understand why Microsoft has to collaborate with such an amateur and irresponsible translation team.


maybe they just dont give fk shit about our money~

i wont buy, till they fix it. that translate destroy gametime, ruining all fantasy.

Blockhouse in AOE3…

Bug Type: Gamebreaking for begginers
When was the bug introduced: With the Sultans Ascend expansion

Spanish tooltip texts on the new sultans ascend expansion are bugged, every sentence, word or text that comes after writing the (%) character gets cut off and wont be rendered.

THIS MAKES SOME SENTENCES LOOK INCOMPLETE OR WEIRD, for example : it says that order of the dragon grants 30.

30 what?

This happens for all the new civs on the sultans ascend, its a bummer honestly.

Here, an example (look at the civ bonus and see how everything else that should be there, it isnt there)

Compared to the english OOTD info:

Floating Gate should be translated into “水上鸟居”,in Japanese kanji its name is “水上鳥居”

Apparently they used Google Translate.


Japanese localization is bit terrible. I don’t blame you for using machine translation. But, I want to point out three rules which should be followed.

First, the notation should be unified: Use the same terms in unit names, their descriptions and technology trees. Unit names, Tech names, and Ability names vary from sentence to sentence. For example, despite Order of the Dragon having 9 infantry or cavalry units, 18 variations of their names appear in its tech tree. (They change even when they are upgraded.)

Second, translators should understand what the game is about; there is no way something can be translated if the translator don’t know what it is. For example, the description of Bazaar(Ayyubids’ Trade Wing) in English is…
“Every three minutes a trade caravan arrives with a random selection of four favorable exchanges of resources and units.
The quality of these trades is permanently set depending on the Age at which the Trade Wing is constructed. Using the Trade Wing to enter a later age provides more lucrative trades.”
And the Japanese translation is something means…
“Every three minutes a trading party arrives with four random resources and a random assortment of units.
The quality of trades is permanently set along with the era in which the trade building was constructed. Upon completion, the further we move into the next era, the more valuable the trade will be.”
Translation can’t be always done literally. So, the translator has to “twist” the text according the intension somehow. I doubt the translator knew what this wing can do actually.

Third, it may be difficult, but it should be test played to check if it is complete. There is no description for Byzantines’ Golden Horn Tower Landmark in Japanese. (There is a only single word of “資源”(resources))

There are bunch of mistranslations. I made a list below. I made this list by asking a discord Japanese AOE4 community. This list is not covered all of them. So I want the localization team to check the rest of description for using wrong terms.

I’m not very good at using HTML so sorry for making it hard to see.

Thank you.

BTW, Towara, the Japanese agriculture tech must be a misspell. (Japanese tech Towara is misspelt?)


【Mosqueモスク > Dervishダルヴィーシュ】
“Can pick up Relics, convert enemy units, and capture Sacred Sites.”
Suggestion: 聖遺物の運搬、敵ユニットの転向、聖地の占領を行える

“when carrying a relic.”

Suggestion: 聖遺物を持っていると
Comment: Use the proper words. Relics is “聖遺物”, “capture Sacred Sites” should be “聖地の占拠”. Why Don’t you just use the same phrase as other religious units?

【Archery Range/ Stable弓兵育成所/騎兵育成所 > Desert Raider砂漠襲撃兵)
“Light Ranged and Melee Camel”
Suggestion: 近接または軽装射撃らくだ兵

【House of Wisdom知恵の館 > Economic Wing: Growth経済棟:成長】
Comment: There are different translations through eras. I think the translation of “grants” should be “獲得する”
コメント:付与とか獲得するとか時代によってgrants の訳がまちまちです。

【House of Wisdom知恵の館 > Military Wing: Reinforcement軍事棟:増援】
“The House of Wisdom produces 1 Desert Raiders every 2 minutes for the rest of the game.”
Suggestion: ゲームの残り時間の間、「知恵の館」が2分ごとに1体の砂漠襲撃兵を生産するようになります。

【House of Wisdom知恵の館 > Culture Wing: Logistics文化棟:兵站学】
“Upon completion, grants 2 Dervish and improves the unit’s healing by +25%.”
Suggestion: 完成すると、2体のダルヴィーシュを獲得します。また、ダルヴィーシュの回復を+25%増加させます。
Comment: Dervish is “ダルヴィーシュ”, not “修行僧”. I think the translation of “grants” should be “獲得する”

【House of Wisdom知恵の館 > Military Wing: Master Smiths軍事棟:熟練工】
“The Blacksmith’s damage and armor technologies become free and complete automatically when entering an Age.”
Suggestion: 次の時代に移行すると、鍛冶場の攻撃と装甲テクノロジーが無償で自動的に完了するようになります。
Comment: 攻撃テクノロジー is the term used for the translation of “Damage technology“ in Blacksmith. Btw, there are two terms for “Damage technology“ in Japanese. Both should be “攻撃テクノロジー”

【House of Wisdom知恵の館 > Trade Wing: Bazaar交易棟:バザール】
“Every three minutes a trade caravan arrives with a random selection of four favorable exchanges of resources and units.
The quality of these trades is permanently set depending on the Age at which the Trade Wing is constructed. Using the Trade Wing to enter a later age provides more lucrative trades.”


Suggestion: 3分ごとに交易隊商がやってきて、ランダムに選ばれた資源とユニット4つを割安で取引してくれます。
Comment: Mistranslated. I don’t know how to translate “favorable exchanges” properly.

Jeanne d’Arcジャンヌ・ダルク

”Performing certain actions with Jeanne earns XP”
Suggestion: ジャンヌが特定のアクションを実行するとXPを獲得します。
Comment: I suspect the translator couldn’t took its SVO-construct.

【Jeanne’s level upsジャンヌの進化 >Level 2レベル2】
Comment: Don’t forget to change the translation of “Devine Restoration”

【Jeanne’s level upsジャンヌの進化 >Level 3レベル3>Champion Companions近衛剣士のコンパニオン】
“Jeanne’s Champions become available to train at Keeps.
Gains “To Arms, Men!”, which rallies 3 Champions to her side.”
Comment: Keeps is “砦”, not “天守”. “To Arms, Men!” is “男ども武器を持て!” in her toolbox, not “総員、戦闘準備!”.

【Jeanne’s level upsジャンヌの進化 >Level 3レベル3>Rider Companions騎兵のコンパニオン】

“Jeanne’s Riders become available to train at Keeps.
Gains “Riders, Ready!”, which rallies 3 Riders to her side.”
Comment: Same to Champion Companions

【Jeanne’s level upsジャンヌの進化 >Level 4レベル4>Field Commander野戦指揮官】

“Jeanne’s Rally Call ability will now call 7 of her chosen companions onto the Battlefield.
Gains the Strength of Heaven ultimate ability, which greatly empowers a single unit.“
Suggestion: ジャンヌの掛け声アビリティで呼びよせられる、選んだ仲間の数が7人になります。
Comment: Translation of “now” lacks the nuance.

【Jeanne’s level upsジャンヌの進化 >Level 4レベル4】

Gunpowder Monarch火薬モナーク
Suggestion: 火薬王or火薬の王女
Comment: “火薬モナーク” sounds strange.

【Jeanne’s level upsジャンヌの進化 >Level 4レベル4>Gunpowder Monarch 火薬王】
“Jeanne’s Rally Call ability will now call 3 of her chosen companions and a powerful Cannon onto the Battlefield.
Gains the Valorous Inspiration ultimate ability, which greatly increase the attack speed of nearby allies.”
Suggestion: ジャンヌの掛け声アビリティで選んだ仲間3人に加え、強力な大砲が呼び寄せられるようになります。
Comment: Same to Field Commander

【About the Hero namesジャンヌ・ダルクの職業】
Comment: I personally like the translation of ”武装した女”(a woman who armed) for “Woman-at-Arms” because I can feel the story of Jeanne, who used to be a peasant, now a warrior. However, there were a criticism because it sounds too different from other names and having nothing to do with 軍兵(Men-at-Arms). I think 女軍兵 may work.

Jeanne d’Arc - Blast Cannonジャンヌダルク - ブラストキャノン
Suggestion:ジャンヌダルク- 爆撃手
Comment: I don’t know the historical aspects. So, please use the proper name if there is.

【Janne’s abilities ジャンヌの能力】

Divine Restoration神の回復
Comment: It sounds like referring to the God’s quality.

Riders, Ready! 騎兵、準備完了!
Comment: Of the two notation, I prefer this translation.
Other comment:Also, in Japanese there are a description about XP which is not in English.
There are “天守”(wrong translation for Keeps) in some descriptions of such as Red Palace. Change into “砦”

Order of the Dragonドラゴン騎士団

【translation of “Gilded”】

Gilded Spearman装飾槍兵→竜槍兵

Gilded Man-at-Arms装飾軍兵→竜軍兵

Gilded Landsknecht竜ランツクネヒト、装飾ランツクネヒト→竜ランツクネヒト

Gilded Archer金めっき弓兵、装飾弓兵→竜弓兵

Gilded Crossbowman装飾弩兵→竜弩兵

Gilded Horseman金めっき騎乗兵、装飾騎乗兵→竜騎乗兵

Gilded Knight装飾騎士→竜騎士

Comment: The translation of Gilded is mixed, with three different translations: 金めっき, 装飾 and 竜. A same unit has a different name before and after the upgrade! Furthermore, even the description of the technology and the description in the technology tree are shifting.
金めっきand 装飾 are not appropriate, as they have the nuance of ‘ostentatious decoration’.
If the literal meaning of Gilded should be protected, there are 金色 or 金箔, if not, 竜(dragon) is the coolest translation, imao.


Dragon Fireドラゴンの炎
Suggestion: 竜の炎 or竜の息吹
Comment: I don’t care about this translation. But some people say it’s lame. If you don’t care the literal meaning, 竜の息吹(Dragon Breath) was suggested.

Dragon Scale Leather 竜の鱗革
Suggestion: 竜の鱗革or竜鱗革
Comment: I don’t care this either.

Zhu Xi’s Legacy【朱熹のレガシー】

Palace Guard宮廷警護兵、近衛兵、禁軍
Comment: Use a single name.

Imperial Guardインペリアルの護衛
Comment: If it is not Mr. Imperial’s Guard.

【Mount Lu Academy廬山学院>Imperial Red Seals皇帝の朱印】
Comment: Imperial Official is”官僚”, not “帝国の役人”

【Mount Lu Academy廬山学院>Single Whip Reform一条鞭法】
Comment: Imperial Official is”官僚”, not “帝国の役人”, Btw, I appreciate the translation like this name. AoE4 translation is a mix of the best and the worst.

【Mount Lu Academy廬山学院>Regional Inspection地域の視察】
Comment: Imperial Official is”官僚”, not “帝国の役人”

【Mount Lu Academy廬山学院>Military Affairs Bureau軍務局】
“Imperial Officials can now supervise Keeps and Outposts to reduce damage taken by 35%.”
Comment: The tense is wrong, terms are wrong, and it’s bad translation for “to”.

【Zhu Xi’s Library 朱熹の図書館>Advanced Administration高度な管理】
Comment: Imperial Official is”官僚”, not “帝国の役人”

【Zhu Xi’s Library 朱熹の図書館> Dynastic Protectors王朝の守護者】
“Allows production of unique cavalry units, the Imperial Guard, and the Yuan Raider.”
Comment: It can be read as if there are units called unique cavalry units, other than the Imperial Guard and the Yuan Raider. Because the comma before “and” is interpreted as an Oxford comma. I don’t think a human did this translation.

【Zhu Xi’s Library 朱熹の図書館> Cloud of Terror恐怖の雲】
“Adds area of effect damage to Bombards.”
Comment: The translator seems not to know the word of “area of effect”

The terms in tech tree’s description are also wrong. (e.g. The Village is “町(town)” and the Imperial Officer is “帝国の役人(an old wrong name)” )


【Imperial Hippodrome皇室競馬場】
Comment: Why is it English. Btw, I don’t think 勝利(victory) or 征服(conquer) is the suitable translation. So I suggest 圧倒(Overwhelm). Maybe 凱旋(triumph: a ceremonial procession in celebration of a military victory).

【Golden Horn Tower金角塔】
“Periodically produces unlocked Mercenary Units for free.
The value of units produced increases within a Cistern’s influence.”

【the Landmarks and the Wonder】
Koka Township甲賀の町

Temple of Equality平等の礼拝所

Floating Gate浮遊門

Tokugawa Shrine徳川家の神社
Comment: An abstract name sounds strange. Just use the historical name.

【Town Center町の中心】
Daimyo Manor大名の荘園
Comment: It is not a garden, isn’t it?

Shogunate Castle幕府城
Comment: It sounds so unfamiliar. Maybe it’s ok.

Tatara 多々良 → たたら
Comment: You write Tatara in Kanji only when it is a name. The translator can be a Touhou fan.

Kobuse-gitae 甲伏せ鍛え → 甲伏せ造り
Comment: More common way to call it.

Nagae Yari 長柄の槍 → 長柄槍

【Nagae Yari長柄槍】
“Spearmen are equipped with a stronger spear that increases weapon range by +20% and damage against cavalry by +20%.”
Comment: There is a lack of description about weapon range. Also, 騎兵のダメージ(cavalry’s damage) is an ambiguous expression.

Copper Plating 銅メッキ → 銅被覆
Comment: It must be a reference for Atake Maru(one of the Atakebune), The ship was covered by 3 millimeter copper plate. From historical and functional aspects, it seems not to be a メッキ(thin plating)

Btw, the description of Copper Plating is wrong in English and Japanese. It says “Improves the fire and ranged armor of ships by +2%.” But not +2%, it is +2.

【Koka Township甲賀の里】
Shinobi 間者→忍び
Comment: Shinobi should be “忍びShinobi” in Japanese too.


Comment: Just fix into Japanese

【Archery Range弓兵育成所】
Kabura-ya Whistling Arrow 鏑矢(笛根の矢) → 鏑矢
Comment: Kabura-ya means Whistling Arrow in Japanese, So I think it is ok for Khan and Onna-Musha to share the name of their abilities. Forge and Blacksmith is sharing the name too.

Mounted Samurai騎馬武者、騎乗武士→騎馬武者
Comment: They change the name when they are upgraded. I think 騎馬武者 is the better name.

Uma Bannerman ウマ旗本 → 騎馬/騎乗旗本
Comment: It sounds like there are some sort of horse-human monster doing bannerman.

【Buddhist Temple寺院】
Buddhist Monk山伏
Comment: Buddhist Monks are not 山伏( Yamabshi: Yamabushi - Wikipedia ), are they?

Sohei’s Sutra僧兵のスートラ

【Sohei’s Sutra僧兵のスートラ】

【the translation of “gold”】
There is confusion between the notationゴールド(e.g. in Advanced Administration高度な管理 ) and 黄金(e.g. in Grand Winery大ワイン園).


The Sipahi unit (Fortitude)has a typo in russian and it says that (Get 50%) but correctly Gain +50% attack speed and receive +50% damage from melee weapons for 10 seconds. 50 secs cooldown.

In the first scenario of Ottoman campaign (“The defense of Tyre”), the translation of House of Wisdom is referred incorrectly in two objectives:
“Costruisci una casa della sapienza” should be “Costruisci una casa della saggezza”
“Costruisci un’ala della casa della sapienza” should be “Costruisci un’ala della casa della saggezza”

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In the german description of daimyo manor is the values of additional hp and harvest boost are switched.

additional reports about Japanese translation

In Japanese master mission, their are some wrong name such as 和弓足軽銃兵 or 松本城.

In campaign the base of Temple Knights called 本社(company headquarter)

Dessert Raiders’ ability should be “条件:弓を装備していないこと”.

Also, their are typos in shortcut key settings, which calls Siege Workshops “攻囲兵器職人”(Siege Workman).

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Updates/comments to a few of your notes:

Japanese 【日本】
Floating Gate浮遊門
Comment: The Buddhist temple landmark (the other age III landmark) is the name of an actual temple, so it makes sense that this would be Itsukushima Shrine which is famous for its floating gate.

Tokugawa Shrine徳川家の神社
Suggestion: 日光東照宮
Comment: Nikkō Tōshō-gū is the most famous Tōshō-gū Shinto shrine which are shrine memorials to Tokugawa Ieyasu the famous Shōgun. As it is a wonder, it should be the greatest one, not just any other. All wonders are incredible famous buildings for other civilizations.

【Town Center町の中心】
Daimyo Manor大名の荘園
Suggestion: N/A
Comment: 荘園 is the appropriate feudal Japan term, just not a commonly used modern word like mannor is in English. See 荘園 (日本) - Wikipedia or Shōen - Wikipedia

Shogunate Castle幕府城
Comment: Bakufu by itself is the correct term in Japanese originally meaning the dwelling and household of a shogun. Later on the term also refers to the system of government known as the shogunate. No Bakufu would have been anywhere other than a castle.


I love and agree your all suggestions! Thank you for cover my lack of historical knowledge. I am impressed especially about the idea of translating Shogunate Castle into 幕府.