Indian and Persian Elephant suggestions

  1. Give Elephant Archers to Persians and War Elephants to Indians (history). We don’t see very often Persians using their War Elephants and Indians using their Elephant Archers because Persians have other stable options also (one of the 10/11 civilizations having Paladins), and Indians are one of the 6/7 civilizations having fully upgradeable Cavalry Archers.
  2. The Indian campaign has many Battle Elephants featured, and the Persian scenario in Historical Battles (Bukhara probably) has Elephant Archer.
  3. The tech Mahouts is tied to the War Elephant, so transfer it to the Indians as well. The word Mahouts is Indian.
  4. Maybe give Battle Elephants to both these civilizations (the Indians without any bonuses since they have War Elephants).
  5. The tech Sultans be transferred to Persians. The effect (gold boost) is Indian but the name itself is Persian. Create any other effect for it (maybe faster attacking Elephants - Elephant Archers and Battle Elephants).

Suggestion independent of this- Persian team bonus: Cavalry +2 attack vs Archers.
This actually doesn’t affect all Cavalry, but only those equivalent to Knight line (Boyars, Catapharacts, Konniks, Leitis, Keshiks) because only these units have a defined attack (0 to be precise) against archers. It makes sense to affect all similar units.


You will be opposed by some famous conservative people later I guess.
But I may understand why you think so.

For me, I would like to do something below if I can rework the civ:

  • Make Elite War Elephant +30% faster.
  • Remove Mahouts and add its cost and research time into Elite War Elephant upgrade.
  • Remove the fishermen bonus from Indians.
  • Indians get a new civ bonus that elephant units are trained +25% faster.
  • Add Cavalier, Elite Battle Elephant and last infantry armor to Indians and remove Imperial Camel and Hussar.
  • Replace Elephant Archer with War Elephant for Indians.
  • Introduce Aswaran into the game, a heavy cavalry which can regenerate like Berserk.
  • Introduce Immortals into the game, a tech that returns melee units’ 20% cost if they died.
  • Replace War Elephant and Mahouts with Aswaran and Immortals for Persians.
  • Keep Sultan since it is really important for Indians eco but maybe it can be renamed.
  • Add Imperial Camel to Saracens.
  • Adjust the effect of Zealotry that only Mameluke +30 HP but training camel +25% faster.

Only the Sultans name is removed and given to Persians. The effect is transferred to Shatagni, and the effect of Shatagni is transferred to Sultans. The names Shatagni and Mahouts are Indian. The name Sultans in Persian/Arabic. The term Kamandaran refers to archers/slingers/Skirmishers of an army of some Persian Emperor. Adding Elite Battle Elephant to both the civs.

(History) 20 years since the conquerors, 7 years since the forgotten. No please, no.


Basically I don’t like Persian elephants since Persia did not produce elephants at all.

Persians bought elephants from India and used elephants in the warfare, is similar to that Siamese hired Japanese Ronin in the warfare many times. So you can accept to set Ronin as Siamese UU if Siamese will be introduced?


There are hundreds of threads and tens of mods for Indian elephants. The fans want it. The history says it. Game balance may not be affected very much. The Indians already lack the crucial Knight line. Is anyone from the dev team even listening this?

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This would be heaven. Being a hard supporter on the indian civ rework I’ve never thought of giving them war elephant as UU instead of allowing them acces to combat elephant line for solving their lack of elephants. This is an interesting idea as well

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Im just woried about Immortals tech. It will be too strong. We are talking about all meele, this mean Palas, Halbs, Hussars, Aswaran.
Maybe give Aswaran a bit of Cav armour instead, and Immortals will give them regenration? So they will become literaly immortal :wink:

Since Persian elephants were all produced in India. 11
Indians players can choose which elephants they used while facing the different situation. Stable or Castle.

I hope Aswaran can regenerate in the beginning. Maybe Immortals can make the regeneration faster.
But I still like to return the cost, maybe only return the gold?
You may need to check those.

I know who Immortals were. And why you want to return cost of units as tech efect - because this was always 10k Immortals, no more, no less.

Well the thing is the Immortals tech you suggested is tedious (not hard) to implement.

I have just now created Indians and Persians Elephants mod having the above mentioned changes.

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Leave Persians alone please. Don’t fix what ain’t broke.

Add another Indian civ which uses Battle Elephants and maybe even has an Elephant unique unit instead.


No! Don’t ruin my awesome Persians big fat elephants.

Just give them battle elephants to Indians… or play a scenario/mod where Indians can make elephants. Don’t you touch my elephants.


Saracen monks return 50 gold when dead.

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33 gold… Yes but doing that for every melee unit. It occurs by creating a copy of the dead unit (so doing it for every Barracks unit, Stable unit, Mangonel line, Bombard Cannon and villager (all types, both genders) is tedious

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I never heard about Persians using Archer Elephants in history…

No, just no.

Let’s not destroy the balance of the game…

They got the Elephants from the India, yes. They used Cataphracts mostly.

But giving them Elephant Archer will just ruin the historical accuracy for Persians completely.



Did you play Bukhara scenario?

Aah I see, maybe just for the militia line of Persians, since it is the weakest and it won’t affect it too much.