Indian civilization proper representation , the gupta Empire

May be u r not q fan of ancient civs , but other can be . There is problem in extending civ base . Limited civ is StarCraft thing not aoe .

Even aoe3 had representation of many indian Empire as units or minnor settlements . So this game is degradation of representation india as they changed indian civilization of aoe3 to some delhi sultanate empire , with no representation of natives .

Didn’t the Sena and BS ruled all of Bengal and a bit beyond at their peak .

But bangal is just a very small part of India , it was not even 1/5 of maratahs or gupta , not even 1/3 of Tamil empire , they were very small empire , I can tell u 6-7 different empire who is bigger than them.

The fact is between gupt empire and delhi , india was divided in multiple small to moderate size empires , tamil was a big one from it , bangal was a moderate size empire .

I dislike the AoE3 approach as it crammed many empires into one civ which doesn’t do enough justice as each region deserves to be its own civ (theoretically)
AoE4 on the other hand only has the DS which leaves space for more Indian civs down the line .

I m fine with dis approach as long as they give justice to other native Indian empires down the line .

There were enough other possible civilisations on the Indian subcontinent that better fit into 1000-1500 AD.
Something like Vijayanagara existed at the end of the AoE4 timeline so it would fit better.
Medieval India saw the rise and fall of many different kingdoms.
Maybe that could be turned into a unique mechanic similar to the Chinese Dynasties.

Maybe each Landmark unlocks a different unique unit that is typical for one region or kingdom.

Bengal should be a separate civilisations though.

I’d love an AoE with an ancient setting but AoE4 is not.
I would also love to see the Soviet Union but that can also obviously not happen in this game.


Why can’t ??? U can request for Soviet union , if they used spearman, archer and horseman as their main troops in war .

OfC , tanks machinegun can’t come in this game .

I wanted to make a joke so you realise that what you wanted doesn’t fit into AoE4.

AoE4 is a historic game. If you take a civilisations from one time period but give them weapons, units, ships, technologies and buildings form another time period you may as well make a fantasy game.
People don’t want AoE to be Warcraft.

We already have China representing multiple Dynasties so why not an Indian Hindu civilisations that represents multiple Hindu kingdoms for the same region?


Well both Gupta and Marathas us s same weapons as this game .

But I agree and also disagree with ur idea to make a indian civilization to represent natives empire .

FIRST of all india is not all about hindu empires . Sikh and buddist also were important part of Indian civilization .

It’s a good option to make a indian civilization representating native empire weather they r hindu or sikh or buddist .

Also Muslim and Christians

Most AoE fans disagree with you.
They don’t want a civilisation that comes into existence after most other civilisations end (Maratha 1645) nor a civilisation that stops existing long before any other civilisation starts (Gupta 550).

Also about Sikhism and Buddhism.
Sikhism only appeared at the end of the Middle Ages while Buddhism lost most of its followers in India during the Middle Ages.
It makes little sense to put a large focus on those religions.

The two dominant religions where Islam that is already represented by Delhi and of course Hinduism that needs to be represented by a different civilisation.

This is a game about the Middle Ages not Ancient nor Early Modern.


Well also Cristian and muslim but there were no indigenous empire of those ,

those religion were not spread in india before some foreign attackers came and forcefully tried to convert locals , specially true for lslam . All the major islamic empire were consist of rulers who came from West , mostly Turk Origen .

Well I don’t think most aoe fans will disagree , they have been playing ancient and native Indian Empire in aoe2 and aoe3 .

A lot of people hate the Huns, Goths and Celts in AoE.
Also the Indians in AoE2 are basically the Delhi Sultanate and in AoE3 they are basically British India.
AoE has been really bad with representing India in the past.


There have been a lotttttt of native empires that represents india , but all Microsoft choose was delhi sultanate and British East India company .

Thank you for your feedback! We are happy to see that game is very interesting for players but also gives a topic for discussion about history of nations and countries. We want to assure that all your comments are reviewed by dev team. Any useful ideas and comments will definitely be taken into account by the team.


The OP is clearly passionate about this topic and I have no interest in getting into a debate. I just think it’s worth a few very obvious points that have been overlooked:

  • the historical factions in these games aren’t supposed to be representative of modern-day nations. The Dehli Sultanate are NOT representing India. They are representing themselves.

  • the developers have been VERY clear that they were an invasionary force that originated elsewhere Delhi Sultanate - Age of Empires)

  • the developers have said that one of the reasons the Delhi Sultanate was chosen was because it historically repelled the Mongol attacks. So it ties in with the other civilizations nicely.

I have no problem with the Dehli Sultanate being part of the game, and the Gupta Empire not being part of the game.


The dates in the learn tab are all incorrect and its terrible.
The Tang Dynasty was from 618 AD onwards till 907AD
Holy Roman Empire (Carolingians from at least 800AD)
The Delhi Sultanate began in 1206 AD.
Abbasid Caliphate was destroyed in 1261 AD (Being puppets of Mamluks in Cairo shouldn’t count). What a shoddy history section for a game claiming to be just that.

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Yes, unsure why they are bending dates to specifically fit into the high medieval period. They should post their references for this information.

The concept of high medieval period was applicable to Europe only. Not the rest of the world.