Indian civilization proper representation , the gupta Empire

Uh… its during a set time, which means it can be used as a timeframe even if there wasn’t a “high medieval” period at other parts of the world, as long as there is a set time it is applicable.

Sort of like how world war one and the Napoleon wars has a set date and mostly took place in Europe, however you could say “x civilization existed during the Napoleon wars” even if said civilization could be in South America.

You could also say that during the Chinese golden age as an example. Comparing distant countries and lands to the progress of China during their peak.

yeah , so we demand a reprenstation of india like other games of age franchiecse , that is this thread is all about ,

delhi dont represnt india .

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And maybe give the Indian faction the elephants, since after doing some reading, the Delhi army used more camels than anything in relation to large scale animals used in warfare.

Im absolutley no expert of Indian history, however are those empires not based before or after the time period of Aoe2? from what I know I think the Delhi are probably the best representation of India for the Medieval period, since there were no other major empires to emerge in the region. Remember Medieval era is roughly from the fall of Rome in the 5th century to around the 16th century.

nopes u r wrong , their period overlap with medevil era , delhi only lived for short period of 300 years . there are more empire that were in meevil era and lived longer of almost same duration .

elephants were featured units of gupta empire , they used them extensively , delhi sultanate didnt use elephant much , but their ally who were from others empire from that era used to use elephant a lot , also camels were also very popular in that era .

Like who? are there actually any major or impactful ones?

I don’t think it is said anywhere that Delhi sultanate is representing whole of India. It is just one of the most influential one from that era in that location.
But then any other kingdom would not be representative of India as well. It will just represent that specific clan or lineage.

So unless there is an aoe game set completely in India, with all kingdoms as playable faction, I don’t think you will ever get a complete representation of India.

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I don’t know if it has been mentioned in the thread but even if Mughals came from outside they made India their home. From the first and last Mughal Emperors, they did not consider themselves visitors who have come for a short time like the British empire. And Babur the first Mughal was actually fleeing from their old home and made India their new home.
Secondly a lot of India’s history and culture is Mughal. Taj Mahal which we feel so proud about when it’s praised and then curse the same Mughals who built it when it’s convenient. Red Fort where the Independence day speech by the Prime Minister takes place. Should we stop that too and do that in a temple or something made by Gupta Empire? Where does it stop ? Should we also ban all the amazing food that we eat which came from invaders?
Thirdly India has always been the land of foreign influx. The people closest to India’s original ancestors are the remaining tribal population. So does that mean rest of the population were invaders ? I bet my ancestors would have been responsible for oppression or decline of some existing inhabitants when they migrated to India. Where does the buck stop then ? At what point did Indians became Indians ? How about wars between other Indian Empires? Did they realise mid battle that oh wait we are all Indians, we can’t kill fellow Indians ? There wasn’t even an Indian identity. It was every man for himself.
And anyways from what I understand, in AOE 4 timeline, the Mughal Empire was the major pan India Empire. Trying to fit Gupta empire that existed in 4th to 6th century makes no sense and other Empires of that time were regional and I don’t see how they can be considered more important than the Mughal Empire.
Yes other Empires of India aren’t given the importance that is due to them but you can’t ignore the importance of Mughals in Indian history and culture and our identity just because it’s not convenient for your point of view.


Very well put, and it certainly must be added that the AoEIV civ list is full of invader kingdoms that established a new political and cultural synthesis as it is: the French (the left flank of the Frankish conquests), the Holy Roman Empire (the right flank), the English (Anglo-Saxon and Norman), the Mongols all over east and central Asia, the Chinese Yuan Dynasty…

The only civs in the launch list I can’t confidently label off the top of my head as an invader kingdom would be the Rus (scant material, and some suggests that a Norse ruling class was invited, strangely enough) and the Abbasids (largely succeeding over the existing conquests of the Rashidun and Umayyad Caliphates). Ethnic homogeneity or continuity is not a compelling factor for any civ when it comes down to it.

What are some compelling factors?

-A unique “voice” (architecture, units, cultural and political focuses)
-A notable history with ample material to work with in the medieval period
-Geographically diversifying the roster
-Flavorful rivalries with other roster civs, equally good in campaign as it is for multiplayer (the Mongols are perhaps the most extreme example: they have so many roster rivalries).

The Delhi Sultanate checks out to me, which isn’t to say there aren’t other great choices in the Indian subcontinent with the compelling factors above that would make them great inclusions. I hope we see them, especially as the game finds the room to start exploring deeper into central and eastern Asia and spotlights more rivalries.


but that doesnt change the fact they were outsider , ur statement is as hypocret and stupid as saying white people residing in southn africa represent real south africa , its a joke and utter disrespect to indigenous people .

lastly u have no idea of indian history if u think mugal were part of delhi sultanate ,

they both were seprate empires , read india history before making nonsense and irrelevent comments and disrespecting indians .

delhi sultanate and mugals after them were the dark period of indian history featured by some great manuments and lots of persecutions of indegenious people .

why dont u find many great temples in india that were there in gupta periods , becoz those people destroyed them , many temple they destroyed again and again . only those remained who were protected by indigenious kingdoms in south.

aqgain uir statement that mugals contributed to indian culture is wrong , becoz they destroyed more then they gave us .

lastly if we eat noodles in india that doesnt mean noodles can represnt indian food ?

none asking to ban mugals , but make them represnt them india is like making white represnt south africa . they live there but they cant represnt the country as whole

lastly again ur lack of knowledge , what make indian indian ? indian didnt came from anywhere they came from indus valley civilization , one of the oldest civilization in india history ,
we were here since starts of any organized civilization , we didnt come from far , my ancester didnt supressed any indegenious people , even if they did , i m sure indiagenious poeple should represnt in a image of a potrait of a nation .

this is india not america where europen just ended whole indegenious population , we pretty much preserved our core cultue since indus valley civlization despite
foreign barbaric regims like delhi sultanate and mugals .

mugals detroyed more monument then they made and most of the mugal fort etc was built after destroying some older one , they destroyed more cultute then they give back . just becoz taj mahal is famous dont make mugals major contributer to indian history .

how can microsoft even think represnting them as india substitute will not hurt indians ?

but they tried to give represantaion of different dynasties to china , they could have tried harder to represent india as a full , that would be more fair

totally wrong , he just showed his lack of knowledge and disrespct for indians and u are supporting his disrespect , there were so many great options , that microsoft igronred totally.

read history first , so many indigenous kingdoms were there that were ignored for a foreign barbaric regeim .

18th century is not medieval.

from around 1500 onwards we have the early modern periode until the industrial revolution.


who taking about 18th century ?

How ??? Medevil is 5-18 century , and they fit in that .

you said 5-18th century is medieval.

u r right medevil is 5-15 ,

i read the wrong search result ,

so mugals were not even medevil empire

I’m really glad the Delhi Sultanate was added, they are my favourite civ. Personally I dont feel the need for a civ to represent me or make me feel included. The English and French both moved in and conquered their home regions and oppressed the people but that does not make me feel like we need Anglo-Saxons or Welsh in the game.


but this could be with any other name

Do you realize that Indo Aryans who make up majority of present day N.India migrated to India from Central Asia ?

What do you mean ?