Indian civilization proper representation , the gupta Empire

It’s so shameful and disturbing that Microsoft decided to put foreigner invaders to represent India , it’s like making British East India company to represent a occupation .

Delhi sultanate is ruler from Turkish origins who came from West and occupied and stayed here .

The real representative of Indian civilization is Mauryan and gupta Empire .

Most importantly gupta Empire which was there from 2nd century to 6th , qwalify to be a ancient as well as medevil civilization .

This civilization gives the world “zero” this civilization gave the 10 decimal counting method .

At that time half the world economy reside in this empire .

Giving india the nick name of “sone ki chidiya”

It was the first civilization to unite majority of Indian subcontinent and beyond ,

Delhi sultanate don’t make justice with native Indian civilization .

I request developers to give proper representation of native Indian dynasties in designing indian civilization .

Civilization 6 is the game which have proper representation of Indian civilization . They used the native leaders .

I will soon post a suggested design for gupta Empire in game

Also another great indigenous empire was Marathas

Both Gupta and maratahs was in medevil era .


Although I appreciate you sticking up for the native peoples of India, Age of Empires4 is set after the death of Charlemagne 814ad and ends with the Renaissance Period17th century. The high medieval period makes up the meat of the game.

Even though it would be super cool to see an Indian faction that isn’t an imperialist power, it has a somewhat low chance of making it into the game. Is there another Indian faction who ruled India around those given dates?


Agreed. If this was AoE2, I wouldn’t rule it out completely because back there we had some civs that were more Late Antiquity-Early Middle Ages than High Middle Ages, like the Huns or the Goths. But Age of Empires IV doesn’t seem to be the setting for a civilization that ended in the middle of the VI century, at all.


Did Dev’s mentioned , that what period they will consider ???

Not necessarily, however just by looking at all the factions, we can conclude this is their design.

In order from the “learn” tab:

English 850 - 1555
Chinese 907 - 1644
French 840 - 1559
Holy Roman Empire 936 - 1517
Mongols 1000 - 1500
Rus 882 - 1547
Delhi Sultanate 879 - 1526
Abbasid Dynasty 750 - 1517

You can clearly see a pattern with these dates.


Yeah , but delhi sultanate didn’t use elephant much , they were the core units in gupta army .

All ms said was they want medevil civs in game , gupta sort of qwalify fo that .

And even if ms Dev’s are tooooooo adment to exclude the great gupta Empire ,

there are many indigenous empire of that era , decent size rajputs , sikh empire

But there was huge maratha Empire who was indigenous and who dethroned all the foreign rulers before britch came

Gupta Empire and maratahs empire were the only two great empire that represents true india .

And some how Microsoft decided to ingnore them and make foreigner represent India .


I understand the frustration, especially since the Delhi Sultanate massacred many Indians because of their culture and religion. Here is to hoping for a ruling Indian faction!

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Maybe I understood it wrong, but I read the introduction of the Delhi Sultanate in the game. There is no mention of Indians? Maybe they just regarded it as a country worthy of being used in medieval games, rather than a country representing the Indians?


I’d say no . They are to anachronistic and out of the Medivial timeframe .


Then there should be representation of Indian in this game as delhi don’t do that , u can’t ignore 20% of world population . Btw delhi sultanate is nowhere worthy to take priority over gupta or maratahs , that empire was full of religious procecution and oppression .

If they thing delhi was worthy , then they need some evaluation of how to chose a civ .


How ??? Medevil is 5-18 century , and they fit in that .

I meant high and late middle ages . I don’t really want civs exclusivly from early middle ages which is what AoE2 did with Persians and Huns

Also one civ cannot represent all of India . Would be better to have 3-4

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What is problem in early midevil ??? As long as those civs add something to game .

And marathas fit in late medevil era very well

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These are the 4 in-game Chinese dynasties
Tang (618-907)
Sang (960-1279)
Yuan (1271-1368)
Ming. (1368-1644)
I see nothing ancient here except maybe the Tang but they are only one of 4 dynasties of in game Chinese civ

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So they have representation of all dynasties ??? They have representation of ancient dynasty , so it absolutely fair to have representation of Gupta’s and marathas . They were better than delhi

Because none of the vanilla civs were in early middle ages . It’s seems out of place for the game to have civs that were exclusively in the early middle ages .
There are better choices for more Indian civs such as Bengalis (Palas , Senas , Bengal Sultanate) or Tamils (Cholas and Pandyas) which extended into high middle ages .

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Vanillas ??? Well aoe4 , itself is vanilla , it’s first . If u consider aoe or aoe2 vanilla , then they do have older civs . Bangalis ? They were small regional empire , even at their time there were bigger empire like Parmar,

Agree for tamil empire , tamil was good enough empire to consider .

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No they don’t and i don’t see how this point is related to the current discussion .

Again , no civ is exclusively in the early middle ages

But we can always request them to shift pattern ???

That was something I didn’t like on AoE2 and 1.

I am not a big fan of extending the timeline but to each his own ig .