Indians & Goths

I have just few points here about those civs that i think they need a samll nerf.

First: Indians

As you know the camel units have +5 attack once immediately they hit the castle, my suggestion:

Make them +2 attack in castle, +3 in imperial (+5 for total), and i think it is not bad to give them battle elephants.

Second: Goths

Actually the Goths with their stupid buff in the last time they became so annoying to play against, in the dark age you will find more than 5 militia in your base and the players can keep creating more than 10 militia then they can just reach the feudal in less than 15 min then go m@a then they hit the castle in less than 20 min!!! This civ became a cancer in the game and i think they really should nerf their stupid buff, they started the game with 20% discount on militia!!! Then -25% feudal then -30% in the castle then -35% in the imperial which is completely a big joke. My suggestion:
Make them (-10% in Dark, -20% in feudal, -25% in castle, -30% in imperial)…or at least remove the dark age discount and make the discount start from feudal

I think this should be enough. What do you say guys?

Literally every reaction when someone wants Goths back to the worthless side.

CMON Goths are fine.

No dude they are completely a big joke especially with their -20% discount in the dark!!! I think at least they should remove the dark discount

Try to wall and go for Archer in Feudal?
Goth gameplay is obvious and not OP. U should optimize the strategy.


You can’t wall so early most of the time especially in the dark age!!! They rush you in the dark age with more than 6 militia!!! I think the devs should remove the Dark age discount at least

Hot advice. Quick walling helps! :smiley:


The post is not about the defence against Goths😂. Their discount bonus especially in the dark age is just a big joke, even of you quick wall they will just stay in your base with more than 6 militia and once they hit the castle you will find more than 10 m@a.

People are just not used to playing Goth. You have to play a little different compared to other civs.

The natural response to MAA is building Archers. Then archer get hard countered by Huskarls. Thats why many people lose.
But most Goth players are very predictable.

Counter the MAA by very aggressive walling into Archers.
When the Goth player is going castle and trying to build one: go swordsmen from 2 Barracks + Rams. He will lose the castle right away and with it the game. So far this worked for me every time…

Yes, castle age Swordsman are usually a bad choice against every other civ but against Goth they work really well.


The strongest point they have is not the castle age, but in early rush with their 20% discount in the dark then 25% in feudal. I really think they should remove the dark age discount at least

People don’t like having to adjust even if it’s not a bad thing. Goths add variety. All people need to do is learn how to play against then


Well the Goths way didn’t change after the big buff, but their dark age rush became so annoying and so stupid with their 20% discount

Its not hard to hold and pros consider goths one of the weakest civs in the game.

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And one of the highest win rate in the game with 53.8%

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And not used in tournaments but rarely, with not good results when used.

Just because people get wrecked by "unconventional " on the ladder doesn’t mean its broken.

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I am not talking about the civ in general but i think their buff should be nerfed a little bit at least in the dark age, so just make the bonus start in feudal

So an already weak civ becomes weaker? Great. Good job.

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Who said they will become weaker?! I am not talking about removing the buff completely, but about decreasing this % or removing the bonus in the dark and make it start in feudal or make the dark start from 10% not 20% !!! With this 20% in the dark they are the same to get free supplies in the dark!!!

so if the bonus is getting lowered or even removed in dark age, are you not making the civ weaker?

they are already not a very good civ to begin with, and you’d remove what gives them a lot of their strength, the ability to get ahead in the dark and carry that through.

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10% discount in the dark age will be enough

its still a nerf, and still hurts an already bad civ.

current ongoing tournament.

used 5 times. won 2 games. hardly numbers that scream this civ is overpowered and needs nerfs.