Indians should be reworked

As an Indian i don’t think Indian civilization in aoe2 looks Indians. Historically speaking what is Indians known for? Elephants and Archers.

India is all about Elephants. Our wars, our religious festivals( even to this day) is full of elephants. Elephants are like their sons and daughters to Indian families. Some times cruel things are done to wild elephants in India. Anyway that’s a different topic. My point is that Indians are obsessed with elephants. We were the first to use elephants exclusively. Even Alexander the great was afraid of Indian Battle elephants. So please, Indians deserve elephants more than any other civ.

Also India is known for archers. Our mythologies, history, childhood memories are all linked with archery. Even our gods have bows and arrows. Even against the British empire Indians mostly fought with Infantry and bows. So Please give arbalest to Indians.

Frankly speaking Indians does not deserve Imperial camels. Only 10 percent of Indian subcontinent was desert there only we use camels. Indian armies exclusively used knights. Not as heavily armored as European knights more like a tarkan i would say. Also Indians were not that good at hand cannoneers. The sultans like mughal sultans mainly used bombard towers and bombard canons rather than hand canoneers. They used cavalry and cavalry archers to gain upper hand against the native Indians. What the developers has done with Indian civ is that Indians are like An Arab-Turkish mix. We are friends with the arabs, we are more like brothers. But Indians are more like South East Asian nations, Like the Vietnamese or Burmese.

Also India is a land to great many religions like Budhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism etc. So It would be great if Indians got great monks like aztecs or saracens.

Remove Imperial camels and hand canoneers. Give Arbalest and Battle elephants to Indians. As elephant archer is useless, may be add a medium cavalry like tarkan as a unique unit. Devs we don’t want Indians to be an over powererd civilisation, But indians should be like Indians. Someone playing this game may think, “oh! Indians are like arabs, with camels and all”. No offense to arabs. But India has its own identity. Also Manipur is a state in India. Why would Burmese get a tech called Manipur cavalry. Someone must sue Microsoft for butchering Indians like this.

In the game, i would say vietnamese is the closest to an actual medeival Indian civilisation. Please make Indian civ in aoe2 llike Indians. It makes me sad to say this i never play as Indians in aoe2, it doesn’t feel like Indians.


As a portuguese man, Portuguese in the game also do not represent portuguese.
Celts do not represent Celts.
Aztecs do not represent Nahatl.
Saracens does not represent Arabs.
God knows what Slavs accurately represents.

This is a game, not a simulator. It can never accurately represent anything.

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I think all the people talking about Indian problem know the game can not be 100% accurate.
They just discuss it and want it to be improve into 60% which is the pass line of the historical accuracy.

Actually, it is not an excessive hope. The most attractive feature of Aoe2 is the connection to the medieval history. That is never found in the other famous balanced RTS games so the parts of the community will look forward it natually and that doesn’t mean it will 100% break the balance.


Nothing warrants a complete redesigns of a civ that clearly works and has good results.

Please do not create duplicate topics.

There are already topics for discussion of the Indians unique units and feedback to give Indians the battle elephant. Please continue discussion in those topics.

I’m closing this topic since it is a duplicate.

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