[DLC concept] The Wealth of India (Bengalis & Tamils)

By making such asumptions about ignorance, you are inherently displaying your own. How can you be so sure about me not knowing about Indian civilization?

I read about it. And i read about many more civilizations falling under the AOE2 scope:

Chinese dynasties,
Japanese clans,
Finnish Tribes,
Zimbabwe and their great “city”
and yes, several Indian subcultures…

Hell i have even known about Khmer and their notorious Angkhor Wat, Malay, Aksumites etc more than a decade before their release (since the time i wasn’t even 10).

If i really was the ignorant one, i’d simply write “oh, them Indians all look the same - brownish skin, dark brown eyes, black hair, indifferentiable architecture/style - why so many cultures then?”

But on the other hand, i ALSO know what is development, being a developer myself. Creating real new civs and campaigns is no joke… And the devs know better than a few guys (especially an Indian guy + guy who studies Indian history) in here constantly bragging about India and their numerous civs. So far, they have worked well as an umbrella civ, even though they would benefit a bit by being split into 2 factions. But the same could also be said about Chinese (Liao, Song, Yuan, Ming), Incas (Chanca vs Incan empire), Aztecs (Tlaxcala x Aztecs), Spanish (Aragonese, Catalan) etc…and if the 48 civ cap is real, then something else than splitting India might come in play…

I reply so “harshly” because it’s 2nd time this guy made the thread “Wealth of India”, and there have been numerous other threads about India… even a mod with several new Indian civs!..And it has mere 205 subscribers more than 6 months later (compare it to the Age of Hegemony - a mod for The conquerors! Its latest release from december 2018 still got over 8200 downloads! Yes, it’s been 2 and half years compared to 6 months, but we are talking about a “dead” game and yet it has over 40 times the downloads…)… So, based on the views right now, it seems like the Devs have something else in mind than make a DLC many people would deem “unnecessary”…