Indians Unique Units

A buff for Indians:
Shatagni should make handcannoniers 100% accurate against non moving targets like thumb ring.
Arqabast for Portuguese is like balistic and not like thumb ring for those who are curious.
If you HC have 8 range they get even less effective cuz they can’t hit anything from up there.

and why exactly is this buff neccesary? they aren’t exactly weak in the late game at all.

Shatagini is a good UT, why change it?

Indians have decent HCs as it is.

if anything they could use SOME love in the early game, but there late game is not an issue.

It would be hard to buff Indians in the early game, when they already have 2 Dark Ages bonii anyway (Vill discount and Fisherman gather rate).

very true, the concern is definitely them booming. i honestly think their low winrate right now is due to lack of play over anything.

They got a slight nerf, which gave people a bitter taste in the mouth. Liths had a huge buff too, which made them see lots of play.

I think we shoudl let Indians be for a few months, 3 at least.

Meanwhile, Elephant Archers :

EAs are fine, by virtue of Indians being fine.

You cannot pull a Goths in all civs, and completely rebalance them 3 times in 3 months. that would just shatter all semblance of balance.

It is important to let the dust settle.

I’ll tell you how the dust settles, with the constant injustice done to the Indians’ UU Elephant Archer.

It settles by immediately giving at least 5 blast radius 10 range 100 damage Onager Elephants or 1000HP(after sanctity) 13 range Elephant Monks to compensate for the lost 7 years and counting.

Elephant Monk / Elite Elephant Monk
Cost 150F 100G
HP: 480/680 -> 720/1020 after sanctity (Problem?) ,
Speed 1.3/1.4 (real elephants, Problem? -> +21% after upgrades (Problem?)

Range : 10+3 (Problem?)
A/PA : 2+2/4+2 ,3+3/5+4 (Problem?)

Oh, and Onager Elephants got no minimum range. Problem?
Oh, and Indians pop cap will be 3x that of any normal civ for design and historical accuracy alongwith retribution. Problem?

nah, go ahead and buff EA, just make them a situational unit. you don’t have to make them like huskarls, leitis, or plumes.

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yeah there is a problem with this. it’s called an overbuff.

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They already are situational. They are good mix of a walking Tower, a Skirmishers and a Ram. You are supposed to use 10 or so of them, not mass them by the hundreds and march them into the enemy.

Though iof you actually can mass them by the hundreds, then you quickly find that you can A-move them into most Towns unopposed.

and my changes wouldn’t change that. at all. i’d make them a little faster to help keep them in front of the other archers, tanking shots, i’d make them shoot a little faster, so that they aren’t dead damage, and i’d reduce the elite upgrade cost so that it’s actually something you’d consider buying.

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yeah but you don’t balance around low elo legend.

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I would just increase the Range by 1.

Elephant Archers again:

The problem with this is it puts them in a line with crossbows and arbs, and the enemy no longer has to go through the elephants to damage the units behind it. which is the goal i was trying to keep.

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and yet we never see you propose any realistic balance changes, just absurdly broken stuff.

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True, but Indians lack Arbs anyway, and their HCs have Shatagini Range, so it would be a good combo.

This would give Indians 3 strong lategame Combo options:
-The expensive HC + EA + BBC
-The more reasonable HC + EA + Hussar
-The faster Imp Camel + HCA + Skirmisher