Individual Civ full booming times (according to my mathematical approach)

Some time ago I had a different project where I tried to estimate the effect of selling Gold for Food to enhance the boom. I then pivoted to make a general Mathematical modell to estimate how good in Booming the individual civs actually are. The project orients on a FC into 4 TC Boom buildorder which I took a timestamp on the 18:00 Minute mark. From then on I use a model of exponential growth for the evaluation of economic growth. Each civ gets an idividual value for a time in which it can double it’s eco. Civs like Poles (238 s) and Hindustanis (242 s) have very short times in which they can double their economic prowess. Other civs get strong bonusses from before like Chinese with their extra Vills and cheaper techs. So they basically already start with a higher eco score. I personally set a specific economic mark where I assumed that the “pure boom” phase ends anyways as you can’t really justify adding more TCs at this stage (with 200 pop limit). But it’s a personally chosen economic state, so depending on your economic goals it may vary. It’s roughly translatable to about 120-130 vills state, depending on civ and other economic propoerties like Farm count.
It’s also only for standard starting res on a land map. Meaning 6 berries, 8 sheep, 3 deer and 2 boar. No fish.

I want to put this on an individual topic as I want to keep it up with every new update.
The newest update (78174). Put down 3 of the formerly best Booming civs in the Game quite a lot. Poles, Hindustanis and Burgundians lost a lot of Positions and are now more in the middle of the pack. Still good Booming civs, but not top tier anymore.
Interestingly Britons now claimed the 3rd Spot. The cheaper TCs allow to make more Farms supporting them. Note with Britons the optimal amount of Vills to build a TC goes down to 2. It’s a subtlie, but effective adjustment that saves you some extra vill working time. (Yes my model calculations include adjustments to builder numbers aswell) If you make the TCs with 5 Vills like you would with other civs, Britons wouldn’t be as high on the list (still quite high, but not as).

The blue bars indicate how good of a boom you can potentially achieve with the Civ if you adapt the initial Buildorder to the strength of that civ. It’s an assumption, but the assumption shoould be at the edge what is theoretically possible. The orange bar indicates what booming time you can expect when using the fc into 4 TC boom build I used as mean factor for the initial start of “free booming”. Cumans I made an own run with the Cuman boom. Therefore they don’t have an orange bar but instead only a blue one indicating the Cuman boom which is still unbeatable by any other civ in the game (though initial poles came close).

The calculations behind are very complicated as there are so many factors that play a role here. For example I tried to evalueate the “economic balance” of the state at which the free boom starts and the “load” this puts as addition on the boomers to fix it. Some civs like Poles, Hindustanis and Slavs need less farms to support their boom, others like Britons, Teutons or Celts need less on wood. I also included the affect of the market abuse (mostly for Saracens). So please understand that I can’t tell much about it here. But feel free to discuss the results and ask for explanations if there are questions, as it would be way too much to explain here and probably also either extremely boring as it would be very long explanation or many wouldn’t understand as they don’t have the mathematical background.
It’s a personal project of mine and I don’t have the claim of it being the only way to approach it. It’s just my attempt and I tried to get as much of factors in as I could.

What I haven’t included so far is the potentially different “targets” of the different civs. Some civs may want to have more eco others less. But the issue with that is that the reasons for this are different. Some migh want less eco because they have quite weak units and therefore need more others migh want less eco cause they have actually stronger individual units and want to have more of them to use the pop efficiency. Others probably just want to make use of better timings. So that varies and therefore it’s tough to include that. So I leave it at the current state of “how long until you reach a certain economic threshold” with a civ.

Again, it’s only a personal project to evalueate the currently applied economic bonusses for a pure boom scenario. Nothing else. It’s not about wether it is actually useful.

What number did you choose for the stats below? Without this info, its very hard to know what this chart is supposed to say. Is it the time it takes to reach 130 vills?

Very surprised britons tatars are so high and burgundians are so low. Else as expected

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Yeah interesting. Tatars have that sheep bonus which allows them to add more TCs earlier. But it’s also harder to execute, nevertheless it’s explainable. You just can add TCs earlier with less farms which enhances your boom.

Burgundians is actually not that surprising to me. The food discount of the eco tech has been nerfed twice. They aren’t that boomy civ as they used to be. And they never were the best booming civ anyways.
I think a lot of their power on arena actually comes through their relic bonus, gunpowder and ofc the button. ofc their boom benefits from the earlier and cheaper eco upgrades, but it seems it’s not as strong as other civs.
Don’t forget that burgundians can get the eco techs just earlier but the other civs have bonusses on top of them that enhance the boom even more.
One thing I haven’t done with burgundians yet, to look if they can actually research Hand Cart earlier. With the standard cost of Hand Cart I calculated that the other civs are usually better off with only researching Hand Cart when they stopped adding TCs already. Burgundians might be the exception to this which could make them a bit better than indicated.
I also think that the Burgundian bonus likewise Aztecs, Mayans, Franks and so on synergizes better with “Eco + military” whilst the mentioned bonusses of Britons and Tatars but also Bengalis, Teutons and Slavs are better suited for pure boom scenarios. That’s why it may surprise people to see these civs so high because we rarely have pure boom games ;).

Both Tatars and Britons got bonusses to their TCs plus an early food bonus. This seems to help a lot for booming. At least according to my calculations.