[Collection] Buildorders

As I revived my project for estimating the best Booms with a mathematical approach, I started also to make individual Buildorers for some specific civs that have meaningful bonusses.

Here I have one with Tatars, a 23+2 Pop FC into directly 3 TC booming. When executed perfectly you get no idle time. Once again the build requires you to push 3 deer and eat 2 boars and 8 sheep from your starting ressources. It puts 3 on Gold which then can be used on the market to buy either Food or stone. It’s also required in early castle age to buy a little bit of food to sustain the production.
In the continuation I think you should try to get Heavy Plow and Wheelbarrow before adding new TCs ar at least before adding more farms than needed to sustain the 3 TC production.
Don’t forget that your TC building Vlills won’t automatically collect from the sheep, you need to direct them. I left 5 on the sheep on one of the TCs and added 2 more from the TC on the other one so they expire at different times.

I’ve also found a video of Viper with the old Tatars when they got 2 extra sheep in Feudal. He tried to make it even a 22+2 but then he didn’t had enough Wood though to add TCs and Bowsaw immediately after hitting Castle. I think with the nerfed Tatars the 22+2 is no longer viable. It’s 300 free food less that Tatars have now.

My build puts 5 on berries, which will lead them to expire quite soon into castle age. But there is enough wood to gradually put them to farms. The build leeds to some straggler chopping, but only for a brief transitional phase between finishing sheep and reaching castle. Right at the time you want to have some extra wood income to make TCs, trechs and Farms.

Vill To Further Actions
1-3 Houses => Food
4 Food
5 Food
6 Food
7 Lumber Camp
8 Wood
9 Wood
10 Wood
11 House=>Wood
12 Food
13 Food
14 Food
15 Food
16 Mill
17 House => Berries
18 Beries
19 Beries
20 Beries
21 Mining Camp
22 Gold
Up to Feudal
23 Wood Make Market / BS with Lumberjacks
24 Gold
Up to Castle DBA, House, Divide your TC vills into two 5er teams
Horsecollar, Queue them to Stragglers after the Sheep
Send the teams out shortly before Castle to built TCs right away
Famers Bow Saw

idk if the build has useful applications. Tatars aren’t a good arena civ where this could be applied.