Informational using Advanced Genie Editor (AGE)

Hey guys, i just want to share some information i have learned through trial and error. I would have wanted to read this a couple weeks ago but there isn’t much information on AGE, and when there is it is few and far between. This is probably going to be a long message, so i will categorize it and you can scroll down and read which ever ones you care to know about.

Note: I will likely edit and add to this stream over time to make modding easier for other people. Feel free to comment any knowledge you have gained from hours of patience as well.

Detector unit: (This makes a unit that can instantly change into another unit, and vice versa, just like Ratha.)
So copy an already existing unit of your choice and paste it onto a test string. Do this with your other unit as well. Now in “Unit trait” select detector unit, and then look at the number of the unit that you want to transform into, that you pasted onto the test string. (The number is next to the units name, and it will be a four digit number.) Type that number into the “Trait piece” and do the same for the other unit. Now both units should have the other units number in their trait piece. Thats how its done.

Making a unit that can be stealth, as well as non stealth: So here we are going to use the detector unit. This one is pretty simple. Make one of the units that has detector ability into a “Warship” which you will find at the top of the toolbar. It is number 22. So this makes it so that units will not attack your “Warship” unit unless first attacked by it.
Note: making the unit a warship will disallow the charge ability, as well as make warships attack it as default.
You can create a special unit specifically for the enemies that is a warship as well, that way it is the only ground troop that targets your stealth unit. You can also in map editor using triggers, task the infantry units to attack your stealth (warship) unit when your stealth unit kills someone right in front of the other units. Experiment around with this and triggers.

Making a unit that can pick up objects: As far as i know, monks are the only ones with the ability to pick up relics. I have tried to make infantry have the ability but with little luck. Projectiles are great random units, but obviously they aren’t in map editor. Is what you do is copy and paste a relic, and then change da graphics of a relic to anything you want, (i like projectiles cause they are unique) so then you copy and paste a monk, and then copy and paste graphics from another unit onto him, (i use the Merchant) and then scroll down to the bottom and in tasks, you will find that your monk that now looks like a merchant has these tasks. Heal, Convert, pickup unit 285, (Relic) and pretty much the standard infantry garrison tasks as well. I remove the heal and convert. that way the transformed monk is basically now a merchant that can pick stuff up, given that that object is a relic with or without different graphics. As far as i know, relics are the only things that can be picked up… i will experiment around some more with picking stuff up, and i will report if i find out anything else really cool. I cant think of anything else to add right now, so i hope this helps someone out.

Once again, feel free to add any knowledge.

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the UGC guide doesnt specify specific feature/function such as old garrison (box1) and detector unit (box 3, likely for swgb only like the rest of them) among other things like tasks etc lots can only be done through trial/error brute force test.

@PTSDmachine I dont think detector unit has any function, the behavior you are observing for AI not attacking it until it is first attacked, applies to most classes. in this case it is the same for warship class 22. any warship type, even without that detector box checked, AI will not attack them until attacked. this is hard coded behavior for AI against that class.

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Detector unit is used for the swapping units I’m pretty sure. All the units that can swap between attack types like the Ratha use it.

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yea it is, i meant to type stealth unit

Yeah, there are some classes that the enemies simply don’t react to, such as misc building. They will run from a unit set as misc building that attacks them. Detector unit does have one function that i know of for sure. (Swapping units back and forth) I think you can use detector unit combined with trait piece for units that can build stuff…

I have it opposite, even though AI ignores them, they fight back if they are attacked mostly like warship (some minor differences).

that would be great if it works, though Im not sure how because they are both at same button location (the build and swap).

Now that is interesting… I wonder why… it just doesn’t make sense to me…

I got it to work a while ago but it took a bunch of finagling and patience to get it to work. I would guess that you cant mix those traits, despite what it tells you…