Ingame chat is delayed/bugged

Game Version:

  • Build: 37650
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: BuzZ_Alk0h0lix


(When sending a message ingame with the chat-function I immediatly hear the “message-sound” after pressing enter, but the actual pop-up of the message is often (not always) very delayed, which is quite annoying in multiplayer-games… if you want to warn your allies for example. I am not sure, if my allies see my messages immediatly or if it is delayed for everyone…)

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Use the ingame-chat
  2. See the very delayed pop-up of the message
  3. Done



Have a similar problem, just what I write to chat is not visible at all. Tried to play with a mate (thanks to disconnects we didnt even play single “no disconnect game” since this stupid patch come out, not kidding he had 10+ disconnects and then just gave up and are waiting for hotfix or rollback) and he told me, that what I wrote was not visible at all. I have this problem in all games since the patch.

I have the same issue, every game my first few chats (and then somewhat randomly afterwords) will take around 20-30 seconds to go through. I get no sound, no text on the left, nothing. It has happened in every game I’ve played so far since the last patch.

This might fix it:

Lately I have an issue whit the time it takes a message i have wrote to my allies to appear on screen. It takes around 20 to 30 seconds to appear. Anyone has an idea why?
The game itself runs completly normal, signals appear right away and theres no lag the times it has happened to me.

Any Idea why this could be happening?

Thank you for your time.

Since the last patch whenever I use chat there is about 30 second long delay before my message shows up which makes communication rather frustrating in multiplayer games, pinging works instantly though.

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Disabling the chat filter will get rid of your problem.

This will completely remove chat delay, as well as the chat filter.


I have the same problem. Removing the chat filter does not work for me.

No chat filter for me. But certain chat messages never appear.

Opponent said " 1 sec"

Later " Sorry 14"

Later “?”

I only got the “?”

I watched the replay and the other messages came through. Even though im 100% certain they didnt come through in game. As I sat there staring at the chat block waiting to see why the guy paused and when he would unpause…