Ingame voting

What’s up with the ingame voting?!
Black forest is leading the voting with 22%. Only Acropolis is close with just 15%.
Are there people enjoying 1v1 BF games? That is pretty new to me…

Or is it just the that everyone in game can vote and many lobby suckers are voting for 1v1 BF, while not wanting to play 1v1 BF in ranked?

I would suggest that you can only vote for the map pool voting if you have played some games on that ladder in the last weeks. This way the voting much more correlates with the player base who are playing in ranked.

Example: You have to play at least 5 games in october on the 1v1 Ladder to vote in the current voting for the 1v1 map pool.


welcome to the joys of democracy. what you’re seeing is the very casual and low skill players voting for closed maps where they can boom and sim city.


Yes and developer never disclose the number of vote just we always have it in the forum voting. Make us impossible to estimate that how many of the vote are from smurf or real players

It shouldnt be too difficult to only allow voting for active players on the ladder… Just add a check to the number of games on that ladder in the last weeks and add a pop up explaining why you cant vote if you arent active…

You can even add a minimum number of games on the ladder before you can vote. That might also limit the number of smurf votes.

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Not even the casual and low skill players.

It’s straight up custom game players who will never touch this mode and be forced into the 1v1 ranked BF games that they’ve decided for us.


i honestly dont get this whole elitist behaviour from some people here, i mean i got your guy point but just play it and you get enough expierence in it sometimes everyone has to bite in the bitter apple and the more we get used to variety the more expierence we get

i honestly vote the maps i like and sometimes i even ban some of them bc i am not in the mood for the map but for better or worst i just get through with it and enjoy the few games i play as a filthy casual as the elitist would say


Wrong thread, or not properly edited.

thanks for the reminder eventho its copy paste i edited so its not really out of place since it still boils down to the same problem

Any can vote, fine, give me as bans as I want too…

I don’t think that’s a good idea. The more people that vote the better imo, you can complain people are voting for the ‘wrong maps’ but that’s your opinion, which you can and should express by voting.

Firstly lets assume that everyone who voted for Black Forest are indeed people who only play custom lobbies. Well maybe this month they will end up playing ranked since their map is actually in the pool. Maybe that shows how many more people play custom lobbies than ladder and appealing to those players could be a good thing.

If you limit people who played in the last map pool here are some scenarios I can imagine happening and wouldn’t like:

You take a month off aoe2 for any number of reasons, you come back, you don’t get to vote until a futher month.

You don’t play because you don’t like the current map pool, but now you can’t vote on the next map pool because you haven’t played.

You don’t play normally but now this month in particular you map that you love is in the vote… but you can’t actually vote for it because you don’t play ranked normally.

And many more, I think these would all be a shame.

It’s just BF in the pool for 1 month; either no1 actually wants to play it in which case, hurray no problem… or people actually want to play it and it’s a good job they got to vote on it, so that they can play it.


I think a categoric statement such as this doesn’t make sense. I don’t see why someone who only plays campaigns should be voting in the 1v1 map pool. the same way I shouldn’t get to vote in aoe4 map pool.

I was thinking about the problem of sporadic players as well and i think there is a solution to that:
everyone starts with a ‘vote token’, you spend it to vote and you regain it after playing X number of games. so if you aren’t going to play for a month, don’t vote.

i think not playing because you don’t like some maps is a bit immature, but i can see that this become a problem if say the 1v1 queue keeps including arena, michi, blackforest and amazon tunnel.

Well the devs introduced a whole time out system because people were AltF4 maps they didn’t like so, it happens regardless of what you think of it.

In short: everyone should get a vote.

In long:

It’s not a huge crazy life changing vote, it’s a map… for one month
It’s unlikely that people will put effort into deliberately and in coordination with enough people try to skew the map pool for laughs
Anyone ‘could’ vote on the maps before when they were on this forum, there was no need to prove you played any game to vote.
People on this forum (myself included) petitioned for in game voting precisely to make it easier for more people to vote. Instead of just a few hundred people deciding for the 000s of people who play ranked.
It makes no sense trying to make voting more difficult and elitist again
Any claim made here that people who are voting aren’t actually playing is completely unprovable.
And as stated before; if the people who vote for the map don’t play you won’t need to ban it and will never have to play it… but if they do play and that map keeps getting picked, then it’s a good job they got to vote and put it in the map pool.


that’s true. it’s also true that any claim to the opposite is unprovable. I think msft would look at some data to see what percentage of players vote without playing before making any decision

we even have people gleefully admitting that they vote to mess with others:

I think the current system is better than the forum voting, and I also advocated for it. I think it could still be improved

I don’t want any of that. I want voting to representative. It should represent the interests of those who are affected by the map selection.

that’s not true
say the map pool with current voting is (only 3 maps for simplicity)
Arabia, Arena, Michi

if a Arabia and an Arena main get matched, by your logic neither bans Michi because ‘nobody wants to play it’ so the former bans Arena and the latter bans Michi. they play the map because it’s the only one left

Another blatant case of “everyone’s vote is welcome, as long as they vote like I want”.
This echoes with ridiculous things I’ve witnessed like “esclude retirees from voting because they don’t contribute society anymore” and such things.
Really sad and pathetic. Anyone supporting this oligarchic elitist way of thinking should be really, really ashamed.


no, it’s more like saying the major of seattle should be elected by the people living in seattle, not by the entirety of north Washington state

Wrong analogy since the game was payed by anyone who owns it, smurf account excluded.
Why shouldn’t I be able to cast my vote if I payed for the game like everyone else? Either everyone should be able to vote, or nobody and we should have all the maps playable with infinite bans.

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Insert the “I love democracy” meme. Seriously, the main points of introducing the in game voting was 1. Convenience. The vast majority of players never ever entered the forums, the most votes I saw were 1000 at most and generally lower, which isn’t representative of the player outside of those hardcore forum users (not even pro players remember the voting thing, T90 for example almost never votes because he forgets it exists, Viper never or almost never voted prior to this as well). 2. Turn the game voting into the actual opinion of the majority of players. Pretty much explained in the previous point, most players didn’t even knew when a map voting was going on. I’m kind of surprised people didn’t realize earlier that this would obviously change the vote distribution closer to a more “casual” play style. In regards of what the devs should do about people complaining their favourite maps are not picked, well, there are many options. One is the aforementioned “right to vote quota” which on paper sounds good to me, but you first need to establish said quota, which can be exploited (if it is a number of games quota for example, nothing prevents me from quitting instantaneously a couple of games I don’t like, eg. Black Forest, and they would still count, defeating the point of the quota, which is making players experience the maps in a ranked game to have a more informed decision). Plus, this doesn’t remove the possibility of maps someone doesn’t like to keep showing up, because maybe the new players not only like these maps, but also play them constantly, which I assume is the point of proposing this, because (I think) it assumes that: “the casual player doesn’t know these maps are garbage in ranked games, if they actually tested them in ranked, they would realize “x” maps are much better”, which could be false. Personally, I think there are gonna be disagreements regardless of the system picked. Personally, I would leave as it is, players shouldn’t have to fill quotas in order to have the full experience in a game. In any case, the better option is to dialogue with other players, let the ranked system evolve naturally, and if the maps you like are indeed more fun, they should progressively become more popular.

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no it isn’t a wrong analogy. the analogy is that those (most) affected by the vote should decide on it.
if i dont play team games, the team game maps dont affect me, so i shouldnt vote on them.

for the same reason one shouldnt get to vote which maps someone else can play in skirmish mode: it doesn’t affect you. you don’t buy a right to vote

The easiest solution would be to enable voting for everyone who has played 10 ranked games (same threshold as for getting ranked in the first place), at least this ensures that people who vote know what the voting is actually about. And you can do this separately for 1v1 and teamgames why not.

I don’t see much arguments against that, but it would give further credibility to the voting results. Of course, it will probably not change the overall outcome, as I don’t have seen any evidence that non-ranked players do participate in the voting on a large scale and show a voting pattern that drastically differs from the majority of the playerbase.


Make it so only people that are ranked can Vote, but i dont think that the results will be mich different actually.