Inserting Downloaded Units Into Aoe2 DE

So im a beginner modder and i would like to know how to insert some of the units i have downloaded off aok haven, i have already converted them to SMP Files and i would like to know how to actually insert them into the game.


@thieftdp8498 You probably know, how :slightly_smiling_face:

age of empires 2 DE uses smx, the first game uses SMP. need to convert into SMX with all facing angles and use genie editor to insert them.

How do i use genie editor to insert them?

in genie editor, there is a graphic tab. you create graphic entry and tell it which graphic smx file to use etc. then in the units you created, graphic section can choose which graphic entry from graphic tab.

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Sorry, i am a VERY beginner modder, i do not know how to create a graphic entry and tell it which graphic smx file to use, can you walk me through the steps? When i go to GenieEditor there is nothing in the graphics tab that says “Create graphic entry”

its quite a lot to explain and other new modders can learn too, come to AOK modding on Discord.

I do not want to join a discord server, simply want to know how to insert downloaded units into aoe2 DE, you can explain on here.

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Yes, it would help any other modders who arrive in this topic with same question :slightly_smiling_face:

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think about everytime someone asks a question and I’d have to answer it. you can join discord and ask there and i’ll be glad to help further there.

also I’ve already explain it, you just need to search for the tab and test it yourself. graphics tab show many graphic entries so take a random unit as an example and most of the time copy/paste with some testing will take you far

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Still need to know how to insert Downloaded units into aoe2 de, have joined one of the discord servers but the only thing i have learnt is to convert the units to have 8 facing angles - Haven’t actually learnt how to put them into the game, so i’m going to continue this thread.

each unit has a graphic section, standing, walk, attack, death etc

those drop down boxes link to entries in graphics tab.

take a look of an existing unit thats closest to what you wanted, duplicate the entries and change SLP portioin. SLP is where smx file name should go. each entry u have to change angles and frame count.

i managed to get the graphics in game and the unit, but i cant select it and when it moves it does not have any animation.

thats why you should duplicate an existing unit and then replace the graphics section so you dont have to worry about these things.

It is very complicated to implement an unit into the game. First make sure you have every unit stance… like idleA, death, walk, dying, etc.
Then make sure you have all the frames and angles. (usually 8-16 angles with 30frames) Btw most old units have less angles and frames. so you would need to find a solution to add for the missing.
Then convert them to smx files with slx-studio.
If you have this and want to make it more like a skin which replaces a unit with your unit skin. then just rename your files to the unit files which you want to replace.

If you want to go further and make an alternate unit you would need to do that with GenieEditor and make a data mod. But i have no clue how to do that.

But I m pretty sure you should have the visuals before you try even harder things.

You should not expect to get personal help from the community, it is a privilege not an everyday commodity, you are recommended to do your own research. Modders and content creators usually are busy with their own passion projects or with life in general, so checking one of the least popular places for help where those people do not generally hang out is not productive for you or anyone really.

As theif already mentioned there are discord groups and other forums where these people reside. You are better off finding general modding resources through those groups or forums. Perhaps they can even point you at a proper guide to follow that has step-by-step instructions for what you are asking.

One of the best places to get help from you refused and discarded. The second in line is probably AoKHeaven.

If you want to learn modding you need to be open-minded and willing to learn it yourself or research stuff based on old discussions and threads. Don’t get me wrong, but if you are not willing to invest your time to navigate through dead ends, then I doubt you will get anywhere. The modding community does not have “personal teachers”, at least I have not heard of any who would lecture someone from a bleb to experienced.