Intriguing, possibly concerning (pre-) announcement for 2024

Towards the end of the new patch notes, we have this:

I’m surely reading to much into this (what else can one do?), but I find that phrasing a bit unsettling. Overall I’m broadly optimistic about the future of AoE2, but it’s hard to imagine something that would be both extremely unpredictable and extremely popular. Their saying something akin to “we’re taking notes,” or “we’ve been working on projects inspired by community requests” would be a lot more reassuring. “You’ll never guess” half makes me think the big announcements are going to be an AoE2 port for Nintendo DS and Etch-a-Sketch (with crossplay) and a new DLC called “Return of the Jedi ™” that adds Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds as a game mode inside AoE2, (with a playable Ewok faction in the base game).

There’s always the possibility of being pleasantly surprised or coming across “that thing you never knew you needed,” but I don’t know that there’s much room left for that sort of thing in a 20+ year old game with a relatively conservative fanbase. IMO it’s just as important, if not more so, to avoid the addition of ill-fitting novelties, as it is to continue to add well-chosen content. Put another way, whenever these new projects are revealed, it’s possible that I would either think “I never saw that coming!” or “I love it,” but quite unlikely that I would think both. The most unpredictable addition in DE (to me) was the Xbox port, but it was also something I didn’t care for at all.

Now in one sense it would be a major “surprise” if the devs fulfilled a lot of fan requests that they haven’t hitherto paid much visible attention to: New assets for units, buildings and objects (either as skins or new units), some of the highly requested civs from Africa, America, and Asia, proper languages for all civs, and major fixes of a lot of longstanding bugs (including pathing). All of those would be surprises, but none are of the type that “we’d never guess”. We’ve been suggestively “guessing” them for years in hopes that the devs will take notice. So yeah, I have a bit of a hunch that many of these things will continue to be mid-low priority, and that a lot of the incoming changes will be on the eccentric and gimmicky side. Frankly it’s hard for me not to read “things nobody will ever guess” as “things nobody ever asked for.”

I hope to be hilariously wrong of course. But what are your thoughts?


As long as it isn’t another Battle Royal disaster, it’s fine.

I’m positively optimistic that they might add a skin/graphics DLC without new civs.

I’m just hoping we will get at least another African/American and maybe even an Oceanian DLC before we’re done with new civs.

Maybe a new game mode? Return of Deathmatch Ranked Ladder? Campaign DLC?


Deathmatch is worst than EW
But I see your point

End of AoE2 DE and another remake of the game with actually better pathing, better stability, less bug and hack, more architecture and unit reskin, better match making, better ranked as Hera suggested couple of months ago.


We will never guess?

So let me guess.
It’s not something that people have been calling for a lot but it will obviously not be something completely stupid.

That is something people have actually been asking for but that would be a big licensing problem.

I’d read that announcement as them adding a new gamemode or something like that and not a rework of the actual game.

Maybe they are adding some new technical capabilities to the engine that will enable new things that were previously not possible.

  • Manipulating terrain in run time
  • allow loading of premade map segments in random map generation
  • real world map customisation (existed before)
  • Unity that can automatically switch attack modes (like AoE3 units)
  • Dataset overwrites so you don’t have to replace the whole file in your mod
  • More then 8 players per match/scenario (even if it’s limited to 8 humans and everyone else can only be AI)

What I’d personally love to see is an AoE2 RoR crossplay mode.

Plot twist:
They will rework AoE2 into a 3D game with VR support.


AoE2 DE Definitive Edition

Also, in what multiverse is easier to remake a game from scratch than to fix it?


A free patch in 2024 that ‘fixes’ pathing and other bugs, but actually does so unironically. Nobody will expect patch notes saying they’ve fixed pathing actually being true.


Age of Empires II Remastered Edition.

In no multiverse I guess.

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Wouldn’t be too surprised if they are working on rewriting the path finding from the ground up.
Maybe based on AoE4 code.

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Already a thing, sort of. Mechanically very different, but it’s medieval AoE on the DS. Look up Age of Empires: The Age of Kings. It even had an AoM sequel called Age of Empires: Mythologies.

prob just architecture skin DLC that u gotta pay, with encrypted protection so you can’t extract and make use of them.


I hope they go all out. It would be cool to see some unit skins that acknowledge things like lacking certain techs like blast furnace and armour.

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Me too :laughing:.

Maybe AoE2 will be free to play (like AoE3).


The true pleasant surprise: devs quit and make aoe2 open source :wink:

The only time I thought both is the launch of DE in 2019. Ever since, it’s an endless loop of things being fixed while more things broke.

These would be great. I will add:

  • Map edge highlighting like aoe4
  • Rematch for SP so that you don’t need to set up settings again

However devs (or rather, their lead) always seems to have a different taste that’s irrelevant. What sounds exciting to them could be disgusting to us.

if it is something ligit they would probably have an actual teaser or media blurb and not some vague cryptic comment

I hope ‘‘we’re pretty sure yo’ll simply never guess’’ means they are making unique castles, regional unit skins and more architecture sets. And they just call it ‘‘unpredictable’’ because things like that are community requests for so long that everybody gave up hope and would never expect it to truly happen haha :smiley:


Maybe they don’t have a clue yet and are looking at the guesses to figure out what to do :smile:


My guess is it’s skins because they can actually make money from it. Whereas pathing is pushed down the priority because everybody just loves new stuff.


I’m hoping for architecture sets. In case that’s it, I’m gonna draw up my sketches for Caucasian architecture and grab the devs’ attention somehow.

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A remake of the game with all DLCs and new engine, so this issues become less frequent.
Two new DLCs with them: The [something] of America and The African [something].

SWGB DE or Remake announced for 2027 thanks to Disney getting some sense in their nonsense mind.

100k dollars from Microsoft to Deathmatch World Cup 6.

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