Is 9 mins imperial possible for HRE?

is 9 mins imperial possible with 40 vills as HRE, i personally dont think it is, so unsure how someone just pulled it off, unless he was cheating.

check the replay? report him?

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If somesones getting accused of cheating should post your game name so we can check the replay.

Many times ive thought how did this person do some strat and beat me lol and after watching the replay they just out played me

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I remember there was process teaching that could do that.

But it is extremely vulnerable, because defense is not considered at all.

the name is as you see it xD

bro 9 min imperial should never even exist in the first place

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I personally get 11-18min imp going meinwerk (i don’t wanna hear it my mirror win rate went down slightly but my other matchup win rates went up so it’s a net positive to me) with 20-50 military in feudal/castle (depends Heavily on matchup/game state whether imp is even priority) so naked 9-10 min imp with aachan sounds very possible if they did literally nothing but the imp rush you probably should have pushed when they hit castle. because if HRE hits castle at 6:45-7minutes you can KNOW they have 0-5 military units/ a couple towers MAX, this is the reason i changed my standard opening to be prepared for a feudal fight was tired of getting caught in transition. playing catch up against HRE sucks so if you see them hit 7-8 minute castle and you don’t already have units either guarding the relics or on the way to harass you kind of already made a misplay HRE is weakest in between minutes 5-10 you need to do serious damage before we get our eco established with either regnitz or our printer (Swabia). otherwise its like trying to stop a boulder from rolling down hill… not worth the effort. good luck in the next one bruhduh

To be honest, i dont know how he managed it, i was pushing his gold and kept him off it for some time, after i checked the stats, all his resources had huge jumps, i personally feel he cheated, he also had loads of military units as well.

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yea that’s not possible 9 minute imp + military not possible AT ALL. i have spent the last month or 2 min maxing my HRE timings i can say with CERTAINTY, that’s not real. for perspective Beasty took 11 minutes to hit imp with 10ish military against an Abbasid player. I Rushed 11 min Imperial vs Pro Abbasid player - YouTube .sooooo ya block him and report lol

Yes it is possible with HRE especially on a map like Mountain Clearing if you get the Deer and Gold on the same side which does not happen very often. Even at the start ideally you want a gold close to the food so that the prelate inspires early gold miners without losing time. I got it in less than 9 minutes on that map long ago in a practice test game though not a real game. Even with a fishing build it should be doable if not in 9 slightly more than 9 minutes. I myself got it in less than 9 minutes 20 on water maps with 2 docks for fishing but that was on Megarandom with safe water in which I didn’t need to rush military ships.

How about you watch the replay in which you suspect the opponent cheated and see for yourself if he cheated or not? Or share the match history and let us watch.

On the other hand you can’t have 40 villagers at 9min if the Palace of Swabia is finished at 9min. At 9 minutes you should have 33 villagers at most BUT once Swabia is out you will get those extra 7 villagers super quick (i.e 42 seconds later) to reach 40.

In any case for the above to happen the opponent needs to be quite good at the game and definitely not silver/gold and company player.

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You aren’t executing well very simple. Beasty had many production buildings and had made troops (6 knights) in the video you are linking that is not really pure imperial rush. The word "rush in his title is for the sake of click baiting /making people want to watch, but in practice it was a rush because in realistic 1v1 high level games you can’t go for crazy timings with 0 army.

He also did not optimize the deer/sheep positioning because no time to do that vs a serious opponent in a 1v1 map + everyone can do mistakes/suboptimal plays even the pro. Lastly he was about to get supply blocked at 4min so he put many vills at wood urgently then he got supply blocked for 10 seconds at the 4m20s and had to send 6 builders to build a house in a rush which is inefficient and those temporary lumberjacks had to walk around later to go back to food… His villagers that were building 2 barracks (hence wood gathered aka not rushing imp and he had already 2 stables) got harassed. In the meantimes 15 villagers went idle when the sheep count was very low. Actually they were already gathering inefficiently from sheep since they were too many villagers compared to the sheep count. In a pure rush with lot of sheep found you hit imp before the sheep count gets low (due to making knights + you can get more sheep on other maps/better luck). Clearly you didn’t watch the video you linked.

I forgot to say Beasty also went for wheelbarrow which also helps delaying the imperial timings (especially since HRE have extra capacity by default and rushing imperial requires mainly food/gold and sheep/deer benefit little if well positioned)

No, it’s impossible… at minute 9 I’m still in feudal… xd

There is a reason you are stuck in low gold Elo. Anyway I will show you a video by Beasty and it was a first attempt not really optimized in which he got 9min22 and he didn’t have a high sheep count I think since he was playing with no AI + less sheep than other maps. (I think this was after the change to HRE that made them start with prelate) He actually gathered berries which is one of the worst thing for getting record imperial timings.

You’re executing reading about as good as you think i am at my build order bud… if you’ll read the comment you’re referencing instead of just skimming my sentence and typing a salty paragraph responding to what you think i said you’d see that i said he had about 10 knights… the comment before i said with aachan it’s very possible never once did i say a 9 minute imp wasn’t possible. my gold ass does it in practice along with a 7 minute castle but 9 minute imp with, as OP put it, “loads of military” not possible deer spawn, nothin! you aint spending more than 1500 resources outside of the rush and making it to imp in 9 minutes…

also this is literally my first season playing any RTS at all and considering that im happy with gold nearly plat for my first season. you can try and be elitist all you want because you have more experience in the genre but my brain works just fine i can calculate algebraic equations for gather rates i know how fast you can get how much and i know how much stuff cost. mathematically you can’t gather enough to do what you’re saying. the video you just posted is a NAKED imp something i already said was possible. stop getting defensive when someone says they think they might have faced a cheater and trying to posture over new players it’s unbecoming and makes the community look bad

he had loads of military at 9 minutes? or minutes later?

Is this the game you are talking about?

you told the OP to “report” his opponent even though you had 0 proof of cheating.

reporting isn’t a ban button, its a hey something felt off in this game look at this guy… i will tell people to report by default all it is is asking devs to review play. unlike you i actually took the time to read the thread before posting in it. i asked if it was a naked imp before suggesting to report. im beginning to get the feeling you came here trying to argue not be helpful or even communicate in a positive manner so i will be leaving this conversation have a good day/night

It isn’t but your attitude of wanting to report people is toxic and sadist. Just found the game I assume OP was talking about check my last post. I don’t think there was any cheating at all +

OP is hiding his history right now so we can’t check the replay and very soon it won’t be possible after he plays a couple more games since the history only keeps last 10 games. If you check the game at aoe4 world you will also notice that the HRE imp wasn’t even at 9 but rather 11:40…

Btw I just made a quick reproduction for fast imperial " with mistakes" and got 8:59. If interested search for player name HREFastImperial and check the last game.

The whole thread was clearly a troll thread “I have just lost to someone therefore they must be cheating” and you validated the trolling.

His resource curve has nothing wrong. If you have 60 vills that are mostly inspired you will have a huge income say 3k+ per minute so a steep slope. His spending wasn’t perfect (and he probably didn’t have enough production buildings) so the resource curve manage to rise as he floated resources then drops every time he does production cycles.

Then share you match history as it is hidden right now before we can no longer see the replay and tell which match is it, my guess it is the one I linked since it is your only recent loss vs HRE and I can already see you provided inaccurate info.