Is anyone else having as much trouble with the 'magical cannons' as I am?

Played AO3:DE for a few hours last night.

Watched my artillery crew move the cannons/mortars, etc, around, set them up for firing.

Then I was some video’s of AOE4 and watched the cannons magically roll around the map by themselves and fire by themselves.

This is a REAL immersion breaker. This may keep me playing 3 instead of buying 4.


If that is how you feel, good for you. You won’t have to waste 60$.


There are already at least a few topics on the subject right here. I suggest you join the shitstorm over on those instead of starting a new one, to keep things organized.


You’re the only one.


Yeah I don’t care about that. My enjoyment of the game doesn’t rest on whether some men are pushing a cannon or not.


I absolutely support you!
It is surprising how a new and current game loses artistic elements from its predecessors. Those who say it doesn’t matter are deluding themselves.


Or they just have a different opinion. You aren’t more “enlightened”.


I will stick whit the fact, that it is more fun to see a crew recharge the canon, then to see nothing.


I was being facetious by the way. There are like a half dozen other threads about this already. Some people are surprisingly passionate about it.


I’m also surprised. Not saying it’s not important. I prefere a more realistic depiction, but they are passionate about it more than I expected.

There is a long, long list of more important issues. Cannons are one unit. Siege class as a whole - few. Meanwhile disappointing ragdoll physic applies to all units, just like mediocre destruction - to all buildings. Or something as cosmetic as cannon crews - lack of any real gore and visual impact on the battlefield. Players can choose not to train cannons, but combat (gore) is present in every single game.

If I would have to start nitpicking I’d probably open with complaints about lack of animal diversity or way too static water, on water maps :slight_smile:


Yeah its true, and I feel thats less likely to be added officially as well.

Lets just hope they don’t add it in a DLC like Total war did. :worried:

Somebody will probably bump this thread after release to show how it will finally look, so just for reference - close up of artillery foundry units in ‘fire’ mode in AoE III.


“They are indistinguishable and create confusion.” It is an argument as solid as a castle of cards.


Fuc*, what an amazing game. I wanted to play again.


I don’t mind as much, didn’t really bother me during beta, but it’s obvious it’d be nicer if the crew were there.


Thing is just one or two people operating a cannon would look even more retarded they would have to add team of soldiers for it to make sense.

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Couldnt care less. I just want a fun game.


I do agree that not having crews is really immersion breaking but the siege worked that way in aoe2
and aoe4 is a “spiritual successor” to aoe2 so it makes sence that it wants players from the aoe2 playerbase rather than aoe3 ( a lot of aoe2 players say that the siege would be more clunky and really bad for micro with a slower “crew” animation than the faster “ghost” animations which i agree but in my opinion they should have a small change like that to differentiate from aoe2 but i guess they want good competitive players to be happy which i respect)
(sidenote they worked that way in aoe1 too but we know how they treat that game xD)

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No trouble from me. In AoE2 only bombard cannons have a person pushing them around. The rest of the siege moves by magic. Has not really stopped the game from becoming popular.


yeah exactly. I’d say its more of a successor to aoe2.
They put a lot of emphasis on pro players/competitive for example the had Viper as part of the council.