Is anyone else seeing insane memory utilization playing DE?

Current config:

AMD FX-8350 black, 8 core 4.0ghz
1tb Seagate SSD
2x8gb Patriot Viper 3 DDR3 ram
Powercolor dragon red Rx570 4GB GPU

It doesnt matter if I play on ultra with HD graphics pack enabled or on high with basically everything disabled - I get 20-30% CPU utilization, 40-50% GPU utilization and it maxes out my Ram every single time. Are there massive memory leak issues, or is the game just really that poorly developed??


That’s not a memory leak, 16GB RAM is the absolute minimum required to run the game with enhanced graphics pack.

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wow!! just…wow. I haven’t downloaded the DLC yet, but I am used to the old graphics and the new graphics are just mind-blowing for me anyways.

I am playing the game at a perfect 60 fps on a 1050Ti 4GB + i7-7700HQ processor -I also have 16GB of DDR4 RAM butI dont know if I should care about the EG dlc.

That screenshot was taken with EG off on high graphics setting. no 3d render of water, no waves on the beach, no vignette, low particle resolution.

you mean to tell me that my memory utilization should be maxed on those settings? and its no excuse for the poor utilization of the GPU or CPU.

Oh, and thats 1080P, no vsync or anti-aliasing either.

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For the enhanced graphics pack minimum is 8GB, recommended 16GB.

it uses 2GB for me Xbox(PC) version. I dunno where to look at for the EG dlc, it isn’t in the mods menu, but anyways…, not that I care that much, I am loving the graphics, it’s such an enhancement compared to the original. Better graphics and better AI, soooo happy

The question is what on Earth is it using all that RAM for? It seems to just hog every bit of it regardless of the total installed, and clearly, regardless of the graphics settings, AND it still struggles to hold down a decent frame rate.

The enhanced graphics is DLC within the Store, available from the game’s page if you scroll down I think. Free, and larger than the game itself.

Yeah the game crashes for many people due to insane RAM usage. The game is VERY poorly optimized. I mean I can play Skyrm Special Edition with all settings on ultra and no crashes and I can play Age of Empires: Definitive Edition with no crashes. But not this game. Even people with more than 16GB ram have reported crashes.

To the devs:
Can we please soon get some information on how you plan to fix these crash issues?


The requirements listed on Steam are not up to date and currently pending update. You can see the minimum listed as 16GB correctly on the support page on this website:


We all found the minimal requirements on the low side I can remember. Although I understand and appreciate their efforts of course to bring this to an as broad as possible audience.

So you think min. req. of 16gb ram for UHD is normal huh?

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Is is normal for a game in 2019.

It is not AAA game with uber graphics or having lots of open-area location.

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it’s still 4k, also game uses CPU adn RAM for graphics while AAA games use more graphic card and get optimization from NVIDIA (+video cards are more optimazed for 3d than 2d)

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I still can remember AOE II AOC running very smooth on a silent (!) Matrox AGP GPU. 4K sprites on high resolutions with increased zoom functionality requires indeed huge 2D performance. For that reason they need to load all sprites in memory leading to swap problems on systems with low amounts of memory and probably free space too which blocks the page file from growing dynamically.

They only need to load sprites for the civilizations in the running game (so the memory usage could depend on the number of opponents), and for terrain in the map.

But in my case, with 32GB of RAM, the benchmark uses a peak of 16GB (private bytes, so this is only the AOE process) without the UHD graphics, which really seem too much.
With UHD graphics enabled, it’s 24GB, so +8GB for the bigger textures (not sure if it’s too much or not, but it means it won’t fit in the GPU dedicated memory, so it could cause slowdowns).

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I just ordered 16gb more ram, so we’ll see how this evening goes.

But people can still play it with less than 16 GB ram, but the game crashes after a few minutes.

Do we really need more than 16 GB ram just to keep the game from crashing? I mean my game runs fine with 12 GB ram, but the game crashes anyway after a 5-20 minutes.

I was able to play only a few minutes yesterday. Today it opens the game up, but then a few seconds later it crashes and resets the pc. I cannot play !!!

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So, you’re saying people cannot play it :thinking:
Correct, when you’re under the minimum 16GB RAM requirement, you will just crash or get horrible performance.