Is AoE III DE dying

With more and more people joining AoE IV, do u guys think this game will suffer the same fate as AoM and have ridiculously low playerbase?


pues ni idea colega, seguire en el 3 hasta el final, el 4 aun no me convece para nada y le falta mucho, pero eso es cosa mia


Absolutely not.

As long as there are players who enjoy it and frequently request content to be added there’s no reason to abandon it, especially for AoE4 since many AoE3 fans prefer its timeline.


AOE3 with both its setting and gameplay fills a unique niche that other RTS cannot replace.


We will know more on October 25. My biggest fear is FE redirecting more people to work on AoEIV at the expense of AoE3DE.


Sometimes I wish the original devs would have released Aoe3 as a ‘spinoff’ title similar to Age of Mythology, because it’s so different thematically and gameplay wise from other Age games, when people play it they don’t really give it much of a chance. Getting new players in is definitely hard, as the game that’s awkwardly placed in between the nostalgia favorite(Aoe2) and the newest entry in the series (Aoe4). But I think the core player base will always be around, if legacy can survive 15 years then I have no doubt DE can as well.


It depends. The game itself is a bit unique among RTS games and it wasn’t nearly as popular as AOE2 in the first place. FE has done an excellent job with AOE3DE and generated a lot of interest. It has a very loyal fanbase. But, as you said, the number of those players is relatively low, and it’s hard to justify spending the time and effort to continue to develop for a small audience. When the developer throws in the towel and says it’s just not financially worth it anymore to continue making new content, the game is done, that’s the death knell for a lot of games. There are exceptions of course, and some older games have a much longer lifetime just because the community keeps them alive with mods, fan-organized tournaments, or whatever. The two Starcraft games are like that, for example.

That said, I haven’t heard anything official from the FE devs that says they’re throwing in the towel on AOE3DE. On the other hand, we’re also seeing a major drought of information out of the team for much longer than usual. We would have expected a PUP to test by now following the Iroquois/Haud rework and we haven’t seen it. Some of that can be chalked up to summer vacations, but there’s speculation they’re getting close to being “done” with the game.


Yeah it is, because all takes so long and you dont get a feedback, not a roadmap etc and the official forum is full of crying from lammers. Also all what they did well before or with Release of KOTM is already ruined because it takes to long to bring new patches, there is to less feedback and the current Meta Gameplay of AOE3 is doing the rest. Like 90% of the Games are FI, Turtle, Cheese, Revolts or Mercenary Gameplay. Also the QS is dominated by Aztec laming, USA Age4 Bug Abusing and Civs like Otto or Aztec. And if they are not your enemy civ, then you play against China, Spain, Germany or Italy and Malta. So the Game is in a terrible Mood atm also the amount of Players is going deep → Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - Steam Charts

Even if i win a Game (im around at 1700) i have no Fun. And i think if somebody like me is saying that, then you should spend attention because i played like 5k Games and i really like the Game but currently its just sad. But yeah all what you will hear here is something like “This is fine, this Civ is fine, your complaing is wrong etc etc.” so lets accept that aoe3 will be never a competitive game and that you have to read patch notes to be a good player. Mechanics, Skill does not matter anymore so you have a broken and not really competitive Game.

Also with Len the last bigger content creator is not really active and you have only small channels. So yeah with all that stuff and the fact that the KOTW Tournament was not really a great success, Aoe3 is probably dead.


eso suena muy pesimista de tu parte colega, yo te sere sincero si he jugado ff es por que mi estilo de juego nunca fue el hard rush, use el Fi italiano un par de veces, pero me aburrio viendo lo sencillo que era, soy de jugar mucho con italia y con españa (un poquito mexico y quizas alemania) y me gusta probar cosas nuevas, quizas te interese saber algunas estrategias que pense durante esos momento de reflexion xd.

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Is AoE III DE dying
This is a 17yo game. It’s not even a live-service game or anything like that.
What are you people even talking about?
What exactly are the expectations?

AoE III is offering SP campaign, SP skirmish mode, and MP skirmish modes, that can be played casually or competitively. Nobody promised 3DE would become a platform for the next 15 years. The game wasn’t, isn’t and won’t be designed to be such a thing.
The issue lies with people expecting bizarre things based on nothing. I’ve been following development, and I don’t recall any promises suggesting that. It’s just a remaster.
They should do what, find investors to expand the studio, and overtake AoE IIDE and AoE IV? lol.

It’s just a game, with multiplayer. Stop acting like it was meant to be Apex or Fortnite.


I don’t think AoE3 is bleeding players to AoE4. If anything, AoE4 is introducing new players to the franchise and a few are getting into AoE3. It’s also the reason we got DE with renewed support in the first place.

If they are going to continue support, they should also be making new campaigns so that new players have something to learn the game from. But unfortunately I think the game is being treated like a testing ground for AoE4 , and if that’s the case they don’t have any reason to invest in campaigns.


Actually my opinion is the reverse. AoE4 incorporated the “card system” for ottomans and the unique malian stuff to draw in aoe3 players.

Why would aoe3 be a testing ground for aoe4, when it has fewer players?

If you’re trying to make a new product popular, why would you base it off an old product that is not as popular.

I have started to realize that many of the new AoE3 mechanics were probably first conceived in aoe4. They give us new mechanics, we feel happy. Then we see the same mechanics in Aoe4, and we shift. Business is happy!

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Yes they may be trying to draw in AoE3 players with some of this stuff, but all of it is concepts developed and tested in AoE3. The process of creating Mali in AoE4 involved a lot cut and paste from the AoE3 civs like Ethiopia and Hausa that had already been designed and tested. Developing AoE3 seems to just be a way for them to test new concepts on a smaller scale with lower stakes.

But AoE3 folk like this kind of stuff. What guarantee do they have that similar stuff will be good for AoE4?

They don’t have a guarantee, they’re just testing it out. What works in AoE3 will likely also work in AoE4 and FE seems pretty competent and so far their bolder and innovative ideas have worked out.

aoe3 will never die!


We have survived the Asian Dynasty era in 2009, and from 2009 to 2020 this game does not have any update patches to fix any bugs. I think that period was the darkest decade for aoe3. Only the balanced version that esoc does occasionally.


Unless AOE4 updates to AOE3 era ( colonial era) absolutely NOT. Especially AOE3 is only AOE franchise that you can play as Britain, US, Mexico and non mesoamerican native Americans.

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There is no Age of Empire IV only Age of Empires II 2 .


In my opinion, AOE 3 is a completely different game graphically and gameplay wise as well. So, they appeal to completely different people. For example, I love AOE 3 and think it is close to perfect and I can’t stand AOE IV, I refunded that game quickly. AOE 2 and AOM are also good, AOM would actually be my first choice if there were a DE version out.